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0 HungryGoWhere Malaysia’s largest food truck fiesta to celebrate 1st year anniversary @ Curve, Damansara Utama!

Awesome!! HungryGoWhere Malaysia will be bringing the country’s largest gathering of Food Trucks to the Curve on November 30, 2014, Sunday from 10am to 9p, it open for the public!  There are freebies to be won with the awesome contests and delicious food to be had with one of the largest gathering of food trucks around. Till next Sunday, stay hungry, folks! Oh ya, wait! See what HungryGoWhere have something for you below;


Want to grab the free voucher from HungryGoWhere? Come and join us in the Hungrygowhere's Birthday Giveaway to WIN 50 x Meal Vouchers worth RM 750 only! You just write a creative sentence in the most creative way, in 10 words or less: If I owned a food truck, I would sell .... - please visit the link here.

Dubbed ‘HungryGoWhere Turns One – A Food Truck Fiesta’, Klang Valley’s most sought-after cuisines will be on offer during this meals-on-wheels food festival so everyone can try great-tasting food without frills! Malaysians can expect a wide selection of pastas offered by Spagme; delectable, flaky pastries of Wheeloaf; Italian favourites from La Famiglia, and of course the humble burger, grilled to perfection by experts like Dr Mak Rony, Babarittos and Big Hug Burger. With 12 food trucks to whet Malaysians’ taste buds, this will undoubtedly be a food lovers’ paradise.

Big Momma's beef and chilli burger from Flaming Wheels Food Truck!

In addition to tasting delicious food, foodies and fans of HungryGoWhere can look forward to receiving over RM5,000 worth of food truck fiesta vouchers online and during the roadshows leading up to, following and even during the main event at the Curve. These roadshows will be held from 26 November to 3 December at University Malaya, Help University, Mahsa College, Pusat Bandar Damansara, Damansara Uptown 1 and Bandar Kinrara, Puchong.

Spagme's Food Truck on Facebook
John Paul Sta Maria, Country Manager for HungryGoWhere Malaysia said, “We think of ourselves as one of the most exciting and comprehensive online food guides around and we certainly epitomise the Kaki Makan spirit. This food truck fiesta is our way of thanking our existing fans for their loyalty and featuring a range of food to tempt different palates in a way that’s never been done before in Malaysia.”

“Answering the perennial question “Hungry lar, go where?”, our online food guide has directed millions of locals and visitors to diverse food spots around the country by providing spot-on expert reviews and tips written by Malaysians, with halal options clearly indicated.  With the support of our expert team of reviewers, database of over 45,000 photos and the 25,000 reviews contributed by loyal users across Malaysia, we aim to answer that question in as many ways as possible,” Sta Maria said.

Learn more about the upcoming ‘HungryGoWhere Turns One – A Food Truck Fiesta’ at http://www.hungrygowhere.my 


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0 Lunch Review: The Bee @ Jaya One, Petaling Jaya

First time, my mom, sister and I go to eat lunch together, and parked at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya! We never expected that many people still want to eat lunch there! That is why the parking are full! My cousin also are working in Jaya One, so she joined us to look for some restaurants! I really want to try new cafe, "The Bee"!  We don't know what is it, so we tried to go insde the cafe... I felt this cafe is not very big, as many office guys eat the lunch there. Luckily, we got our seat, so we no need to wait so long minutes!

I felt that this cafe focus the theme "The Bee " ideal looks old-environment of coffee cafe and traditional-mix with old boards which the old quotes with latest happenings & promotions posters. This cafe looks attractive and soft-fun place, make the office guys feel comfortable after their stress-work! They also give the special promotion lunch, RM 20 only!

We enjoyed to read the menu style-magazine! The Bee also prepared the breakfast, brunch,lunch and dinner for everyone, but my sister and I felt that the breakfast menu which looks delicious...For the special promo lunch, I decided to try the Cajun Chicken Burger with The Bee's Freshly Made Lemonade! My mom got the Chicken Pomodoro Pasta with Freshly Brewed Ice Tea...

