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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Shopping Hermo.my - Beauty Shop Online via Pay MOLPay Cash at 7-Eleven Malaysia


Recently I have been scouting online for a great and affordable Korean skincare products and I have stumbled on Hermo, Beauty Shop Online Malaysia. I have seen Hermo post on my facebook before and hence I decided to try it out. Hermo has a great variety of Korean skincare products and the best part is it has free shipping if I purchased 2 products or more! Looking through the website, they have lots of great deals and discounts on my favorite skincare products! I really like the simplicity of the website where it is easy to navigate around.

You sure will be happy  when you like to do shopping on the Hermo Beauty website to get a great deals to make you feel WOW. When you noticed that the popular beauty products which are imported from Japan, South Korea and Taiwan, which you love to buy!

GOOD NEWS! You offered to GET RM 5 off voucher 
by using this code below (minimum RM 60 purchase):
*Key in the discount code during check-out, each code valid for 1 time.
Remember, this voucher still be available until 31 December 2016.

Thank you to MOLPay Malaysia! It is very helpful because they help everyone who don't have a credit card in Malaysia, especially, the students. Since I do not own any credit card and I am too shy to ask my parents for their credit card to use, I decided to make a purchase via MOLPay. This method of payment is great convenient, easy, quick & hassle free as university students that have not started owning a credit card can shop in Hermo, Beauty Shop Online Malaysia using MOLPay!

For more info about MOLPay Malaysia, check out at http://www.molpay.com/v3/cash
STEP ONE - First, I did "checked out" my favorite of beauty collection in my cart account at HERMO.my. Then, I just add my address details, to complete my order. I just choose which is the delivery option, so easy!

STEP TWO - You choose "Manual Transfer" then, you add HMOLPAYCASH05 in the voucher code, select "Apply", Lastly, you click "CHECK OUT NOW". Then, you click continue on "Make Payment".

STEP THREE - You MUST to select "Payment Options" to see the different merchants. Choose "7-Eleven Cash Retail" on a 7-Eleven logo. Then, you type in your details; name and email only. Lastly, click "Proceed", DONE!

STEP FOUR - Take the picture or print out the transaction details. ( Transaction ID, verification code, amount). See my photo below;

STEP FIVE - Go to your nearest 7-Eleven, and pay cash at counter while you show your print copy so easy only! I just pay RM9 only! You will get two receipts; MOLPay and 7-Eleven below;

DONE! It is good explanation for you? If not, you may can check out on how about the processing of MOLPay below;

When I was using the MOLPay CASH, it is very quick because you can pay cash to the cashier' counter at any 7-eleven (24 hours) which are near your office or home only. And no need to take more time to make the banking online or type credit card of details... Easy to click on "check out" on the shopping cart then, just select MOLPay in short time only! Don't need credit/debit card.

GET RM 5 off voucher NOW!
By using this code below (minimum RM 60 purchase):
*Key in the discount code during check-out, each code valid for 1 time.
Remember, this voucher still be available until 31 December 2016.

The voucher terms and condition:
- Voucher discount valid from 01/09/16 - 31/12/2016.
- A RM5 off minimum purchase of RM60 (excluding shipping fee) in single order.
- Not applicable to items as featured in OMO deals.
- Offer is only valid for one-time usage only per customer during the offer period.
- This offer is not valid with the usage of other promotion codes.
- This voucher is not applicable during any promotional events.
- Hermo.my reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions without further notice.

MOLPay CASH are available for the merchants; Shogun2u, Starbucks Malaysia, Hermo.my, Exabytes, Mi Malaysia, CatchThatBus, Avenue86, Althea Beauty, Printcious, Ezbuy, Honor, and many! You can try it out!

For more information, please visit official website MOLPay CASH and Hermo .

