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0 Movie Review: Detective Conan: Dimensional Sniper @ One Utama, KLIPS Malaysia

Conan and his friends visited the 635-metre tall Bell Tree Tower. Suddnelly, they witness in front of a man who killed by a sniper! The mystery sniper had done the deed through a window and causes everyone in the country to be panic. Determined and convinced that he can solve the case; Conan tries to track down the murderer by following the clues. Visit the official website: http://www.conan-movie.jp/index.html

When Conan stays calm and uses the zoom function on his tracking glasses to follow the path of the bullet to its source. At the other end, Conan tracked the murderer but, we surisped that Conan are brave when he keep to speed to reach the murderer so faster. And kid rushed to save the victim in the train since he risked his life! It really is crazy! I advised for you all better don't take your risk...if not, your important person will cry and hurt more!

Luckily, there are more actions than talking about the predication and solving the mystery cases! So, it is not boring for the adults and kids. We learned the information about SEAL, sniper's skills and techiqnue. We felt that every detective want to solve this case by their own. For example, Sera want to work as detective and always help Conan. Subaru also success to solve where place are suitable to shoot a victim!

A mysterious sniper always leave the clues and messages for the police officers and FBI detectives. Pity Ran's father...he never do the action so he did to sit in the office all times only! I learned about the snipers's situation and skill techqinue, make me recall when I played the shooting games, I always used to be sniper or gunner because I am good to zoom in or out with used sniper or clever to be hide myself when the enemies won't find me. My youngest sister are really hate to be sniper, so she ask me to help her, then she prefer to be close-in gunner in the games! We just play games with the playstation 3. Hehe.

Wow, Ran is really brave to do karate with the sniper make us shocked! Subaru and Conan keep their hardwork to protect Ran and kids in the Bell Tree Tower since they cannot go near it! Sometimes, their action are comedy or stupid. We learned a lesson about when a person should not do selfish request from a dead person, that can lead him to become crimmial, and it not make you be better than who are you and others. Always be better when you be good sniper when you want to protect your loved family and everyone in the country which you served, not to be darkness sniper!

Great, Detective Conan are very famous and always copied so millions around the world! That is why Detective Conan celebrate 20th Anniversary to thank the fans on this year. They did many movies on every year they celebrated! There still are many adults, teenagers and kids love to watch the Detective Conan movies and epsiode series so enjoyable! We are very happy when our country can get the Detective Conan movie since many Malaysians really like the Detective Conan so much! I always like to read the detective comics as always!

I lose it in KLIPS dashboard but, I did to win 2 free tickets, because thanks to KLIPS Malaysia Facebook. They have a short contest of Detective Conan for Facebook fan users only! It is very easy for me to write the creative caption at my status facebook with hashtag #KLIPS only!
My answer: "I always to get so drawn into every Detective Conan movie that everything around me just sinks away, that is why my favorite anime, #DetectiveConan also is a great mirror of what Japanese-detective Sherlock Holmes's style life is really like! #KLIPS #DetectiveConanDimensionalSniper"
 Finally, I got it! I am very happy! My sister and I went to watch GSC movie in One Utama!

Thank you to KLIPS Malaysia for this movie! How I get to win a FREE pair of ticket when I choose the movie with "FREE Passes" at KLIPS Malaysia website? You only do 3 steps so very EASY!
  • First  - You can register your new account on KLIPS Malaysia - click here!
  • Two  - You only did share/write creative status on the links on her Facebook and Twitter. Remember you set it as Public before you put a share on Facebook.
  • Three - Says.com @ Klips send the email/ SMS to you when you have high chance to win FREE tickets!

You can choose 2 options; 1 - collect your tickets at KLIPS office or  2 - ask them to post your home! Easy. I was winning on 10 times already. Great? How? Just promote the movie links via my social media only. I did nothing! Easy!

If you love to watch GREAT movies,
come to JOIN US la!

