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0 Little Wonton Cafe @ TTDI, Kuala Lumpur

After the event Run for Deaf, I bring my dad and sister tried their special of Wonton from "Little Wonton" which are located at Taman Tun Dr Ismail, Kuala Lumpur, just near Damansara Uptown. I missed the last event, "Experience Deaf Restaurant - Deaf Awareness Day" organized by Malaysian Federation of Deaf (MFD), partnered with "Little Wonton" Cafe on last 27 September 2014. It just happened for one-day only while they gave a good chance for the Deaf workers and hearing customers to experience how to communicate each other. Read more info about "Restoran ‘Senyap’ – Pengalaman Makan Di Restoran Kendalian Warga OKU" version Bahasa Malaysia

I prefer the interior are suitable to become traditional "Nyonya" to give the comfortable for everyone who like to eat the traditional dry or soup wonton mee! There are few frame-photos about the charming ladies who from the modern days of Shanghai, become a very good inspiration of beauty for the "Little Wonton" Cafe! We just tick on what we want to order on the piece of paper provided on each table, and then we went to the counter for make payment. The food will be delivered when we back to our table!

Wow, the design of sign language still be there! You can learn the basic sign language when you see it at the wall when you are relaxing at comfortable place! You also can get free "water" drink if you are thirsty or felt spicy when you eat the noodle!

"Little Wonton" has their own secret recipe for the savory & sweet wontons! It can be best and premium ingredients make the perfect wonton specially for you! We ordered the "Sausage with Tomatoes and Cheese" Wonton then, we felt this wonton are very delicious! We can smell "tomatoes, and it don't have oil so much.

"Little Wonton"s focuses on the healthy Charcoal Noodles and uniquely flavoured Wonton only. A staff recommend the "Vinegar & Garlic with Lychee", "Korean Sweet & Spicy" and "Creamy Roasted Sesame" Noodles for you to try eat! But my dad, sister and I don't like these. So, we choose another flavour; "Spicy Curry Laksa" and "Tom Yam Charcoal Noodles"as we love the spicy only!

Spicy Curry Laksa with Charcoal Noodles
Tom Yam Charcoal Noodles
No worries - the wontons as guilt-free comfort food with no added oil or MSG! I heard that best choice are the "Mushroom Onion Cheese wontons" stuffed with button mushrooms and imported Australian cream cheese for its buttery richness wrapped in a thin crispy layer of wonton skin.

If you love to eat the wonton, come to "Little Wonton" Cafe, you can offer different of favors; 9 savory wontons: Mushroom, Cream Cheese and Onions, Chicken, Chili with Pineapples, Sausage with Tomatoes and Cheese, Chicken Potato Mayo, Thai Seafood Tofu, Tuna Mayonnaise, Curry Potato, Mushroom Tofu, Spinch Mushroom Cheese. And 4 sweet wontons: Lychee Pineapples, Banana Chocolate, Banana Peanut Butter and Pandan Kaya Banana! All are yummy! Best!

Little Wonton (Located at first floor above Speedmart 99)
20 - 1, Lorong Rahim Kajai 14,
Taman Tun Dr Ismail (TTDI),
60000 Kuala Lumpur.
Contact: 603-7732 8613
Email: littlewontonbar@gmail.com
Website: www.littlewontonbar.com
Facebook: facebook.com/Littlewontonbar
Business Hours:
Mon-Fri: 12noon - 10pm
Sat, Sun: 11am - 10pm

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0 I'm Aware...Are You? Breast Cancer Awareness on October Month


Living Social Malaysia has partnered with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) to raise funds to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness for this month, October only! Just RM 10 to donate only, so we can support the Malaysian ladies to fight the cause of disease breast cancer in their life.

Since I was teenager, I just know about this awareness because my aunt also have disease of breast cancer before, lucky she found it so early. She was active with the activities of health when she was alive until she passed away. I always remember my late aunt as she take care of me and my sisters everyday in Penang since my parent went for the work in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? 1 in every 20 women in Malaysia has the risk of getting breast cancer in their life time, according to Malaysian National Cancer Registry 2005. Every woman, regardless of their age should keep abreast of the current situation by receiving public education and early detection training for breast related health issues. What better way to recognize the willpower of breast cancer patients and to create awareness to all walks of life than celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October? In honour of this very special month, get your pink ribbon on and be aware of the lumps and bumps that comes with the breast cancer. Support the fighters and be a guardian angel to every woman by donating RM10 to help fight the cause of breast cancer. Your donation, be it big or small can help the cause!


It's only RM 10 and very easy! Go donate to their website below;

LivingSocial: http://livingsoci.al/1tnawms
MyDeal Sdn Bhd: http://bit.ly/1o78vsD

Your donation of RM10 will be channelled to the BCWA-Malaysia. To find out more about BCWA Malaysia: http://www.breastcancer.org.my/index.html

Please donate it before 10 November 2014 if you wish!

