4 Best Things to Plan Before Your Singapore Long Weekend Trip.

February 01, 2021

Why should you go to Singapore and enjoy traveling? Since it's only near our country, Singapore is an ideal place to fly. Normally, every Malaysian takes this opportunity every year to travel every long weekend! Singapore is safe, as we know. Never worry about being robbed somewhere because CCTV is everywhere in Singapore! Singapore has many things you can do to visit the famous Jewel Changi Airport, Universal Studios theme park, Chinatown, Little India, Gardens by the Bay, The Henderson Waves, Singapore Zoo & Night Safari and many others! So, you never feel bored there!

I took this photo during Christmas week last December 2019!

My good friends and I managed to take some shots of Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay.

That is how I bought the tickets through the Traveloka website. At Gardens by the Bays, be dazzled by the vivid and mystical light shows that transform into a stunning decorative fantasy. For those tourists who love to visit this spot, it is very famous!

What you need to make plans below for your long weekend trip;

1. Visit the Traveloka website to book a trip to Singapore

It’s a headache when you're planning a lot of stuff like booking a flight, hotel or transportation? I also used the Traveloka app before or sometimes only use the Traveloka website to get Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers to visit Singapore attractions. I discovered that Traveloka allows you to book any combination of flight + hotel, or to book a car rental, and check the airport transfer. In particular, the "Xperience" offered by Traveloka! Why? They can offer cheap deals on Singapore's attraction that will help you save money!

Don't miss the opportunity to redeem the Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers to visit your favorite attraction; World Sentosa Resorts, Bay Gardens, Marina Bay Sands, Singapore or Sentosa Wildlife Reserves

2. Stay Staycation for Your Holiday Escape!

You are free to hop to enjoy your dream luxury of a bedroom to sleep, experience the amazing pool or dine at the luxury restaurant during your precious weekend, escape from your stress-busy city. Do you love to view the panoramic views of the night sky and the surrounding forest around your staycation Singapore

If you ask me this, I will stay at Marina Bay Sands hotel! So I can enjoy the panoramic view of the Gardens and the Marina Bay skyline, especially the Merlion Park's iconic statue. Or you love to see the magical sight of 334 large inflated egg-shaped lights floating on Dragonfly Lake at Gardens by the Bay, Singapore!

This is a very good shot for your Instagram! I am sure that you'll like this when you can view from your hotel room. 

You can take MRT to reach the Merlion Park, from Raffles Place station on the East West Line when you exit towards the United Overseas Bank Plaza. Then, you walk with the google map  - useful for your guide trip. 

You sure would be amazed at the view of the sunset at the Marina Bay Sands hotel 's rooftop. It's free entry, and when you sit there, you can spend your money on a drink.

And I recommended the luxurious Resorts World Sentosa - Beach Villas provides a charming collection of air-conditioned villas, with private pools! You'll enjoy to have a Nespresso coffee machine, an iHome system and a very comfortable Simmons bed, included the rainshower and a relaxing soaking tub! Or you'll enjoy to see the ocean suite - amazing! Feel like you're sleeping in the ocean. Oh ya, you can bath in a tub bath in front of ocean view! 

It can be an unforgettable underwater fantasy at Resorts World Sentosa - Beach Villas. It provides a comfortable and private suite which makes you feel very relaxed and can read books as you enjoy staying in the hotel! Better to check the deals of hotels at Traveloka website or app! This is my future bucket list of wishes! Haha..

It's a perfect chance to take your mind off your stressful job and get away from the noise of a busy city! Note that prices change every day, and hotels can change their stay promotions due to the pandemic of covid-19, so be sure to check before booking earlier! 

3. Get Cheap Vouchers for Your Singapore Trip.

Since Singapore is one of the most expensive cities in the world, during your holiday in Singapore, would you like to save money? Best of all, you're off researching the rates. That's why Traveloka is bringing more exciting offerings to Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers this year, 2021! Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers doors that are open to many visitors who can rediscover Singapore again, with just redeem their extra vouchers worth up to S$310! 

You will need to redeem the Singapore Rediscovers Vouchers on Traveloka, then get the promo code at the checkout page. At last, you will have to book your hotel or "Xperience" at the Traveloka site. Would you like to go to Universal Studios Singapore during the 2021 Chinese New Year? Jom will redeem vouchers until they're sold out! Dare to ride the exciting roller coasters of the park or face the T-Rex by jumping on a boat in The Lost World!

We enjoyed riding the Puss-Boots Giant roller coaster!

Universal Studios Singapore is one of Singapore's best family attractions that you MUST come to!

4. Get the Singapore Tourist Pass Card

I was shocked by how easier it is to use MRT when we can go anywhere! Advised to avoid the MRT crowds at peak hours in the morning and evening. Why Singapore Tourist Pass let the tourists to easily use Singapore’s efficient public transport system.  The cards come in one, two or three-day versions, which give you unlimited use of the standard buses, MRT Trains and LRT Trains in Singapore!