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0 Miam Miam Malaysia @ 1 Utama, Bandar Utama

Why they decide to choose a name - "Miam Miam" for their restaurant? "Miam Miam" in French means ‘yummy’ so they have a good idea to combine two cultures, French and Japanese to make more delicious dishes! They have famous Matcha (green tea) and Azuki (red beans) beautifully married into lush French Souffles or Savoury Teriyaki. Inspired by the grace & old-school charms of French Cafes and Japanese Kissatens, that is why Miam Miam exists for the custromers can get the delicious culinary experience!

First time, Miam Miam, 2nd branch cafe opened at One Utama, Damansara Utama in in Malaysia. I heard that Penang also have 1st Miam Miam which located at Gurney Paragon!

I used to saw many people are queuing so long at Miam Miam, the crowd people sit inside so fully when my family and I always passed-by! My good friends and I always want to try it! Luckily, we have a good chance to celebrate birthday with my good friend, so we went to Miam Miam and took a table so early! First time, my good friends and I tried to eat all dishes so yummy!!

I ordered my favorite tea drink, Ice Matcha Latte with Matcha softee (RM13.80). My good friend, James like Matcha Smoothie with Red Bean Cream (RM13.80). My best friend like to drink Iced Coffee (RM9.80). Finally, Woon Koon really love Earl Grey Tea (RM10.80). I tasted the Ice Matcha Latte with Softee, like green tea ice-cream so delicious!

Earl Grey Tea (RM10.80)
I felt our drink are expensive, right? We don't mind so try once only! My best friend recommended that Miam Miam's spaghetti is our a must-try because it is very special to mix the sautéed mixture of spaghetti, turkey ham, frankfurters, poached egg and various vegetables such as baby spinach, tomato and onions, topped with a generous amount of sesame seeds. Miam Miam put their secret specialty - French butter, secret sauce and shoyu inside the spaghetti, then a boiled egg at top on the spaghetti, so creativity!

Miam Miam's Spaghetti (RM26.80)
Lastly, we got a very unique dish, called "Riz Nor". Wow! First time, we ate black rice with omu egg in one pot dish! I think that French always prepared their culture food - black rice with seafood squids, that is why I think that from squid ink, it cover the rices into black! I really like omu egg, which is very soft, match with the hot black rice!

Riz Nor (RM28.80)

We ordered two main courses to share so together, it is enough for 4 persons like we enjoyed it so much! Then, my good friend, James want 3 desserts so wow! We girls cannot eat more desserts because we worry that we will gain more weight! We glad that each dessert are not very big! For me, the Matcha Souffle, unique french dessert is BEST because it is very soft to bite so easy! There are three Souffles; Chocolate, Vanila and Matcha (green tea) so you can choose which is one of your favorite!

Matcha Souffle (RM16.80)
I surprised that the ice cream on top of pancake to combine with banana and caramel syrup, also decorated with dark chocolate at the bottom! So sweet! I really like it! My good friends managed to finish this pancake so fast!! Next time, I sure try one again!

Caramelised Banana Pancake (RM19.80)
I recommended that Caramelised Banana Pancake is very best! My good friend want to try the Chocolate Molleaux Dessert with vanila ice-cream! I think that it looks like cute cupcake. Haha. But I tasted the chocolate molleaux is very soft while it mix with ice-cream in my mouth! So yummy!

Chocolate Molleaux Dessert (RM12.80)
We were so full after we managed to finish 3 desserts and 2 main courses! That is why many people are queuing so long because they love the culinary dishes, so it is special unique from French-Japanese culture! We really happy to celebrate birthday for my good friend, James. And we also wish that James studied his master so hard working until he graduate soon ya!

Happy Birthday to James, my good friend!
I suggest that 2/3 dishes can share with 2-4 people! If you are thirsty, can order FREE water to drink! I heard that The Holy Grail of French Toast is very famous legend by everyone who recommended as their favorite at Miam Miam! Next time, I sure will try The Holy Grail of French Toast, ya!

