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0 Eat Healthy, Be Healthy When You Eat Best Claypot!

A nutritious, well-balanced diet is the foundation of good health. Healthy eating includes consuming high-quality proteins, carbohydrates, heart-healthy fats, vitamins, minerals and water in the foods you take in while minimizing processed foods, saturated fats and alcohol. Also, eating in this manner helps you maintain your body’s everyday functions; promote optimal body weight and disease prevention.

Nevertheless, the foods prepared by the restaurants are unhealthy and unhygienic. Some even call this food environment “toxic” because of the way it corrodes healthy lifestyles and promotes obesity. Let’s ditch away the unhealthy food and start eating right today.

You can now practice a healthy lifestyle by dining with healthy food such as Claypot Station Restaurant's set meal. There is no MSG or preservatives added in this nutritious Claypot Set Meal. Now, you will get 50% OFF when you purchase the voucher from LivingSocial and MYDeal.

You love to eat healthy Claypot? Yes! Come to check out on [LivingSocial]- http://bit.ly/1unMYfb and [MyDeal]- http://bit.ly/1sqcuQh

[LivingSocial]- http://bit.ly/1unMYfb

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0 Movie Review: LUCY @ GSC IOI Mall, Puchong

My mom told me that LUCY is great movie, so we should watch it! Why? Because they have good theory about our brain and science of human life, so interesting! Let me say about this movie to represent a human lady named "Lucy" but I surprised that the first monkey-human discovered named "Lucy", called a hominin, read the Wikipekia, Lucy. Just joke only! Haha.

Lucy, just be normal lady who is an unwilling drug mule who becomes infected with a new drug called CPH4 that she have to transport the drug. It causes she use more than her to use more than 10% of the brain that all humans used....Of course, it is a myth. Read wikipekia about the 10% of brain myth. I am not sure if it is true or not about we used 10% only?

The drug begins changing Lucy, letting her utilize more of her power and abilities. This allows her to do all kinds like checking the energy of human & all nature, color of her hair, learn all techniques and skills in short time so very fast and listen in on cell phone calls,without the use of electronic equipment. Sometimes, she can do magic like gravity-floating and move the people!

If she access the technology,  she can gain all information stored in her brain so short time only! I amazed with Lucy! So, I want her power too! Haha. Then she really want to share her knowledge with Professor Norman before she leaves while she and her partner still on hunt by the Korean gangsters who are powerful. For me, we maybe can be high-intelligible human in the future? We can evolve to be better if we can improve our memory retention, learning, creative visualization, language and math on everyday?

Maybe the fact - we can become god or can do magic to make the things change? Believe it or not? Then you better to try watch this movie, "Lucy" then you think your opinion, ya.

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0 AnMour Cafe Concept @ Taman Sutera Utama, Skudai, Johor Bahru

First time I come to AnMour Cafe Concept near my cousin's home in Skudai Johor Bahru. My cousin told me and my sister that it is best popular because many people are queuing so long at outside on every night! My sister and I want to try new burger from AnMour Cafe! I see this cafe - no enough space for many people to sit inside, we glad that we felt cool & warm with the air-cond, and fans because Johor always have hot-weather than Kuala Lumpur!

The cafe aims to introduce their inspiration of American dining experience by offering their ideal burger - GlamBurger served in various sizes and various patties. The burgers are prepared in the American way by our award-winning chefs. Gigantic, juicy and tasty patties are the criterion of the GlamBurger, read more info from AnMour Facebook

We attracted to their design menu book so very beautiful and cool! It make we want to try different burger and western food!! That is why it match with the American-style theme!

Garlic breads + Mushroom soup + Butter buns
They gave us the garlic breads with mushroom because we order two dishes - western food. I tasted the mushroom's cream so good, and soft...I love the garlic bread! Then, they gave free buns for us while we waited for our burgers and western food...The buns also soft to bite so easily!

American Burger (RM 12.90)
My sister choice are American Burger as she loves the bacon + egg with chicken, but she cannot eat more fries. If we think it's better when we no need the fries, just burgers be enough for us! Wow, she can bite it with her mouth so easily!

Spicy Chicken Burger (RM 11.90)
This is my cousin's suggestion for me, Spicy Chicken Burger as it is delicious! I don't felt more spicy...so it's okay and sometimes this chicken is hard a bit. They add the cheese and vegetable into each burger! If you want to try the Charcoal Bun burger, it will added RM 1.00 only.

Teriyaki Jumbo Chicken leg.(RM16.90)
My dad tried to eat the teriyaki jumbo chicken leg with teriyaki sauce and potato. It's normal as he feel it. And below photo, my aunt and uncle shared the lamb chop with wedges. The lamb hard to cut! They cannot bite it so my cousin is strong to cut lamb to eat more!