Cajun Chicken Burger
Chicken Pomodoro Pasta
The Bee's Freshly Made Lemonade and Freshly Brewed Ice Tea
My youngest sister and cousin really want to try the delicious food! I surprised that I really like my cousin's breakfast so beautiful! And my sister got The Bee Breakfast so big!!

The Bee Breakfast

They really make a good coffee which have a biscuit too. The Bee attract many locals to eat the creative of western food! They are making this cafe look very unique and artistic. Thumb up! I feel want to come to The Bee with my friends again when I am free!

The Bee
2A-G, Block K, Jaya One
No.72 Jalan Universiti, Section 13
46200 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheBeeMY
Opening Hours
Monday to Thursday 10am – 12am
Friday and Saturday 10am – 1am
Sunday 10am – 4pm

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0 Get Free 1 year Healthy Lunch Food @ Dah Makan Malaysia with Free Delivery!


Ya Hoo! Dah Makan's Delivery Giveaway for everyone who love the healthy food. It make you happy to order easy and less-oil food! Are you boring with fast-foods, pizza, thai food, sushi, and western? Why not try to order the healthy food? It help you to keep your normal healthy diet in your life! Dah Makan can deliver health food to your office during lunch without charge fee of delivery!  You go GRAB Free 1-year DAH Makan with FREE delivery as you can get FREE 54 healthy lunchboxes as you like!


You no need to think about where place are you going to, or when you have no transport, you can make order Dah Makan online so easy, then you wait for them come to hand the lunchbox for you! Easy, right? Come to JOIN @ Dah Makan and Order THIS!

For more details:
Dah Makan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/orderdahmakan

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0 I Won iPod Nano from #P1NostalgicNation Challenge, #P1Connect!

Last Friday (14 Nov), P1 Online Media Associates on Facebook finally announce the results of competition, and chose me as the Consolation Prizes winner of  #P1NostalgicNation, #P1Connect! Wow, I got iPod Nano! I really like it! But, it is not suitable for me so I give it to my youngest sister, Jocelyn who needed it. Thank you very much, #P1NostalgicNation! 

How? It's easy as you can do a short video then try put a video via your share at facebook, then write #hashtags only! I think my creative idea to make the K-ON! anime story for 3 tasks; #FoldABoat, #FoldAPlane and #MakeAFall. Enjoy to watch video on my post - here.

Thank you very much, ya!
We, K-ON! friends can go travel to United Kingdom
for our graduation trip! We bring iPod Nano too! Bye! Bye!

Well, I always experienced to won my iPad Mini, KLIPS movie tickets, Lazada's prizes, HERO book by Rhonda Byrne and few gifts since I took part in their competition for my best try! I always feel blessed so very lucky in my life!

At same time #P1NostalgicNation announced the results, my youngest sister told me so suddenly that she won the #Grouponmy's prize; Wireless charging mat that can be use for almost any products! Apple, Samsung, LG Nintendo DS, Sony PSP and any devices with microUSB port! Now she really can ditch the cord when charging her iPhone/iPad!

Jocelyn's prize from Grouponmy
I never expected my youngest sister won a awesome prize from Grouponmy on Instagram too! Wow, I am proud with my sister got hers! My mom always happy to encourage me and my sister to take part in the social media competition, easy only! You also can do too!

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1 Movie Review: Big Hero 6 @ GSC Tropicana City Mall, KLIPS Malaysia

Since I watched the How to Train Dragon 2 and Frozen, I still felt that BIG HERO 6 is very awesome movie, make you fell love on a cute white robot, Baymax! Last time, I also think that a Dragon is cute but, OMG! Now Baymax beat a Dragon already! That is why the BIG HERO 6 is very BEST animation for this year 2014! Thanks to KLIPS Malaysia!

Wow, I love the imagination of San Fransokyo become a mix of San Francisco and Tokyo, Japan. I like to see how beautiful of Japanese design elements on the buildings and bridge that feels like the we are in two countries; San Francisco combine with Japan cultures! It is very good step to make new creative changes on the Disney movie, so it is best!