Check out on Miam Miam Malaysia at https://www.facebook.com/miammiammalaysia
Lot 146, Ground Floor
One Utama Shopping Centre
48200, Petaling Jaya
Opening Hours: 10am - 10pm

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0 New versus Old Media Billionaires Infographic

I surprised that new media matures, it will take over the social responsibilities of old media. Better the new media helped every business to gain more profits in short years only! For example, Thestar Online get faster info than old media - newspaper and magazine? Facebook already updated the news so quickly when the case are happening in a day only, such as the MH370 and MH17 news were spreading so quickly in Facebook and new media! So, maybe the people think that old Media is slow, but there still are Malaysians prefer to read old media until now.

"We know that new media businesses are growing at a much faster pace than their old media counterparts. I thought it would be interesting to see just how this is affecting these wealthy businessmen in the media industry. How much faster did these new media billionaires make their money?" - Staff.com

Check out the comparison on the infographic below.
Staff.com – Connecting Great Companies with Global Talent

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0 Heritage Village Nyonya @ Jaya Shopping Mall, Section 14, PJ with Hungrygowhere

invited me to attend the Heritage Village Nyonya which located at Jaya Shopping Centre, Petaling Jaya on last 31 July, 2014 for the food tasting review gathering bloggers. I surprised to get know the Jaya shopping re-open to all residents again so I happy to see it bring back our family's memories! I still remembered that my mom bring me went to visit a very old Jaya shopping mall since I was kid, and my family stayed in Petaling Jaya before we moved out to Penang.

Heritage Village Nyonya Food @ Jaya Shopping Center

My mom and I explored the Jaya shopping mall, it really are different and get more bigger space than last time, so it is very better! We walked to the Heritage Village, which located at level 3, then we amazed with the beautiful theme nyonya which suitable for the Heritage Village restaurant! I was very happy to meet Siah Yi Ling, my ex-classmate from Multimedia University again! Finally, we meet each other after long 7 years ago! She are new to work with Hungrygowhere, so cool!

I greeted by Yi Ling and a staff of Hungrygowhere so very warmly. She introduced the bloggers to me and my mom during we waited for the Nyonya dishes come! Do you know what is Nyonya culture? It means Peranakan culture (Babas & Nyonyas) with the assimilation of cultures from the inter marriages of Malay and Chinese dating back to early 15 century. So, they carried their own culture food is a class of its own resulting from the fusion of many traditional ingredients of Chinese food and Malay spices and herbs! My grandma's family also come from Peranakan culture (Babas & Nyonyas), so my mom and I are Chinese of Hokkien & Nyonya family!

Heritage Nyonya Plate (RM 19.90)
Heritage Otak Fried Rice (RM15.90)
We tried to eat a famous Heritage Village's nasi lemak from a traditional method of steaming rice with fresh coconut milk with herbs and spices! So the founder's family heritage secret was begining in 1998, a founder's family served the nasi lemak from a food stall in the coffee shop, over a span of 3 generations of its founder's family, Madam Molly Khoo. It is become popular after she passed her family's hearitage to her family until today, it be a taste of a traditional Penang Nyonya Heritage!

For me, the Nasi Lemak are very special; "Heritage Nyonya Plate" and "Heritage otak Fried Rice" as high recommended for the Nasi Lemak lovers! First time, I see the rice fried with the Otak-otak served with fried chicken, egg and pie tee! So delicious! I also love a taste of fried chicken from "Heritage Nyonya Plate"!

Heritage Nasi Lemak King Combo (RM18.90)
I surprised that their idea are good to combine the Sambal Sotong, Chicken Rendang and Acar Awak at same time. I like to eat the Chicken Rendang so very tasted chili!

Heritage Baba (RM19.90)
This is my favorite dish, Heritage Baba with Jiu Hu Char, Assam prawns and curry chicken! Especially, I like the curry chicken and Jiu Hu Char if both are inside my mouth so yummy! My mom likes to eat assam prawns so much.

Nyonya Lor Bak Platter (RM 12.90)
I still remember that my sisters and I loved to eat Lor Bak, which made by my late aunt on everytime since we stayed at my late grandma's home in Penang.We raised by my dad's grandma and relatives in Penang, as we have sweet memories like Nyonya dishes cooked by my late aunt. That is why the Lor Bak is a high-MUST to eat when we always back to our hometown in Penang on many times! Nyonya Lor Bak, made up of fried tauhu, lor bak, century eggs with pickled ginger and fresh slices of cucumber. My family and I really miss it so much!

