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0 Movie Review: How to Train Dragon 2 @ GSC IOI Mall, KLIPS Malaysia

Hiccup success to untie his race and Dragons in his village since five years ago. Hiccup's father planned to make Hiccup to become leader of his clan village. But, he not interested in the leadership skills to take care his village. That is why Hiccup and Toothless’s journey keep to explore new territories, discover new dragons, and experience an exciting adventure around the world!

Until he discovered new types of Dragons still be there! He met his own mom who be alive! His mom always think of Hiccup while she promised to protect Dragons from the humans who want to kill Dragons... Hiccup and his mom are alike alot! They also have same skills to tame Dragon, so wow! I think that his mom are strong and never give up about keeping to save Dragon which she found at outside. I glad that it is very good for family's story to make us to understand so easier. I learned that his parent have to separate each other for long years but, they still recall about their love!

Wow, Drago Bludvist who is bad person that can make Dragon scare to him! He took revenge to make Dragons become his slave with used his ultimate weapon, a giant king Dragon!  So, Hiccup is convinced there’s a peaceful way to stop it from happening in the war! But, Hiccup failed. After Hiccup's dad passed away, he stand up within the support from his good friends and family! He tried to change the Dragons than a giant king dragon control all Dragons! Toothless don't want Hiccup troubled in the war so it tried to be strong and never scare a King Dragon again! The lessons are you can learn more about the tips & trick skill to train a dragon, no need to kill in the blood! Hiccup and Toothless become mature while they are very understand each other and like to show their bravery action after they experienced their painful memories!

I felt this movie are focusing on the touching parent-child relationships, and bring the positive messages about the bond between people and their pet animal companions so they become best friend forever, this is must-see for the kids and adults who love to watch it!

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If you love to watch GREAT movies,
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0 Senjyu Japanese Restaurant @ Bangsar Village with Living Social Malaysia

Senjyu, which means “Eternity of Life”. This word "Senjyu" sounds good and suitable to match with the "flying crane" in our logo symbolises longevity and soaring to greater heights. I felt like eating the premium japanese dishes, make my life become imagination of eternity!

That is why Senjyu give an inspiration for the truest traditions of Japanese cuisine. They make the customers infused with the imagination of contemporary tastes. At the heart of Senjyu lies a simple philosophy of offering only the freshest,tastiest and best. They suggested that we try to eat the Premium set lunch on next time we visit the Senjyu Japanese restaurant!

My mom and I like to thank to Ms. Prema, Living Social and Marketing staffs, Apex-pal Malaysia as they treated us so very great. We enjoyed to talk with them while we are sharing our experience to eat the Japanese dishes! If you interested to eat Senjyu, please check on Living Social Malaysia to grab the vouchers!

They gave us the complimentary appetizer; vegetables to eat first, before we introduced 8 new menus so we can pick which is to become our main favorite of dish. Senjyu launched new menus for the customers get to experience new taste of "Premium" Japanese on the start of 16 June, 2014! Be honest, I am really like to see a very beautiful culinary of design to make us felt eat so very delicious, and their food treated me like princess who eat the luxury/ premium dish! Haha

Hana Moriawase (RM 47.99)
Hana Moriawase is first-served for us to eat the raw. I am really like the raw tuna and salmon so mostly. They were cut into just the beautiful thickness, it easy to bite! I don't like to eat the raw of octopus, but when I ate it so this taste are fresh and cool. Hana Moriawase - exquisite an assortment of fresh raw tuna, salmon, surf clam, octopus and butterfish. It is a must-try if I bring my friend come to Senjyu again!

Oyster Sashimi (RM17.99 per piece and RM87.99 for half a dozen)
First time, I see new menu; Oyster Sashmi is so big, juicy, succulent-taste lemon! I feel it is good value to get the succulent briny air-flown live oysters served with tangy citrys sauce. That is why the oysters are one of the main fresh ingredient.

Yasai Maki (RM 17.99)
I surprised that Yasai Maki is vegetable sushi! It also have sweet beancurd wrapped in lettuce. It don't need rice inside the sushi, more texture of vegetables inside, make me felt eat a good healthy sushi! You just eat one sushi in your mouth to bite so slowly, ya!

Butterfly Maki (RM 59.99)
Butterfly Maki intricate ensemble of premium river eel slices wrapped around tempura crabstick sushi roll with sweet teriyaki sauce.This is first time I eat a very beautiful culinary sushi! I love to eat the trickness of eel, so it make me want more! I recommend you to try it!

Soft Shell Kani & Unagi Mental Maki (RM29.99)
It is reasonable price to grab new 'premium' sushi like this! It is very good culinary to make us attract the Soft Shell Kani & Unagi Mental Maki sushi! I also love soft shell kani with vegetable, but I prefer to eat the Unagi Mental Maki because it is easy to bite! For me, it is best sushi that you better to try it!