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine Make You Be Barista in Malaysia


In Malaysia, the coffee and café concept business are blooming in the food industry. Nowadays, many people really love to drink coffee, make them feel to be happy, smile and enjoyed to chat-chit with your friends in a café. You used to see the latte art on coffee on many times when you are visiting the coffee café on different place. This is what make you felt that you really want to be barista when you watched on the skilled barista who are good at drawing the latte art on the coffee cup! Then, you try to learn more about NEW Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine which be launched by Nescafe Malaysia!

Involve Asia invited me and bloggers to attend their workshop to learn about the latest Nescafe brand machine which need to shout out to the customers who are coffee lovers in Malaysia, it will start to be launch on 14 September 2016.

First time, I also happy to get a very new “Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine” from the Involve Asia X Nescafe Malaysia. I really attracted to a very good design of package of “Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine”. Thank you very much, Involve Asia and Nescafe Malaysia!

Nescafe Malaysia get to do a new chance to help everyone who want to become Barista without the skill of making coffee, that can make more coffee with Nescafe brand machine! A very NEW Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine can let you, barista, and who can get Nescafe’s coffee on a daily basis! The Nescafe Malaysia’s PROMOTION: Nescafe Barista Machine with 1 Nescafe Gold Blend 200gm Jar and 1 Nescafe Gold Blend Refill Pack, RM239.00 when they will launch their promotion on 14 September 2016.

NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Machine is a smart tech innovation, designed to cater to the increasing lifestyle preference for café-style, barista-made coffee while delivering on the consumer preference, to creates a perfect, café-style cup of coffee with using the latest NESCAFÉ GOLD Barista Style Intense Coffee, a premium blend of soluble coffee with added micronized roast and ground coffee beans. It has seen huge success of coffee market in Japan, and Singapore where it is currently the number ONE coffee machine.

Why we must use the NESCAFÉ GOLD Barista Style Intense Coffee? Because it is high quality coffee beans which have been slowly roasted to perfection and then finely grounded, delivering a sharp, full-bodied cup with a deeply aromatic bouquet. That is created for NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Machine.

There are two colours be available are black and red.

Key Features of NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Machine:

1. Five different café-style coffees ; Espresso, Lungo, Americano, Latte Macchiato and Cappuccino are easily crafted with a single touch of a button.

2. Consumers are offered the seamless option of foaming their milk without the need for a separate frother. For milk coffee, simply pour fresh milk into your coffee cup and a hot water jet swiftly froths the milk before coffee is added – producing a delectable cuppa in next to no time.

3. The coffee system’s 15-bar pump extraction pressure delivers a cup of quality, full-bodied brew topped with smooth, velvety cream.

HOW we do with the NESCAFE GOLD BLEND Barista Machine?

First, I put out the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine from the package. It gets to prepare the free supplied measuring cup and Nescafe’s book manual for you.

They recommended with Nescafe Gold Barista Style - you can choose which is one of 3 Nescafe products; Nescafe Gold Blend, Nescafe Gold Blend Decaffeinated, or Nescafe Gold Barista Style - Intense. *MUST NOT use other brand - coffee beans, it is not suitable for Nescafe machine.

Remember, you prepared the water inside the back of Nescafe machine first, and then you put the coffee beans into a top of machine before it turned to be on.

Lastly, you prepare the cream milk (it depends on your preference on the favorite brand of milk) if you to want to make the Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. So, Nescafe Gold Blend Barista machine is ready for you to touch on anytime!

With using the supplied measuring cup to make the Latte Macchiato or Cappuccino. When I want to prepare a Latte Macchiato drink, I used the milk, just need 60 ml, then put it in my glass cup which need to be into this machine. I just pressed on the Latte icon, easy only!

You will get a cup of delicious coffee, can be finish in one minute only! Cool!

For Espresso, Lungo and Americano, you no need to use the milk. Just place your coffee cup in the machine so easy. You can choose which your favourite coffee is.