Heritage Jiu Hu Char (RM12.90)
Heritage Jiu Hu Char is a must have for Penang Hokkien families on festive seasons especially on Chinese new reunion dinner as my mom told me. Finely sliced sengkuang, carrots, dried squid and mushrooms are fried to perfection and eaten with fresh leafy lettuce. I love to roll the Jiu Hu Char with the veges so it is very easy to do it when we cook the home-dish by ourselves! :)

Assam Pedas fish is a classic nyonya spicy and sour dish, served with white rice. My dad loves to eat the assam pedas as always. Sometimes, my sisters and I eat the assam, because we cannot stand more spicy! That is why my parent are Nyonya, they can eat it so well!

Curry Fish Head (RM49.90)
My mom and I surprised a big head's fish are inside the Nyonya curry with tomatoes, brinjals and ladies fingers! I think that the curry sauce are tasted so thick but, it is nice but my mom prefer the Assam Pedas fish is better.

Heritage Duck Egg Char Koay Teow, RM 14.90
My mom told me that its smell duck egg! but it already lost the taste of penang char koay teow...I tried to eat the char koay teow, so I think that it is good, not more oily. I am not noodle lover, bad. Haha.

Heritage Assam Laksa (RM 11.90)
My family and I always love to eat the Penang Assam Laksa Mee. We can see Assam Laksa is made up of a thick rice noodles served in aromatic fish-based tamarind broth topped with shredded pineapple, cucumber, mint leaves, lemon grass, onion, lettuce and assam flower. It also added more pieces of fish, its really nice and delicious to taste so different!

Lam Mee (RM 11.90)
My mom love to eat lam mee and asked me to try but I was full already! Lam Mee is made up of thick clear chicken broth served with yellow noodles topped with prawns, fish cake, omelette slices and chicken slices.

Heritage Durian ABC
Wow, the ABC added with durian and ice-cream, so they make a beautiful pink color around ABC, more like the strawberry and vanila+ white bubbles so yummy! I don't like to eat durian. But, I enjoyed it without durian because I like the taste of gula melaka are inside!

Heritage Durian Cendol
For me, the Durian Cendol is okay. I am not Durian fan. Haha. I surprised that many big red beans inside the cendol! Everyone sure love the red beans and Durian if they want to eat Durian Cendol!

Heritage Durian Bubur Cha Cha
Lastly, my family and I really love Bubur Cha Cha. That is why my mom and I enjoyed to eat Heritage Durian Bubur Cha Cha - you better try it as high recommended because it is very best dessert! After we enjoyed the delicious Heritage food and delicious desserts, my mom and I get to experience a good service by the Heritage Village's staffs and Peranakan special dinner - really different!

Follow Hungrygowhere @ Instagram - http://instagram.com/hgw_my

This food tasting session was organised by HungryGoWhere Malaysia – Discover, Eat, Share today!

Heritage Village Nyonya Food @ Jaya Shopping Center

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0 Deaf Boleh! Malaysia Blog become 10 Top of Finalist @ DIGIWWWOW for Year 2014!

Thank you very much to my family; my mommy, daddy, sister and good friends; James and Woan Koon! I always be thankful to my voters, readers, friends, colleagues, bloggers and everyone too! In my heart, you all always to support my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia until now! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I am sure that you really want to know the event @ DiGi WWWOW experience, so you can read my story below;

James, Woan Koon and Selina Wing
DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd has announced this year’s DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards on this year 2014. I found out that the new format are really different; both challenging and interesting on every year. I tried to enter the DiGi WWWOW to get my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia to be list on the Community Category on last May, 2014!