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0 Movie Review: Dracula Untold

Dracula Untold is not very horror but, really good story about a prince who murdered thousands of civilians during wartime, but in a strictly “destroy the village to save the village” manner, that is why he is famous, called "Vlad Impaler". After war, he managed to back home to meet his family, he live with his wife and son so happily until his childhood friend - enemy become new Sultan, is demanding 1,000 Transylvanian children be sent for forced military training. Finally, Vlad not agree for this contract with Sultan and kills a group of soldiers that have been sent to take his young son captive, and begins formulating a plan to defeat a military force a thousand times larger than his own.

I felt that Vlad is nice and honest guy, want to protect his village and important person who he loves so much. But, he is not good leader because he don't want his friends died in his hand if he guided his army to be involve in the war, will have same experience as him. That is why he find his own power to kill more enemies on his own!

He don't care about his life, so he want to deal with Master Vampire to get new power. He gets superhuman strength and senses for three days. If he can resist drinking human blood during that time, he’ll return to his normal, old self. But if he succumbs to his thirst, then he will be damned for eternity. So Vlad has three days to single-handedly defeat the Turkish army! There are also several scenes where Dracula turns into a cloud of bats, and even one scene where he scales a black cliff bare-handed to destroy the Turkish army! I really like the CGI and visual-graphic for the battles and landscapes are amazing!

We learned the lesson from this movie. If you are facing the difficult situation, you really need the support and seek the help from your friends and family. It's not good for you add more weight on your shoulder until you can lose your friends and important person you loved! When you are good leader, you should work on your teamwork with the army to protect the village together!

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0 Send Your Name on NASA's Journey to Mars, Thanks to NASA!

We don't have chance go to the galaxy or the planets outside the Earth, because it is expensive to fly and we don't have experience to learn the NASA. Many kids always wish to see there too since they got their dream, so it is not easy to chase this dream to become the astronaut!

How it works? Read this info below;

"According to NASA, NASA is inviting the public to send their names on a microchip to destinations beyond low-Earth orbit, including Mars. Your name will begin its journey on a dime-sized microchip when the agency's Orion spacecraft launches Dec. 4 on its first flight, designated Exploration Flight Test-1.

After a 4.5-hour, two-orbit mission around Earth to test Orion's systems, the spacecraft will travel back through the atmosphere at speeds approaching 20,000 mph and temperatures near 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit, before splashing down in the Pacific Ocean. But the journey for your name doesn't end there.

After returning to Earth, the names will fly on future NASA exploration flights and missions to Mars. With each flight, selected individuals will accrue more miles as members of a global space-faring society. "

The mission of the Orion spacecraft will be tested for initial orbit around the Earth, before returning to the Pacific ocean. However, NASA said on one day, they will be sent Orion to Mars, then the names collected will be sent there through the microchip! So interesting!

Do you want to send your name to the Mars? YES!
Please make register your name at http://mars.nasa.gov/participate/send-your-name/orion-first-flight/#name-form 

Copyright images by http://mars.jpl.nasa.gov

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0 What Malaysia spends its money on - every second!

I surprised that Malaysians love the McDonald, Coffee, Donuts, Chocolate, and Durian on every time? We know the RICE is very important to our daily life. Most internet users spend a lot time to make Online Shopping so increasingly, also make the the smartphones, tablets, and TM sales increased too, all thanks to the Internet!

via TrustedCompany.com

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0 Annabelle Movie Review @ GSC, IOI Mall

My sister and I really love the horror and ghost movies so we sure grab the chance to watch Annabelle movie when we are free! This movie also related to The Conjuring movie is my favorite horror because the couple are paranormal investigators make surprising stories while they have amazing skills and patient to face with the horror & scary spirits which they witnessed...That is why my friends and colleagues said The Conjuring movie are great.  If you miss it, nevermind. You can buy DVD to watch it when you are free. Oh ya, you can watch the movie, "Annabelle" after this!

My sister told me that it also make more loud and noise voices when a wife, Mia always approached by the encountered spirit who followed Mia and her baby, Leah that never explained by the couple and priest! We really not like the creepy dolls which collected by Mia, the dolls' collector!! We learned that Mia’s home is invaded by Satanically possessed hippies after the murderers killed their own parent as Mia's neighbor. Then, during the fatal shootout with local police that follows, some evil hippie blood infects Annabelle...

I felt that this movie only focus the couple with new baby, Annabelle doll haunted Mia so continuously, as it want a soul from them. Many unexplainable activities always happened to Mia so mostly, so it is lucky Leah baby, never affected by the supernatural's activities...

For us, this story is not true. But, we learned a true story of "Annabelle" about Donna's mother bought her a Raggedy Ann doll for her birthday in 1970 . Donna was just about to graduate with a nursing degree and lived in a small apartment with her roommate Angie. The house was also frequently visited by their mutual friend, Lou. Read more about "Annabelle" true story.

We advised you should not buy the dolls for your sake of children, ya! We will never! The teddy bears are better as it give the soft comfortable to the kids.

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