This story are about a teen boy, Hiro Hamada, also miss his brother. So, his emotional traumas come to Baymax's response...that is why a medical robot try to understand about how to heal Hiro! So very cute!! With the help of four of his older brother's classmates at the local Generically Sciencey University, he and his team called, "Big Baymax robot" + "5 Hero", so amazing idea of name, BIG HERO 6!

Baymax still act as healer until Hiro felt be better only! He is very cute fatty, make me want to hug it so much! Everyone want to hug Baymax to get comfortable and happiness expression! Baymax is so helpful, but is a little slow..hehe. He keep to save Hiro as their bond of friendship are grew up to be sweet since they are human and robot! Especially, Baymax also are very cute when he give a reward lollipop to Hiro, and Hiro tried to change Baymax's image to be HERO - How to train a robot!

I felt that it is suitable for you to bring along your younger sibling or your children because this movie make easy to understand for them! It also teach you don't force yourself, not hurt your own emotion or don't kill the strangers. If not, it can make you angry and hate every friend who really care and not agree with your action! Like a masked guy is very hate who come to hurt his love, he don't care everyone who care him! He always blames who make him become bad person! He refuse to listen the advice from Hiro, Baymax and friends, until he lose everything!

Baymax and friends also advise you that you never get love from someone you care only when you lose someone, but you still can get love and support from your family, friends and who come into your new life! That is why this story is very heartwarming and inspiration lessons for you open your eyes!

Baymax offers a compassionate and healing voice for those suffering, and a hug that can be felt so very warm!

I really like this comic because they are very best and cutee!!

Thank you to KLIPS Malaysia for this movie! How I get to win a FREE pair of ticket when I choose the movie with "FREE Passes" at KLIPS Malaysia website? You only do 3 steps so very EASY!
  • First  - You can register your name under me - http://klips.my/u/selina/welcome (FREE membership). You will see "FREE Passes" on the movies by KLIPS to share via social media.
  • Two  - You only did share/write creative status on the links on her Facebook and Twitter. Remember you set it as Public before you put a share on Facebook.
  • Three - Klips MY send the email to you when you selected to be Winner if you have high chances - how many points you collected only!
After you get their email, you can choose 2 methods; 1 - collect your tickets at KLIPS office or  2 - ask them to post your home!

I am counting my winning chances until I won on 15 times already!! Great? How? Just promote the movie links via my social media only. I did nothing! Easy!

If you love to watch GREAT movies,
come to JOIN US la!

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2 Celebrate Kimberly's Birthday Party in Ecole P @ Damansara Uptown, Petaling Jaya

I always heard about Ecole P from bloggers community on many times. You can found Ecole P so easily, beside the famous Village Nasi Lemak restaurant, then see the first floor shop just below the "Restoran Kalifah" (Indian Restaurant). I think that the cafe begins new story about a student named "Ecole" with "P" also mean the "Ecole from Primary School"? So, my friend and I try to check out on Ecole P! Their space are not very big, there are two places; inside and outside (classroom).

Ecole P
welcome us when we took a stair to the first floor, then we surprised the creative deco wall put on! First time, we given the little childhood's snacks as free complimentary snacks while we are waiting for the food and drink! I miss the childhood's snacks so much!

My friends' kids enjoyed to eat the snacks and junk food at the counter, then their parent put 20 or 30 sen in the toy's collector coins! so fun! The shelves are stocked with toys, writing utensils, comics and frames childhood and etc for display only. In addition, kids can take old gameboy to play games like tetris/attack ships or playing the UNO cards! It also have free WiFi too.

They enjoyed to see their menu food & drink looks like their own homework books! We surprised to see each drink have their own special mix of fruits, eg Math teacher, History teacher, etc! Before this, my friend and I also got Lunch test papers so funny (for weedays only).

