Indobowl - Indomie Cafe At LakeFields @ Sungai Besi, Kuala Lumpur

January 08, 2019

Have you heard about Indobowl, Indomie Cafe in Malaysia? Indobowl, Malaysia's first Indomie is an Indonesian inspired kopitiam restaurant that served the Indomie mee or nasi goreng for the customers who love the Indomie noodles or rice! Indobowl Cafe is located at the LakeFields, Sungai Besi in Kuala Lumpur, so first time I went there with my friend, Woan Koon.  It's pork-free/ halal cafe! Why? Because they don't find where is the Indonesia food around Kuala Lumpur. Then, they got a good idea to set up this cafe so every Malaysian who try the Indonesian street with the affordable prices. They launched first-time "Indobowl" cafe in September 2017! When we entered this cafe, this environment is simple. The wall also have many inspiration words and retro photos, make me want to read them while my friend and I waited for the dishes.

I think the Indobowl's owner is cat lover? Drawing the cats are cute! I like it!

Well, I used to cook the maggi mee when I lazy go out to eat at outside only. I thought that the maggi mee looks like normal only.  Be honest, I don't like to eat the noodles so much. When I visited this cafe, I tried to eat many different type of Indobowl dishes, such as chicken chop, rice, fried mee, and many... Wow, delicious! This noodles cafe make me want to eat again!

Mumbo Jumbo Seafood (RM39.90)

If you plan to meet your friends in a group, I recommended the Mumbo Jumbo Seafood because 2-4 persons can eat it together! I can see two raw eggs are on top on the Indomie mee, with the prawns, squids, fishball, crab sticks and fried tofu. It is a big size of bowl - XL that make you all enjoy to mix and eat this mee so together! Remember, please eat it so slowly, due this is spicy! For me, it looks like the steamboat... 

Nasi Goreng Ayam Madura (RM14)

My favourite of Indobowl is Nasi Goreng Ayam Madura now! I like the fried chicken with special sauce so very much. The fried rice are tasty so delicious. You MUST TRY to eat this when you are free to go there, ya!

Indomie Salted Egg Chicken (RM11.90)
 Thumb up! I like the salted egg chicken. hehe.

Indomie Ayam Balado (RM10)

Indomie Dendeng Balado (RM10)

Nasi Iga (RM18)

If you don't like Indomie, you can choose the white rice or fried rice with a meat and sunny side up, such as with fried egg, grilled chicken chop, or beef/ lamb. MUST try the Indonesia's special sauce is spicy sambal when they served you! There are two special drinks; Soda Gembira or Jumbo ES Cendol. First time, I tried to drink the Soda Gembira...Wow, it is very sweet. For me, it is similar as "DragonFruit" drink. Hehe.

When you and your friends just "lepak" at the Indobowl Cafe, you feel want to eat the dessert, right before you start a conversation with your friend? I recommended you to try my best dessert, Ropang Chocolate!

 Ropang Chocolate (RM5.90)

Ropang Corn Cheese (RM5.90)

Indobowl - Indomie Cafe
72, Jalan Tasik Utama 7, Lake Fields, 
Sungai Besi, 57000 Kuala Lumpur, 
Wilayah Persekutuan Kuala Lumpur

Domino's Pizza Malaysia: Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding with Aquaman Movie @ TGV One Utama

January 03, 2019

Invited to witness the celebration of Domino's Pizza for the Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding with Superhero movie, which organised by the Domino's team in TGV Cinema, One Utama Shopping Mall, Malaysia. I surprised that they bring many food and drinks for the VIPs, special guests, media and social media influencers. I enjoyed to eat different flavor pizza, such as veggie, chicken and beef pizza so yummy!

Packed with thrilling action in the breath-taking underwater world, Domino’s Pizza sweetens the setting to the much-anticipated Aquaman movie with its latest creation, the New Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding. Baked with affection, Domino’s newest dessert is full of rich flavors created by the perfect combination of luscious buttery bread, velvety vanilla sauce and heavenly chocolate cookie crumble topped with sweet raisins. This classic yet popular British dessert is the crème de la crème of all puddings as it features a decadent savoury taste with a burst of enticing textures.

Domino’s latest dessert was exclusively served to its guests prior to the movie screening, presenting a one-of-a-kind, dessert and movie experience. The launch of the new dessert and movie screening was attended by hundreds of Domino’s exclusive customers, Pizza fans, partners and members of the media as well as social media influencers who has been the pillar to Domino’s growth through the years and especially for 2018. Introducing the New Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding at TGV One Utama during the movie signifies Domino’s brand promise of It’s All About You. The brand’s journey and success through the years is driven by the unwavering support of its customers and Domino’s is committed to designing new and exciting service and products in line with customers’ trends, wants and needs while creating memorable Domino’s experiences through various platforms.