Lamb Chop with Wedges
Finally, we thought that the burgers are better to eat than the western food? American burger is very yummy and delicious as you can try it, ya! For me, their burger's prices are expensive than the burgers' price in Kuala Lumpur! I don't know which is better burger shop in KL, it depends on different burger shop to give the reasonable price to different target customer who afford to eat burger from their favorite shop.

AnMour Cafe Concept
Like on AnMour Facebook to get more information, ya!
No 34, Jalan Sutera Tanjung 8/3,
Taman Sutera Utama,
81300, Skudai, Johor.

Mon-Thurs: 12pm-11pm
Fri-Sat: 12pm-12am
Sun: 12pm-11pm

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2 Movie Review: The Maze Runner @ Nuffnang, GSC Berjaya Times Square

Luckily, I was getting a pair of tickets from my good friend, Rainfall who won the @NuffnangMY contest blog titled "Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Maze Runner"! I never join the Nuffnang as I don't have time, so suddenly she gave it to me so surprisingly! Thank you to Rainfall, Deaf blogger! My dad, sister and I went to the GSC #NNPremiereScreening of #TheMazeRunner which located at #GSCBerjayaTimesSquare. My sister not join my dad and me, as she waited for us at Starbucks near GSC Premiere Hall! My dad and I watched the Maze Runner movie in GSC Berjaya Times Square on our first time. My dad surprised to see many people are queuing to get the tickets from Nuffnang booth! He wondered that how Rainfall and I get FREE tickets...hehe

This summary story about a group of boys living in the Glade in the center of a maze, and have to face with the Alien-like creatures called "Grievers" if they want to run in the maze! Like you were in a prison, controlled by the scientists for their reason of human experiment. Thomas don't have any memories, so he knows his own names only. He proves himself in the maze and support Minho, leader of Maze Runner group to help Alby, leader of community to avoid from the Griever. After Alby disappeared, Newt, vice-leader of community and Minho believes Thomas becomes a role model and a leader to look up to within the community and they slowly start to respect him although he has already made some enemies. Thomas experiences a strange familiarity about his situation and instinctively realizes that he has been sent here for a reason...

I felt it alike The Hunger Games movie - one winner have to be survive by kill everyone only under the control of government, make the citizens enjoyed the popular reality games, but the Maze Runner have different story about you are proving yourself in The Maze is everything, like you learn to respect, give position, role, power and acceptance all to play a part in the balanced eco-system that makes a community be strong-relationship to survive together since they don't have memories. That is why they start from the beginning...to learn how, where, and why.

Lastly, a girl appeared and joins the group of boys! Thomas still never give up to find why they delivered the group of boys, and a girl? Still grow up more mysteries stories within mysteries curiosity to make us to get the questions so more!

Thomas and Minho know their responsibilities of being a Maze Runner, risk their life to run or lost in the Maze! They have to figure where and how to escape a way from the big Maze. If I am Deaf, cannot hear the door close or open in the Maze, maybe I lost in the Maze but, I keep to be survive and must memory all paths to the maze which I walked through before! It is scary? Need someone be with you in the Maze! That's why you need to form a group to work with you to solve the clues and puzzles!

I also admired with Alby and Minho, who took long 3 years to solve the maze world! They be patient and never give up but, they are not very brave like Thomas. They have different personality and attitude since they have to improve their leadership unlike Thomas are very stubborn so bravely, but he also listen everything from everyone around him, he do it for them than his life. From watching this movie, I got an important lessons from Thomas, who survivor of MAZE Runner;
  1. You forget all bad problems with your friends and weird stuffs are happening to you when you want to solve your way to out from the maze! Forget it all, he won't quit until he solved the puzzle of MAZE until he found a way home! 
  2. Sacrifice yourself to help your friends to find a way out of the maze and get everyone and you back home. Thomas doesn't know whether he will survive or not through his life, but he does it for everyone, for example, he stung himself by Griever.
  3. If you never act, you will never know for sure! Thomas suggest his idea of jumping into the griever hole when they want to break mystery in the maze patterns, he knew its no assurance whether the plan will be a success or a failure, no one knows they will be alive or dead!
  4. You and your friends can form your Friendship bond when you and your friends are working together, they always support each other. For example, Chuck sacrifices himself for Thomas. shows the true meaning of friendship. He is kind to Thomas. That is why everyone believe in Thomas!

Do you really want to win FREE tickets movie from Nuffnang? First, you try check on the Nuffnang blog first! And you not miss the updates when you have to click "like" on Nuffnang on Facebook!

You can choose one of your favorite movies from Nuffnang blog, then you have to answer the question in the comment, remember put your blog url there too.
Nuffnang: What would you bring to survive in an apocalypse? (answer in no more than 50 words)

For example,
Rainfall: "I would have to stay alive by trying to get myself as a dead walker and keep my body a good diet and drink to stay survive in a such place. Never give up on life as there is so much things I have to go the ahead of my live with my loves one."

