Deaf Boleh! Founder, Selina featured on MyStarJob @ Leaderonomics!

Wow! I surprised that my story titled "A sign of sheer determination: A language worth learning" published in the "MyStarJob" Section with The Star newspaper on 26 July 2014, Saturday. I am very happy! You can read my story at - here if you never read a copy of newspaper or miss it on last time!

I always be thankful to Lim Lay Hsuan who is Leaderonomics's sub-editor/writer! She wrote this article about my success life because she was inspired by what I work to be success with my hardworking in my life, and keep to increase the awareness to open the bridges between Deaf and Hearing community. So, she interested to interview with me! We always email each other until we become friends! I also surprised that she knows my good friend, James Chua who work with her in the editorial industry before! Wow, this is small world! He also surprised too! Her article also become press online at!

My family, teachers, and deaf & hearing friends always proud of me! They always encourage me to be good role model for Deaf community! I also continue my Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog,! If you have any question, review, news & events, let me know, ya! I will help you to spread the information for the disability and Deaf community in Malaysia!

Sure, you always questioned about how I never give up and keep to achieve my success. Here from my story in MyStarJob news.

"What keeps you going?
I consider myself an advocate for the hearing-impaired, and I will continue to be one. I want to be a role model for the hearing-impaired community through Deaf Boleh! Malaysia to inspire and motivate the new generation of hearing-impaired people toward achieving confidence, independence and success.
Success to us, the hearing-impaired, is the recognition of our work done well by the abled community.

Look at Marlee Matlin, for example, the hearing-impaired actress who won the Academy Award for Best Actress in a leading role at the age of 21.
Despite our hearing challenges, it is important for us to strive for the best at what we are capable of doing, work hard, and stay positive and passionate in doing what we do. I have been very fortunate to have the support of family, colleagues and friends."

I give a tip about how to be success for you and Deaf community below;

Enjoy to read;

1. Leaderonomic blog at and;
2. MyStarJob at thestar news online -

Thank you for my life always are AWESOME as I also lucky to be gifted creativity, having happiest family & good friends and magnificent success / passion in my life! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you, Universe!

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