From the silky crema of an Espresso to a beautifully layered Cappuccino crowned with rich, creamy froth, NESCAFÉ GOLD BLEND Barista Machine caters to discerning taste buds with its variety, quality and consistency. That is why my family amazed by this awesome machine which can make different of coffee, so cool.

No worries, you don’t need your skill of making delicious coffee because the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista can get a very arome of premium coffee for you so very fast before you go to your office on every morning! You don’t make any coffee to waste your time. That is very suitable for the busy workers, and students who need to study exam at morning or night time.

I am very happy with the Nescafe Gold Blend Barista Machine because I could have my family members or friends over and each of us could have any of these different types of coffee - Espresso, Americano, Lungo, Cappuccino, and Latte without leaving the house and with very little effort. It is very great for the coffee lovers who really enjoyed to experience how it can mixed the texture, and taste of the premium coffee blend brings out all the delicious flavours and aroma of Nescafe coffee!

Save your money when you make coffee with Nescafe machine only! Easy! You can buy Nescafe Gold Blend Barista machine at Lazada Malaysia: http://www.lazada.com.my/nescafe-barista/




Wednesday, September 7, 2016

SweetSpot Malaysia - Deal App Giveaway Kenny Rogers ROASTERS - RM1 ONLY!


Heard about SweetSpot Malaysia before? Never? You can tap on the SweetSpot app to get deal vouchers after you swipe your VISA credit or debit card so fast only! It is the mobile app of retail and consumer merchandise which mainly focus on great deals and promotions as well as sharing information leads you to discover the sweetest of all deals and promotions from your favorite shops, restaurants and services everyday.

In SweetSpot App, you can discovers the sweetest of deal and promotions at Food and Beverages, Entertainment, Hobbies, Fashion & Beauty, Leisure, Electronics, Health & Fitness and Home & Living. And you can check out on the promo information which offered by the restaurants or other category which you prefer, then you click one of them as your favorite!

SweetSpot Malaysia give away the cheapest RM1 for Quarter Chicken deals is available from now until 15th October, 2016. It’s for dine in only from 6pm to 9pm. It is great offer for your family, and good friends who can install SweetSpot Malaysia app on Google Play or Apple App Store! With this app, you better grab this GREAT chance to eat a big Kenny chicken with your family when you dine in the Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant!

Campaign period from 15 August to 15 October 2016. Last of deal purchased is 29 October 2016.

*Reminder: When you finish to make payment via VISA checkout, you will get this voucher Kenny Rogers Roasters priced RM1 only, lasted in 5 minutes only. Advised you have to be DINE IN the Kenny Rogers Roasters restaurant at anywhere, near your home or office when you are free. 

Please take note that we can redeem at all Kenny Rogers ROASTERS restaurant except the following:- KRR Alamanda, Putrajaya KRR Alor Setar, Kedah KRR Bukit Jambul, Pulau Pinang KRR JB City Square, Johor KRR Maju Junction Mall, Kuala Lumpur KRR Plaza Alam Sentral, Shah Alam KRR Plaza Angsana, Johor Bahru Mall

Download SweetSpot Malaysia mobile app to buy "RM1 for Kenny Rogers Roasters" and check out for more details;
iOS : http://sh.st/B3nrp
Android : http://sh.st/B3vSF

How I do with SweetSpot App on my smartphone?

1. When you register, you can add your own email or access facebook, then fill your details.

2. After you confirmed with your email and password, you will choose your 3 favorite of categories. You read the information and deal vouchers on different categories on SweetSpot Malaysia app.

3. You can click on "Buy" on the Kenny Rogers Roasters - RM1. Oh wait! You must read the info first before you confirm it. After this, you will see "VISA Checkout" button, then just click on it to login in VISA Checkout which must requires only a username and password to pay. If you never use VISA Checkout, you can register new account at www.visacheckout.com.my and key in the relevant information such as your name, mobile, and create your strong password, include choose your country, also must do the billing address too. (Sorry, I cannot tell you so deeply because it is secret about how I do with my VISA Checkout because I always beware with the Payment Online so mostly. You better to learn by yourself since you owned your credit/debit card!)