Kaki Roll (RM22.99)
I like the creative sushi to get the succulent oyster and various types of mushrooms wrapped in an egg omelette. I love to eat the mushroom mixed with egg omelette! I can taste the soft oyster inside. I thought that this oysters looks alike fried chicken! Haha, I ate it, more like fresh oyster with mushrooms so it is suitable to be sushi!

Kaisen Ninniku Chahan (RM 15.99)
Hmm, I don't feel like to eat seafood fried rice because it looks as boring, but it's good suitable for the old people who don't like Japanese sushi, so they can order the fried rice to eat. It is not very oily. They tried to make a very healthy fried rice for a family who share to eat together.

Shiratama Zenzai (RM 7.99)
Shiratama Zenzai - Delectable Japanese rice cakes with black sesame filling, served in hot red bean soup. I am really love black sesame in mochi, long time I don't eat it. At end, I happy to eat the 'Shiratama Zenzai' soup dessert become my favorite! It have three soft balls with black sesame, I want to eat more balls than drink red-bean soup! Senjyu love to provide the Malaysian Chinese people 's favorites, that is why they chose the red bean mixed with black sesame inside the mochi balls, make us felt a taste combined to feel a warm-sweet soup!

We had a great dining experience in Senjyu and wouldn’t mind revisiting the restaurant again when we have free time. The food was good and the price was reasonable given the fine ambience and the quality of the food. Do check it out if you like Japanese food!

You better to buy the voucher from Living Social Malaysia!

Senjyu Japanese Restaurant,
Bangsar Village II
2F-27 & 28, 2nd Floor,
Bangsar Village II
Tel: 03-2287 1535
Business Hours: 12pm – 10.30pm
Please visit the Senjyu’s Facebook Page

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0 Segye Mee: Instant Noodles Buffet @ Subang Jaya, Selangor

Segye Mee introduced a brand new concept of food dining experience where the instant noodles are the main stars in this restaurant. We have always heard of various types of buffet but this instant noodles buffet is the first of it kind. This buffet style is unique with 136 types of instant noodles and at least 25 sides dishes for you to mix with when you are cooking the instant noodles!

I was invited to the press conference of Segye Mee where. MiauMiau is being appointed as the brand ambassador of Segye Mee. MiauMiau is a famous actress and comedian in Malaysia and she is also one of the proud owner of Segye Mee restaurant! 

Segye Mee started to operate on June 1st 2014 and it has been a huge success as the first instant noodles buffet in Malaysia. The environment in the restaurant is nice and the staffs are friendly and ready to assist. There also have ala carte foods available for breakfast and lunch.  The price for all the foods are reasonable too!

The price for the instant noodles buffet is RM19.90 with free flow of drinks (herbal tea and soft drinks). To celebrate their brand new opening, Segye Mee is offering a discounted price of RM15.90 for the instant noodles buffet! Children below 120cm need to pay RM10.90 and student price is available too if you show them your student card.

There are various types of instant noodles are displayed on the cube cabinet wall. Some of these instant noodles are only available in overseas! 
First, you need to pick any type of instant noodles that you like then cook it in the pot and mix in all the side dishes that you like. Voila! Your very own instant noodles is cooked to your own perfection!

I managed to try 5 types of instant noodles and all of them are from overseas! I always loved to eat instant noodles and this couldn't have been better! I get to savor different types of instant noodles and I get to cook it the way I like too!

You can savor more type of instant noodles when you enjoyed it with friends. It is a good place for friend's gathering and celebrations as you can talk and eat non stop for the whole day! You also can re-fill your drink as you want!

Segye Mee
is located at 62, Jalan SS15/4D, Subang Jaya, Selangor. It is a corner shop right next to the Maybank. Segye Mee also provide a smoking and non-smoking area for the customers to cook and enjoy their food. Yummy!

For more information: www.facebook.com/segyemee

Images taken & Written by My youngest sister, Jocelyn, blogger

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0 Movie Review: Maleficent @ GSC, Paradigm Mall

First time, Disney created a different story about Maleficent, so she is the evil villain but, later she become hero at same time too because she cares about her kingdom and respect the humans who have good-hearted only. Do you remember that Disney’s 1959 Sleeping Beauty is about the wonderful tale of Aurora and how her loving parents tried to shield her from an evil sorceress who wanted to curse the child because she wasn’t invited to the party?