During her welcome note at the launch of Domino’s latest dessert, Linda Hassan, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Domino’s Pizza Malaysia and Singapore said, “They say the proof is in the pudding and that certainly is the case for us. This latest dessert was made of love from us to our customers, with them in mind. Quality ingredients and superior taste continue to be our priority as we develop new innovations. The New Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding is our take on a classic and as you know, classics never go out of style. This is a preference that we see in our customers flavour profile and was our inspiration for the new product.

Beyond creating new products, we have taken our product launch to new heights as we present tonight’s special and memorable experience to our exclusive customers. Besides being among the first to enjoy the much-awaited movie, they are the first to savour our delicious New Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding prior to its official release recently. This is our gesture of appreciation and an exclusive treat for their love and support towards the brand. We hope all Domino’s fans will enjoy the new dessert with their family and friends, perfect for the holiday season,” she continued.

My friend and I enjoyed to eat this popcorn!

"New" Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding is baked fresh and served hot every day at Domino’s Pizza - RM9.90 only!

In light of the holiday season, customers can also purchase the latest Wild West Combos ideal for family gatherings. The Wild West Buddy Combo, features a Regular Pulled-Meat Pizza, one Golden Chicken Tenders, two small Coleslaw and two cans of soft drinks only for RM 41.90. For a larger group, opt for the Wild West Super Combo which comes with one Regular Pulled-Meat Pizzas, one Regular Pizza of your choice, one Golden Chicken Tenders, four small Coleslaw and one Bottle of Soft Drink only for RM 61.90.

Curious more about Domino’s Pizza Malaysia’s New Butterscotch Bread & Butter Pudding? Make sure you yisit Domino’s stores, check and order online at http://www.dominos.com.my/, or call 1300-888-333 to make an order.

Aquaman - SuperHero Movie Review

I imagined that this movie will get many mermaids, but they looks like half human and mermaid only. According to this story, they fall down with a legend of ancient city, Atlantis then they get new ability within the help of king's power when they lived in an underwater sea. That is why they can breath in the sea so deeply. I admired about the artists make a very beautiful graphic with 3D effects when they designed the Aquaman's underwater kingdom!

I never expect that Aquaman never die so easily, like Superman! Cool, he is very good at jokes, so many girls sure like to watch him in this movie so very much! Be honest, I not happy because I thought Aquaman will summon a giant octopus 'monster', called Kraken. But he summoned a ugly monster, so I don't know what it is! I felt okay when he bring many sea of creatures like sharks, dolphins, whales, and many to save his world. This could teach you all to protect sea life from pollution, in order to save the ocean. I should not say more about the spoilers. You better to watch it yourself! My friends and I are very thankful to Domino's Pizza Malaysia as we enjoyed to watch this Superhero movie so very much!

Kissmas Feast @ Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar At Plaza Arkadia, Desa Park City

December 25, 2018

Wish to spend your special celebration dinner with your partner in a very romantic restaurant with the "Kissmas Feast Season" menu? To impress your girlfriend or boyfriend with a kiss while you both to enjoy your romantic dinner or lunch! Come to try your luck with your loved one at the Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar in Plaza Arkadia at the Desa Park City, Kuala Lumpur.

My friend and I have the pleasure of having the "Kissmas Feast's Xmas Menu" inside this restaurant. It is really wonderful Christmas lunch! We met the Ling Ang, the owner of Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar, who is very friendly as she welcome us as first time diner to enjoy her ideal of "Kissmas Feast Season for dinner / lunch"! My friends and I used to visit the Plaza Arkadia on few times, until we get to know this new restaurant, "Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar. For me, it is very good worth to get a beautiful menu with the combination for the flavour of Asian & Western in the comfortable dining area!

Amuse Bouche 

Mussel  Chowder topped with Ebikko with the sides of sourdough

 Kaffir Lime Crab Rissole with Padthai Apple Salad 

Lucky Peaches launched a special theme, Kissmas Feast Season, which covers the Festive Special Weekly, Xmas Set, New Year's Set and Ready-To-Eat Takeaway Set. For Xmas Eve and New Year's Menu started with Amuse Bouche - have 3 pieces of Foie Gras dumpling with dark vinegar.. There are three course set menu was very festive, starting with a very delicious soup and salad. You will enjoy the Starters - Mussel soup or Kaffir Lime Crab Rissole with Padthai Apple Salad or Prawn Bisque. For the Main Courses, you will get a amazing dish - Roast 24 hour Traditional Brine Turkey with the farmhouse beef bacon stuffing, side serving of maple glazed root veggies, roasted potatoes, brawn gravy and cranberry relish - MUST TRY! Be honest, I never eat the Roasted Turkey dish in my life! It is very deliciouss! 