It is not easy to become one of 10 Top finalist because more than 750 participants joined the DiGi competition on this year! Luckily, my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia got many votes from my supporters, readers, visitors and family! Sure, there are still many bloggers and companies always want this too! I keep to share my blog with everyone, included my Deaf friends in the community so they can vote me on every time! Check out on the voting on Deaf Boleh! Malaysia at DiGi WWWOW website.

did give away the great prizes about the winners of each category get to win awesome prizes; more importantly, the guidance and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities granted to each winner allows them to grow their ventures into scales they’d probably never be able to on their own. That is of course in line with the awards’ theme of “Dream Big, Do Bigger"! That is why I interested in this DiGi competition for this year! Finally, I am very happy to get my chance for giving my pitch of presentation to the DiGi WWWOW judges on June 4th, 2014 after I did to become top 10 finalists of Community Cateorgy for DiGi WWWOW Awards!

How I did it? Please see the step by step on the image above, I am surisped when I saw my blog listed at 10 Top of Finalists for the DiGi WWWOW website; http://www.wwwow.my/top10.aspx!


My mom agreed to become my interpreter for me because I will present my ideas and information about my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia. I shocked when I meet the 30 presenters for three categories, so I was anxious! My mom and I enjoyed to eat free lunch then we visited around the DiGi Headquarter until I called by them, to present to 7 judges from different companies! I worried, but funny my mom confused so, she don't know how, she busy to explain for them via my presentation because we have 45 minutes only!

I came to present my blog at DiGi HQ office on 4 June 2014
When I finished to present my Deaf Boleh! Malaysia at DiGi Headquarter office, they hope to see me participate in the DiGi Awards on next year again! Wow! They still interested in my Deaf blog! The result will be announced on 20th June 2014 during the Awards Grand Finale event where each winner from the three categories will walk away with a cash prize of RM25,000 and other experiential prizes.

The Press Media for DiGi WWWOW Awards
After two weeks, I received the email from DiGi WWWOW to attend the Awards Grand Finale and get to know the final results about who will be FINAL winner for 3 categories; Commerce, Content, and Community. They invited my family, friends and me to DiGi WWWOW Awards event at the Zebra Square, Kuala Lumpur.

I invited my good friends; James and Woan Koon to come with me, they always support me and proud with me! They managed to meet me after their work on last Friday, June 20, 2014, make me touched! My family always come to be with me at my side on every time too! I am really grateful to my family and good friends who be patient to listen from my stories on many times, so they offered their advice and support me on every time. They are very proud with me!

While we waited for my family come, we explored the DiGi WWWOW event at Zebra Square first. I saw many people to startup new company at the DiGi's bazaar. We tried to try different food, such as burgers, cakes, and etc. So we have great experience to talk with my hearing friends who are presenters who in the Community category. My Deaf friends admired that the hearing friends are amazing, just from different race, culture and background! Finally my mom, and sister found us already, then we started to eat dinner together before the DiGi performance started at 7pm!

Inside the cool event, we felt calm down and can relax to eat the snacks! My family and I watched the dancing and singing performance, and listened to the speech given by the DiGi boss. My mom and sister helped to explain for us about what are they saying in the speech of DiGi WWWOW Awards for Year 2014!

At end, the DiGi WWWOW 's results are the final winner of Community category; Teng Say Aun, 4Charity – Help those in need, http://www.4charity.my/! Congratulation to Teng Say Aun as final winner! I don't get it, sad! My family and good friends really wish me to be the final winner for this year! Especially, my best friends always SMS me, I was really shocked!! They cannot wait for my result! Haha. Nevermind, I am really be thankful to have my family and great friends who understand and support me so very well in my life. :)

This is my first time to get new experience from the challenging to face the different people who be competitive, to carry their new idea to change our life for the future! I also thank to DiGi WWWOW and judges to give a good chance to me on this year! Next year, I sure want to take part in the DiGi WWWOW competition again no matter I lose or win! My family and friends are happy, especially, I surisped to hear the useful advices from my good friends and family, "When you lose, it doesn't mean that you lose at all" and "Do it again. Play it again. Sing it again. Read it again. Write it again. Sketch it again. Rehearse it again. Run it again. Try it again. Because again is practice, and practice is improvement, and improvement only leads to perfection".

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