What happened to Stefan and Maleficent to make them so vengeful? Who wronged them? Young and innocent; brave young boy, Stefan meets Maleficent the protector of the forest...They become best friend who love each other during their sweet memories time! Normally, we are kids, when we get our wish to become what we want to be. We learned about the human have good and bad sides! That is why Stefan stops visiting and Maleficent yearns for his company. But he is now working for the King and has a burning ambition to be the successor to the throne, that is his greed for his ambition!

Most scene which I liked are Maleficent delivers her curse to the little Princess Aurora, first born of the King, to fall into a death-like sleep on her 16th birthday; awakened only by the kiss of true love. I see a very cute baby, Princess Aurora there! She and her assisant, Diaval always take care of little Princess Aurora since three fairies who not good with kids! Princess Aurora always spend time with Maleficent since she grow up to be beautiful princess, she thinks Maleficent as her own mother!

I like three fairies in the original animated; Sleeping Beauty! I surprised that 3 fairies are smallest! Wow, they did a very great CGI and production design for the Maleficent, just like like Alice in Wonderland and Oz the Great and Powerful movies that I seen before!

I know that the Sleeping Beauty to make Maleficent to become a dragon to involve the battle, at end her eventual death at the hands of Prince Phillip. So, this is really different, Maleficent are looking for Prince Philip to save her own child, Princess Aurora. I am really sad about King Stefan because he never care his own wife and child, and focus on his revenage to kill Maleficent.

About the true love kiss, I knew it's not Prince Philip. It could be FAMILY as most important in your life, Maleficent gave a kiss! My good friend, Rainfall guessed so wrongly! Haha, Maleficent saves her from the death-sleeping! We learned some lessons about what are they doing so mistakenly. We should not be greedy for what we cannot to get in our life. You can change yourself when you accept to forgive your enemy, if he/she treated you so bad. You should learn to be self-awareness, and learn to love yourself more than others! Why? Because your selfishness bring more darkness side in your life, change your life become difficult and not good!

No need to depends on revenge for humans and her love on King Stefan and doing her bad-evil things, Maleficent got a change of heart is freedom in and of itself. So, we human sure can change our heart when we become better and step to be forward than we back to the past life!

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0 Vanity Fair Campaign by LivingSocial and MyDEAL Malaysia!

Good announcement for a campaign Vanity Fair
by Mydeal Sdn Bhd and LivingSocial Malaysia!
Mydeal Sdn Bhd and LivingSocial Malaysia, main two leading E-Commerce players in Malaysia will join forces to reward loyal 1.5 million customers and subscribers throughout their platform for 16th June 2014 until 6th July  2014.  

They will be giving away ONE Prada bag to one lucky member who purchase a minimum spend of RM 100.00 on theVanity Fair collection page that is worth more than RM 8,000. One lucky customer from LivingSocial and MyDeal will be announced as the winner via Facebook and email on the 7th July 2014.

We are rewarding Prada bags as sweepstakes to our customers as a token of appreciation for their support and patience over the last few months. To everyone who made this business possible, a big thank you!. We sincerely hope to see more of our customers register for a chance to win these exciting gifts!” said Mahesh Indru, Managing Director of iBuy Malaysia.

Please visit the
Mydeal website at http://bit.ly/1wlVsDa when you interested to win awesome prizes, especially A DESIGNER HANDBAG worth RM 4000!

What are you waiting for? Come to shopping there!

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0 Swiftkey is Now Free for Android on Google Play!

Swiftkey is very popular which the users really love to use keyboard because it is very fastest and easier, one is BEST among Android’s most well-known and greatest-liked customized keyboards!

Last time, I cannot install the Swiftkey because it is paid android before. Many millions of users attracted to Swiftkey it get some interesting features, such as personalized prediction, smarter autocorrect, customizable layouts, swiftkey flow, multilingual typing, and emoji prediction!

I like to type so flow, very fast when I type on my message when I want to chat with my friends! It is very cool! It also give some themes of keyboard too! Especially, the Cloud-connected also help me to sync my writing style securely to personalize word predictions from my Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Evernote and more so easier! Go download at Google Play; Swiftkey!

Why Swiftkey become FREE?
"This is why we’ve made SwiftKey free. We believe this change is the best way to achieve our global vision, as we can now reach many more people around the world without price as a barrier. That said, we want to reassure you that the SwiftKey features you have come to know and love will remain yours. If you’ve previously bought SwiftKey, we also hope you’ll enjoy the Premier Pack of 10 premium themes we’re offering you for free to say thanks for your support." - by source; Swiftkey blog

It make me feel like a taste of that swipe-to-type magic! They also hope the Swiftkey Keyboard will be available for iOS 8 Apple soon! We always be thankful to Swiftkey because it become FREE for us to use so enjoyable!


You want to try one? Get Swiftkey on Google Play! Please visit the official website, Swiftkey at http://swiftkey.com/en/

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