Baiwago Plus Café X HOPE worldwide Malaysia “Mother’s Day Give Back”

May 23, 2019

While we celebrate Mother's Day with our moms by showering them with flowers, gifts and a Cake, there are mothers out there who do not have plenty to celebrate. This year, Baiwago Plus Café collaborates with HOPE worldwide Malaysia to celebrate Motherhood with 80 mothers which include single mothers from the low-income families in Sentul.

Baiwago Celebrates Motherhood with 80 Mothers and Single Moms

To make ends meet, these mothers often hold on to at least two jobs, while juggling their time to take care of their children and household matters. Hence, Baiwago Plus Café decided to collaborate with HOPE worldwide Malaysia, an internationally affiliated non-profit and non-religious Charity Organization to reach out to 80 mothers and single moms in Sentul. Total 100 Cakes given away to all 80 mothers. These Mother’s Day Themed Cakes are specially made and sponsored by Baiwago as a gesture of appreciation to the mothers.

The mothers and staff volunteers from Baiwago Plus Cafe gathered at Centre of HOPE worldwide Malaysia this afternoon for the Give Back event. “We are grateful towards Baiwago’s thoughtfulness in organizing this event to appreciate our mothers and single moms from the Sentul community. Their sacrifices and motherhood are something worth celebrated for,” said Katy Lee, the Executive Director of HOPE worldwide Malaysia. She added on that some of these mothers often work overtime to support the family finances and raising up their children tirelessly. Katy also shared about one of the mothers, Puan Haliza who lost her husband in a sudden tragedy three years ago, despite her grief and sadness, still being the pillar of strength for her 5 children, one of which is a special needs child who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Besides supporting these mothers through the Free Medical Clinic and Monthly Food Distribution Program, the children of these mothers also invited to attend a series of Education programs on Saturdays. HOPE worldwide Malaysia worked with volunteers from corporate sectors and campuses to reach out to these children aged from 6 to 17 years old. “We hope that we can cultivate sustainable partnership with corporate companies such as Baiwago Plus Café to create a greater social impact for our communities," said Katy. Public are welcomed to sign up as a volunteer to support the organization through their website: www.hopeww.org.my.

And please visit the Baiwago Plus Cafe's facebook for more info at https://www.facebook.com/BaiwagoPlusCafeMalaysia/

*All images be credited to the Baiwago Plus Cafe's facebook
And you can see more photos there in their facebook! 

Salted Egg Yolk Crispy Chicken and We Bare Bears Canvas Bags Are Very Popular @ Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks in Malaysia

May 15, 2019

You really love to eat the snacks from the Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack outlet, which you used to take a quick lunch or dinner? Good news for the "We Bare Bears" fans, Shihlin Taiwan Street Snack re-launch the Salted Egg Yolk Crispy Chicken - XXL Crispy Chicken with a drink of your choice in a set meal, which are available and located at all outlets in Malaysia again! They already started to sell this promotion of Salted Egg Yolk Crisy Chicken for this month, May. Don't miss it ya.

And the We Bare Bears brothers namely Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear are also making their comeback with two new designs of Limited Edition We Bare Bears Canvas Bag worth RM29.90 each, only in this month - May!

The first design showing the ‘bear brothers crossing the road’ will be available from 1 - 15 May while the second design showing the ‘bearstack brothers walking’ will be available from 16 - 31 May.

How to get a new Limited Edition We Bare Bears™ Canvas Bags?
You can get a FREE "We Bare Bears" Canvas Bags when you spend the minimum amount of RM25 or more in a single receipt when you visited the Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks, which are near your home or office area!

Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks is proud to be associated with Cartoon Network's We Bare Bears; all
merchandise is exclusively to Shihlin Taiwan Street Snacks outlets. For a complete store listing, please visit their website at www.ShihlinSnacks.com.tw


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Hotel Ramadan Buffet 2019: Selera Serantau Ramadan Buffet Dinner @ Impiana KLCC Hotel Kuala Lumpur

May 03, 2019

By the upcoming Ramadan in this month, May 2019 , Impiana Hotel offer the "Selera Serantau Ramadan Buffet Dinner" with providing the early bird discounts for the Ramadan buffet dinner. My good friend, Woan Koon and I got the opportunity to enjoy their celebration of Ramadan buffet dinner with the media and bloggers. With the amazing buffet dinner, there  are all-time favourite of Malay dishes ranging from the roasted chicken, fried prawn, spicy chicken, briyani rice, and many more..! You will love the local desserts, especially for Durian lovers who can get to eat more durian from a durian stall at the outside restaurant.

We really miss the traditional food so very much. I remember that I did celebrated the "berbuka puasa" with my best friend, who is Malay as she invited me to enjoy this ramadan season!

This Ramadan, savour a delectable and generous buffet spread featuring the best of Malaysian cuisine, prepared using the finest halal ingredients and according to traditional recipes.

Not to be missed are the chef’s signature dishes Sup Gearbox Meletup!, Kari Kepala Ikan Selatan and Nasi Briyani Gam Kambing Istimewa, durians, unlimited servings of Baskin Robbins ice cream and live traditional ghazal performances.

We went to the durian & fruits booth and found out that many people enjoy to eat the king of fruits; durian with their hands! We feel relaxed when we enjoyed to eat the unlimited durian as we want more! Never stop to eat my favorite durian until I was very full! Delicious~

You know, there are a selection of satisfying desserts and 12 flavours of Baskin-Robbins ice cream too. Baskin-Robbins ice cream is popular because many children really love it so very much!

Since when you plan to eat the Ramadan buffet Dinner at the hotel, you love to spend time with your family together for 'berbuka puasa'? Or you view the KLCC while you enjoy to eat the durian at the night?  Jom, come to make reservation now before it's late! Contact them at Tel 03-2147 1111 (ext 3034, 3035) or email to ramadan.iklcc@impiana.com

Selera Serantau Ramadan Buffet Dinner
Date: 5 May - 4 June 2019
Time: 6.30pm - 10pm
Price: RM148+ per adult, RM74.00+ per child (Aged 6-12 years old) and
Children below 6 years old - dine for FREE.
Venue: Tonka Bean Cafe & Deli, Impiana KLCC Hotel

Offer the Early Bird Discounts:
- 30%: until 20 April 2019
- 25%: 21 April - 4 May 2019
- 20%: 5- 9 May and 30 May - 4 June 2019

If you bring a group family/friends of 10 pax, you can get a promotion "Buy 10 Free 1", as this valid is available for 10-29 May 2019 only.

How go to the Impiana KLCC Hotel?
I remmocended that you take LRT to reach the KLCC Station, then walk through the KLCC's pedestrian walkway bridge , just to reach this hotel. Don't worry, you never lost the way when you walk along the predestrian walkway. Just walk direct to follow the signs to guide you there.

The Bassment Cafe @ Section 4, Petaling Jaya, Selangor in Malaysia

April 08, 2019

The Bassment Cafe launched on last December 5, 2018 and my Deaf community did talked about there are a Deaf twin brothers; Michael & Jason Lim who started this new cafe with their youngest brother, Oscar Lim. Their parent who are supportive, and give a chance for them to continue to grow and learn that what they need to do everything when they managed their cafe together. Their challenge of managing a cafe is not easy for them, especially they are disability people and have to face the barrier of communication between the hearing and Deaf people. Thanks to their youngest brother, he helped them for the communication issues. They are very hardworking guys and make sure every customers love to eat a very delicious food in their cafe. Sometimes, this cafe become the Deaf-hangout group because Deaf friends also come to visit them on the weekend or weekday after work only.