You wait until you get to be noticed by Nuffnang as "Winner", then fill in the RSVP form link which in the email with your name and email for your confirmation. They will inform you to collect a pair of ticket at Nuffnang booth when you follow the date and time. Easy only!

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0 TPF Hong Kong Desserts @ IOI Mall Puchong

First time, my good friend, James Chua and I see new "TPF Hong Kong Desserts" shop just opened in IOI Mall Puchong on last year. Before this, I remembered Tutti Fruits store there but, no one customer go inside, so it moved out from IOI Mall. Finally, TPF Malaysia took a chance to open for the Malaysians who love to eat ice dessert and snacks at IOI Mall, Puchong!

We like to see a cute mascot character, tiger when we check on the menu desserts! It remind us about this character looks like Hobbes, stuffed tiger in the comic "Calvin and Hobbes" since we love to read it when we are kids! That is why we attracted to see a cute mascot icon on every type of dessert on the menu! We decided to share 3 different that we like to try; 1 snow ice dessert, 1 black sesame balls soup, and 1 beancurd skin with gingko. Next time, we will eat a big Snow Ice dessert and Mango Ice Cream ya!

We choose a small Mango Snow Ice dessert because we worried if we cannot finish a big! We really love to eat mango. We also heard that the Tracka Durian Snow Ice dessert is also popular but, we don't like to smell the durian!

Mango Snow Ice Dessert (RM7.20) - small
Beancurd Skin with Gingko.It helps rejuvenate skin and promote better complexion.
Black Sesame Soup (3 pieces ball)
When I ate all desserts, all are very yummy and soft! Next time, I will bring my family to try it because the TPF Hong Kong Desserts from Taiwan, bringing the best quality of hot, cold and western dessert so you all enjoy to eat the desserts and snacks during the weather are hot or cold!

Please visit the TPF Malaysia on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TPF.my/

When I saw this mascot character, it make me really miss Calvin and Hobbes! Be honest, I wonder if the TPF owner or designer really love a character, Hobbes or not? Hehe.

As we remember a great story about Calvin and Hobbes share such a strong bond of friendship when Hobbes, the stuffed tiger only comes to life when adults aren’t around. In their lives, Calvin and Hobbes sometimes beat each other up and argue about the slightest things, at the end of the day, they love each other like brothers. This sort of friendship teaches your kids that loyalty is paramount in a friendship, no matter the differences you might have.

Calvin: It’s a magical world, Hobbes, ol’ buddy…Let’s go exploring! 

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0 Deaf Boleh! Founder, Selina featured on MyStarJob @ Leaderonomics!


Wow! I surprised that my story titled "A sign of sheer determination: A language worth learning" published in the "MyStarJob" Section with The Star newspaper on 26 July 2014, Saturday. I am very happy! You can read my story at mystarjob.com - here if you never read a copy of newspaper or miss it on last time! 


I always be thankful to Lim Lay Hsuan who is Leaderonomics's sub-editor/writer! She wrote this article about my success life because she was inspired by what I work to be success with my hardworking in my life, and keep to increase the awareness to open the bridges between Deaf and Hearing community. So, she interested to interview with me! We always email each other until we become friends! I also surprised that she knows my good friend, James Chua who work with her in the editorial industry before! Wow, this is small world! He also surprised too! Her article also become press online at http://leaderonomics.com/personal/a-sign-of-sheer-determination!

My family, teachers, and deaf & hearing friends always proud of me! They always encourage me to be good role model for Deaf community! I also continue my Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog, http://deafboleh.my! If you have any question, review, news & events, let me know, ya! I will help you to spread the information for the disability and Deaf community in Malaysia!

Sure, you always questioned about how I never give up and keep to achieve my success. Here from my story in MyStarJob news.

"What keeps you going?
I consider myself an advocate for the hearing-impaired, and I will continue to be one. I want to be a role model for the hearing-impaired community through Deaf Boleh! Malaysia to inspire and motivate the new generation of hearing-impaired people toward achieving confidence, independence and success.
Success to us, the hearing-impaired, is the recognition of our work done well by the abled community.

Look at Marlee Matlin, for example, the hearing-impaired actress who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role at the age of 21.
Despite our hearing challenges, it is important for us to strive for the best at what we are capable of doing, work hard, and stay positive and passionate in doing what we do. I have been very fortunate to have the support of family, colleagues and friends."

I give a tip about how to be success for you and Deaf community below;

Enjoy to read;

1. Leaderonomic blog at http://leaderonomics.com/personal/a-sign-of-sheer-determination and;
2. MyStarJob at thestar news online - http://mystarjob.com/articles/story.aspx?file=/2014/7/26/mystarjob_careerguide/15050331&sec=mystarjob_careerguide

Thank you for my life always are AWESOME as I also lucky to be gifted creativity, having happiest family & good friends and magnificent success / passion in my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Universe!

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