SweetSpot Malaysia still be new, so you better to try it out if you'r curious!
Download SweetSpot Malaysia mobile app:
iOS : http://sh.st/B3nrp

Friday, September 2, 2016

Morgan Movie @ GSC, One Utama - KLIPS Malaysia


I really thought that Morgan bring a story of life about a teenager who grow up to be killer at first. Later, my mom and I really shocked to listened about a serious crime which make a young lady who changed her mind since she get her emotional feeling around her friends who she care in her life! This summary story about since an unprovoked attack by Morgan on scientist Kathy Grieff. Following the attack, a corporate troubleshooter named Lee Weathers is sent to find out what went wrong, and also to determine if the Morgan project should be terminated or not...

I shocked that why they choose a very lonely place which they live there...Maybe their company have to force them to do a very secret mission since they get a big investment when they have to be away from their own world?? If I am given a high-paying job for this project, I better to reject this offer because we, human should think about the important of life and moral values in our lives.... For me, this big mansion looks as the old "haunted house"! I won't stay there if I am you.

When we listened that Morgan is a bioengineered child who began walking and talking after one month of existence, exceeding the wildest expectations of her creators... I really never expect that there is a big company who interested to create the human clones with their own investment, so they are crazy! Well, I think every human want to be immortal or play as GOD, who control the 'special' human to follow their orders without a fail? I really pity on this 'special' human which been on the experiement, more like "white rat who be trapped in lab". When she always spend her time in her cage since she was growing up with the scientists. Shockingly, she’s highly intelligent and self-sustaining....She looks have her own power; she can read human' minds?? The scientists still think that she has the mind of a small child and doesn’t understand how the world works, that is why they won't let her go out to explore....

If you are observer on this project, what are your decision? For me, YES because a 'special' human will jump to be top of level of intelligent if she escaped from her cage, and maybe she will do something's dangerous which we, human never do in our world... They won't kill her because she is 'same' human as us... How? If she be violent and abuse your friend, you MUST decide once you think that this action is wrong...since you love Morgan. All loved Morgan but they will be falling down in her hand - Morgan!

You will know once you get to know the truth from Lee Weathers... Be honest, I amazed with Lee because she is very professional at her job! She won't let others always be in her way since she make sure every mission must be complete when she faces her toughest job. I don't know why she is strict with them, maybe she be aware with the 'special' human will be more violent and dangerous than her? You advised to wait until the ending of movie, ya. I felt that Morgan story make you all will be imagine about if one day, a government or a company will do the human clones for their own interest or good benetif for our world, so you think it's dangerous when a 'special' human will take over of you all... how?

Thanks to KLIPS Malaysia
How to win the FREE 2pax tickets from KLIPS?

First, you just go to 8Share website to register your new account. Then, you just go to KLIPS website. Two - you just share and write your creative words on your status of Facebook and Twitter. Easy only!

Then, you wait for the results from KLIPS MY. They will email you when they pick you as the best winner after you share their upcoming movie links to your Facebook or Twitter on many times!

Friday, August 26, 2016

Hugos by Modestos @ Hotel Qliq Damansara, Malaysia


I really never expected that Hugos by Modestos located in the Hotel Qliq, which is very new in Empire Damansara, just next to Damansara Perdana. First time, my friends and I walked to the Hotel Qliq, then get to the second floor, just from the entrance of door. Hugos by Modestos is very modern restaurant, can bring you to enjoy the very best of local, and International cuisines...Not for food only, there are different events, like Salsa Nights, Quiz Nights, Model Nights and much more to make you, your friends and your family who enjoy to experience an awesome of feeling with Hugos by Modestos


At first, we walked into the Hugos by Modestos, and noticed the open air bar with the live of music performance stage that also welcome the visitors who enjoyed to watch the live band with their favourite of beer or wine, or they can chat-chit and eat snacks at pub sitting area at outside the restaurant.