My mom, friends and I invited by my Deaf friend, Michael Lim who managed "The Bassment" Cafe for the food review. I am grateful with him for his friendly service. He always give a smile when he give his best service to make us feel be comfortable...We really are satisfied with the special dishes which provided by Jason Lim and his team in the kitchen. It's good for them to try different idea to create new & unique food! My friends are surprised to see the Deaf people can manage a cafe as the good inspiration for everyone who get the Deaf awareness about "Deaf can do!" 😄

The Bassment's cafe environment looks comfortable and clean. Their colour are very matched each other like orange, light & dark brown and green, that make the customers happy, boost their appetite, and increase of feeling relax under the low-lighting. I liked it. 👍

You can do your work during the lunch break when you enjoy to drink coffee!

They also offered the LUNCH promotion from Tuesday till Friday, 12pm - 3pm only.
Today, they give a limited time - special promotion for
a WHOLE Roasted Chicken. Buy ONE, Free ONE! 💥
Wow! Call your group of 4- 6 pax to join you to eat this! 😜
You go to this counter by yourself when you want to make an order.

For tea-time break, you can try their best dessert - a slice of cake. 

You can choose which is one you like; Peanut Torte, Hazelnut Torte or Green Tea Torte

About The Bassment cafe:

"There are many people who dream of standing on their own stage and singing with their hearts. The Bassment creates a small stage in the basement, hoping to fulfill their dreams of music and complete their little dreams here, rekindling their enthusiasm for music. In addition, The Bassment hopes to be a small place for many people to leave a common story and memories..."

They told me about there is an underground floor, then they bring us to explore this area at downstairs! They did renovation to make this space become bigger more before their launch cafe. Why? It is easy to do a big party for 100-200 people can eat the buffet when the customers celebrate the private birthday or family gathering, proposal wedding, and anything can!

The Bassment cafe also offer the beer promotion for the beer lovers only. If your group love to drink the beer or wine at same time you enjoy to listen the band music, please make the booking with them at The Bassment facebook - https://www.facebook.com/thebassmentpj/

Before the customers leave this cafe, they always capture the photos with the loyalty of customers, which they treated as good friends, so this is best memories for them!
From Left to Right - Matcha Milkshake Blender, 6 Soda Fruit; Super Beries, Strawberry, Pamelon Grapefruit, Peach Garden, Lychee, Mojito, and Chocolate Milkshake Blender.
And "Big Portion" platter.

First, they served us a "Big Portion" platter. I surprised this platter looks very delicious, make us want to take the whole roasted chicken with our bare hands! But, my mom asked me to cut the roasted chicken with a knife, more easier. Hehe.

Big Portion (4-5 pax)
Consist of: mushroom soup, tempura prawn, squid ring, salad, mashed potatoes, fish and chips, whole roasted chicken, mushroom aglio-olio, grilled chicken chop, sausage and refillable tea.

Grill Lamb Rack 👍👍
with the special sauce (mint). I liked this sauce so very much!
Black Pepper Chicken Chop 👍
I bite this chicken so very soft. So strong pepper! Not bad! 

Classic Tomato Pasta 👌😘
It is very good taste when I ate it! :) 

Flower in the mud (Onion Fried) 💘👍👍👍 MUST TRY
Wow, they surprised me so, this make me fell love with the Flower in the Mud!
Next time, my friends and I sure will want this again if we eat the snack!

Mushroom Bruschetta 😍

Tomato Bruschetta 😄👍

Mushroom Soup 💗

Oh ya, if you want to get a FREE scoop of ice cream? 💟
Don't forget to click "Like" on their facebook and just drop your short review there only.
Please show it to them, then they give one free to you, ya!

Thank you to The Bassment Cafe for the food review!
Next time, I will bring my friends come to visit again! 💖
You ask me if this is halal cafe?
Yes, but they still are in the progress to get the halal certificate.
No worries because NO PORK*
Waze: "The Bassment PJ"
Or check the address on the google map below;
35, Jalan SS4C/5,
Taman Rasa Sayang, SS4,
47301 Petaling Jaya, Selangor

Follow the updates on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thebassmentpj/
Instagram: @thebassmentpj

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