Spicy Scampi Pasta topped with Nori and Ebikko

Roast 24 hour Traditional Brine Turkey 

Chargrilled Lamb Chops with Mint Chimichurri and Pomegranate

Palate Cleanser

Rich-soaked Christmas Pudding with Brandied Cream

Dark Chocolate Tart served with Minues4degrees' Bailey's Ice Cream

Before you reserve a seat at the Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar, please check the seasons' menu below; 

All prices are subjected to 10% service charge and 6% SST

Drinkies + Bubblies:
Belstar Brut-Fruity and Floral on the nose, echoing the beautifully mellow Venetian hills
Belstar Cuvee Rose-Elegant fusion of Merlot, Pinot Nero and Sauvignon RM188 per bottle.

Xmas Cocktail
Kissmas Spriter
Refreshing blend of strawberries, fresh torn mint with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc
RM28++ per glass or RM88++ per carafe

Advised you to make your resveration with the Lucky Peaches Eating Hall & Bar because many people come to the Plaza Arkadia in the night, mostly for the dinner time! It is better for you and your family go earlier before 6pm. Or you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend can try the Xmas/ New Year lunch menu. Check out at https://www.facebook.com/luckypeacheskl/. Reservations: luckypeaches.co and Phone Tel: 03-2712 0705

Lucky Peaches Eating Hall + Bar
B-G-8 Plaza Arkadia
3 Jalan Intisari Perdana
Desa ParkCity
Kuala Lumpur
For Tuesdays to Fridays, from 12pm till 12 midnight
For Saturdays and Sundays, from 8.30am till 3pm, then 5pm to 12 midnight.
Closed on Every Monday.

D'Pine Cafe At Rockbund Fishing Chalet @ Marina Island Pangkor in Perak, Malaysia

December 17, 2018

D'Pine Cafe is becoming a popular restaurant for every romantic couple because they always provided the special setting for exclusive occasion such as weddings, proposals, anniversary or company dinners can be arrangement. You and your loved one can get the chance to indulge in the romance and treasure each other with a special night out! To find more for the info at https://www.facebook.com/dpinecafe/

To impress your sweetheart? Don't worry, D'Pine Cafe will prepare for the special delicious dishes and decadent chocolate dessert planned for this special evening dedicated to love!

Advised you and your partner to arrive earlier before sunset and get open-air seating table right - the perfect time to enjoy the luxury dinner - "Lovoyage" fine dining! 'Lovoyage is a word blend of love and voyage'.

Surrounded by the beautifully decorated with white flowers and everything is white only! We enjoyed to have a luxury meal in a peaceful bay, under the stars, after we take photos on the sunset view. It's very satisfying gastronomic experience!

The set dinner is about RM98 per pax, but minimum pax is 20. D'Pine Cafe serves local and Western cuisines. As you started to eat below;

 Seafood Abbuzzie
Assorted succulent seafood in italian spiced tomato soup

About the main courses, you can choose your favorite food such as lamb pojarski or baked chicken gemolata or pasta cape sante.

Lamb Pojarski
Polish style crusted lamb served with saute vegetables and savoury baked potatoes

Baked Chicken Gremolata
Tender rolled chicken and ham served with the stuffed vegetables and home styled baked potatoes

Pasta Cape Sante 
Fiery succulent seafood paste in spiced squid ink spaghetti

Lastly, my mom and I really like their special dessert, French Opera Cake so much! It is very delicious!

French Opera Cake
Fluffy layers of espresso flavoured sponge cake topped with alternating layers of dark chocolate ganache and coffee french buttercream

What is the secret recipe about LOVE ? Believe your crush will fall love on you if you create new "love potion♡ ? How? Please read this recipe below;

*11 cups of love *7 cups of loyalty *4 barrel of laughter *2 cups of kindness *2 gallons of communication *2 bowls of understanding *5 pints of friendship *3 spoonful of hope *dash of faith *pinch of forgiveness *dash of thoughtfulness.

Take love and loyalty and mix it thoroughly with faith.
Blend in kindness, communication and understanding.
Add in friendship and hope.
Sprinkle abundantly with laughter.
Garnish with forgiveness.
Decorate with thoughtfulness.
Simmer with sunshine.
Serve daily with generous helping

♡ Nutritional Value
Get the nutritional values; Energy, Positivity, Performance...Then, you be happily ever after! All was fully charged. Whether it’s under the stars or inspired by the sunset view, this intimate experience will be a cherished moment with the one you love. Love is in the Air!

D'Pine Cafe is at Rockbund Fishing Chalet, Marina Island Resort. This romantic dining is suitable for the honeymoon couple in the evening! If you love it, you can call them to make the reservation before you come to this cafe during your holiday!

For more details:
Email: sales.rockbund@gmail.com
Tel: +6017 5741800
Facebook: www.facebook.com/dpinecafe

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