Hugos by Modestos is very beautiful restaurant where creates a romantic dining atmosphere, make you feel like to experience a luxury dining experience, this is suitable of romantic night for couple and family who dine-in! There are getting a private or open sitting area in this restaurant.

My friends and I invited by Hugos by Modestos to celebrate the Bloggers' Day and attended the food review at same time. We like to be thankful to them because they are understanding about our disability, so they keep to serve us so very nicely. They started from their one of Western Starters is

Rucola E Insalata Di Pere E Balsamico Con Parmigiano (RM23) Rocket Salad with Balsamic and Parmesan Wafers

Rucola E Insalata Di Pere E Balsamico Con Parmigiano looks different to us because it is italian salad...Rocket salad also topped on the sliced of apples, make this taste looks like felt sour and sweet come to be together, included a mini tomatos and sunflowers seeds. But, the salad is not my favourite food, but it is really healthy!

Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed Spring Roll (RM22)

They give a very high recommended dish which are Vietnamese Seafood Stuffed spring roll served with Nuoc Chan Sauce. This is my favourite of Vietnamese food! I enjoyed to bite the fried roll, so not very dry.. It is very yummy when I put it with the special of spicy sauce! My friend, James who really love this spicy sauce! Don't worry, it is not very spicy...Just like sweet vegetable roll with spicy saune, so good!

Speciale Zuppa Del Giorno (RM18)

It is Chefs Special Soup of the Day! Hmm, it get a lot of french onions inside the soup, so I don't know what is it..new recipe come from italy? The soft taufo also are nice, but it is salty a bit...

Cannelloni Al Funchi E Parmigiano Con Tartufo (RM32)

I thought that the pasta spagethii are normal but, they make a very special dish make me really want to eat again because this kind of pasta roll are very great! They used to baked pasta crepes mixed with the creamy Mushroom, filled with the parmesan cheese with mushroom sauce and truffle. You MUST TRY it! My friends and I love it so much.

Premier ½ Roasted Chicken (RM34)

Wow, it is very big 1/2 chicken so 2-3 persons who can share to eat! It also served with coleslaw, french fries and gravy. I tasted this chicken cooked so very well, with special sauce so nice!

Dragone (RM39)

My friends and I really shocked with a special Pizza; Dragone Shaped with Mozzarella, Turkey Ham, Eggs and Mushrooms. They told me that it is very high recommended so we can cut a half by half with a knife...so it is easy and soft! James imagined that it looks like a leg! So cool! The turkey ham, eggs and mushrooms also insid...when I cut it, the cheese mozzarella melt out so yummy! We enjoyed to bite a Dragone pizza with the tomato sauce! Nice! Next time, I will suggest to my family and friends if they want to come to Hugos by Modestos

Crepe Suzette (RM20)

Finally, they provided a sweet dessert, served Caramalized with a Tangerine Zest and Flambe. This dessert looks like crepe egg filled the ice cream with orange flavour... At outside, it is warm, then when in inside, so cold...then, my taste of mouth felt like sweet and sour...

We offered to get a special Hugos by Modestos' recipe Mojito (RM23). And each blogger get 1 FREE beer only! I get one beer, but I cannot finish all, so my friends help me to drink beer since I am driver! My friends and I enjoyed to laugh together while we joked each other in this evironment so very comfortable.

As I know, they have a live band on every Thursdays and gathering of salsa dancers on every Friday nights as every couple, and your friends & family can learn to do the salsa dancing during the salsa dancers guide you all if you love it!

Hugos By Modestos
Unit A-G-01, Ground Floor, Qliq Damansara,
Empire Damansara, Jalan PJU 8/8A,
Damansara Perdana, Malaysia 017-7992334

Website: www.hbm.com.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HugosbyModestos/ 
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/hugosbymodestos/

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