My friends surprised when they see the spoons and forks in a steel pencil case which take out from the primary school's bags on first time!! It make me laughed when I saw their expression like last time I shocked that a steel pencil also put in cute bags!!

Their kids always enjoyed to play with the toys from the counter. My friends and I give a small birthday cake for Kimberly. I surprised  it get their own name - [Batman cake] so funny! First time, Kim saw a firework candle on her small cake, so we laughed together!!

They can bring their own instax mini to take photo on a group of friends, then can put it on the wall for the sweet memories! My friends enjoyed to take photos so very busy! Haha.

My friend and I came to try Ecole P before we celebrated Kimberly's birthday party, then I suggested to my friends to organise a surispe party for Kimberly! Because Kimberly are my best friend who always support me since we studied in the primary school! Sometimes she bullied me since we are young, be naughty! :P My schoolmates, Kimberly and I always used to tell a lot of scary stories in our primary school! I booked a classroom with lunch menu set only because this classroom is the private room for a group can chat-chit and enjoy to take photo each other, so it is easy so, we never disturb the customers!

Appetizer - House Salad
First, they gave the appetizer - House Salad x 4 during we waited for my best friend, Kimberly who come at last. Hehe. There are main courses - 4 different plates; House Pasta, Chicken Tandoori Schnitzel, Fish a la Laksa and Seaweed Fried Rice. I ordered my plate; Fish a la Laksa. I felt that the taste of "Laksa" are normal only, but the sauce "laksa" with garlic are not suitable for the spaghetti. I think for better to add other mee into the "Laksa".  But, I am really love the pan fried tilapia with spaghetti sauce Thai & mango on last time I went there on my first time.

Fish a la Laksa - Spaghetti cooked in slow cooked assam laksa
broth served with pan fried tilapia
Chicken Tandoori Schnitzel - Pan fried breadcrumbed honey brined chicken
breast with tandoori marinate served with garden salad, lemon and raita
When the Chicken Tandoori Schnitzel delivered to my friends, they thought it looks as the fish & chip!! It make me laughed out because they tried to eat it, they said "ohh, I eat chicken"! They said "I feel funny and weird when I see it!" Haha.

House Pasta - Spaghetti cooked in evaporated milk with
mixed mushrooms, curry leaves and cili padi.
Spaghetti Bolognese - Spaghetti cooked in homemade tomato
sauce with chicken cube
Spaghetti Bolognese are suitable for 5 kids can share together so enough, because it is very big. That is why the kids can finish all. Finally, we ordered the Mocktail drink- The Mask (Strawberry, Guava, Apple, Yakult) and Pokemon (Raspberry, Mango, Lemon, Passionfruit, Orange, Pear, Honey)

The Mask (right) and Pokemon (left)
Iced Chocolate Milk Drink - first time I drink it so shy!!
But, we enjoyed to talk each other about our life since we are graduated school and never meet for long time! My best friend, Kim surprised to see a firework candle on her small piece of chocolate cake. We, good friends wished "Happy Birthday" to Kimberly and her kids. Her daughter, Mika who really like to watch a firework candle so curious! so cute!

I felt the classroom is a great place for many friends to meet up for their private of celebration birthday, ya! I got the sweets after I paid cash the bill. I am not happy with they don't have credit card service only! Next time, they should have credit card payment service so better. We put our frame photo on the wall so sweet!

Can you spot where is our photo?
Ecole P make my friends and I remembered our old memories through their theme like the school things which we used before! The lunch menu set are delicious too. It is definitely a place where you should come and try out!

Great! Happy Birthday to Kimberly, Queen October!! Haha!
Please visit Ecole P's facebook at https://www.facebook.com/ecole.p

Ecole P (Theme: Primary School)
First Floor, 19, Jalan SS21/37, Damansara Utama, Petaling Jaya, Selangor
Mon - Friday: 11am-3pm, 6pm-10pm (closed on Thursdays).
Weekends (Saturday-Sunday), 11am-10pm.
Tel: 03-7732-9711

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