When you reach the Changi Airport, you can check at the kiosk of Changi Airport, Terminal 1, Level 2 and Terminal 3, level 1. Do not worry, this kiosk operation in 24 hours daily. 

Funan, newest tech-savvy mall bring the technologically-integrated lifestyle of experience by connecting with local entrepreneurs, businesses, arts, music, and fashion communities!

You can get to the shopping malls near the stations by MRT train! My friends and I enjoyed visiting Singapore's Funan Mall!

Singapore is one of the cleanest towns in the world. It's a great location, it's got great places to eat like you can get cheap food from street food! You're also inspired by green space, especially the flora and fauna planted in the Botanic Gardens, exploring modern art & architecture, and many more! When the Pandemic Covid-19 comes to an end in one day, this long weekend Singapore trip might be one of your bucket lists

Greenbugsfarm, Hydroponic Farming Malaysia @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

December 12, 2020

I shocked when I informed by my good friend, Rainfall about the Greenbugsfarm's giveaway tagged my name! I never expect to win same prize with her too! I received a direct message by Greenbugsfarm at same time, my friend congratulated me because I won 2 fresh lettuce plants + 20% discount voucher from Greenbugsfarm!

My friend and I planned to visit the Greenbugsfarm together. I checked out that Greenbugsfarm is located at SS2, Petaling Jaya. I noticed that my Waze and Google Map do not show "Greenbugsfarm". Then, I knew this shop is new, and just started to operate on last year. When we reached this place, I realized that Greenbugsfarm shop at floor 1, below the Xing Fu Tang, bubble drink shop at SS2 area.

When I heard about Greenbugsfarm do the indoor hydroponics farming...Means "growing plants without soil is known as hydroponics". The fresh vegetables are grown up in the clean indoor farm, in ensuring the quality of the water; hygiene management; and pest control. So, we no need to worry about the bad weather or insect invasions. 

They told me that you can do DIY hydroponic farming like this! 

When they are operating a hydroponic farming system, they no need the chemical weed or pest control products and also no disease on the vegetables so you have free-worry of eating a very freshest of vegetables like young kale, lettuces, basil and others. They can keep to control how the vegetables can be fresh and it lasts longer within the provided the right of  amount of light, air and nutrients... That is why I noticed Greenbugsfarm are setting up  the the air-conditioning, fans, temps and LED lighting are essential to create a controlled environment so better make the vegetables grow so faster, healthier.

I just know that the indoor farmers can used the LED lights that generate more light and less heat, so means you can keep your young plants closer to the lamps to give them high light levels, without worrying about burning them. I also surprised that Greenbugsfarm are using the coco peat, the fibre fraction from coconut husk as the medium for their plants! 

Normally, the hydroponic growing systems are usually closed systems, with plants being grown entirely in greenhouses, which are popular in UK, USA, and Europe! That is why this hydroponics is a technique of growing plants without soil and without the limitations of space and climate, that which used by the indoor farmers. 

This is very fresh of "Young Kale". 
I asked to eat it as I can! This is my taste of kale so great!

When I told my mom about Greenbugsfarm, so she interested to buy the fresh vegetables from there, we are close to check out on their farm. He asked us to try to eat a fresh "Young Kale", after he picked out from this farm! So good taste after I ate it!

They said some restaurants prefer to pick the small lettuces because the chefs like to make the beautiful lettuces as decoration on the plate. 

I took out my lettuces from the paper bag, then I place 2 lettuces into each of the plastic container, lastly I put it in the fridge. They adviced us to put some water on the roots so this can make the vegetables can be last longer, and looks as fresh. Remember, you make sure to wet this roots after you get delivery, in the case you notice that the roots are dry!

What to do with the roots after you eat all lettuces? You don't have to throw it in the rubbish. Just plant it in your flower pot or leave it into the your garden. 

If you interested to buy the fresh vegetables from Greenbugs farm, they can deliver to your doorstep within 1-3 days from the date of your purchase. Deliveries are made on Mondays - Fridays: 11am - 7pm and Saturdays: 11am - 2pm excluding Sundays & public holidays. They only do delivery in Klang Valley. Please check out at https://www.greenbugs.my/shop 

Website: https://www.greenbugs.my
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/greenbugsfarm/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/greenbugsfarm/

Origin Mattress Malaysia: Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow Review

October 15, 2020

Have you heard about Origin Mattress Malaysia before? No? Today, the Origin Mattress launched a very first time's Origin Hybrid®️ Mattress website. There are four categories of their products; Mattress, Bed Frame, Pillow, Mattress Topper, Mattress. They sold over 70,000 Mattresses in Malaysia since 2018!  

 Origin Hybrid®️ Pillow is a constantly evolving product, having gone through dozens of sleep trials, more than 10 different product tests and 100 density changes before making it to market. Designed in Germany by a team of experts, we are confident that the Pillow is one of the best available in Singapore and Malaysia, matching even the best and highest priced Pillow in terms of features and function.

Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow have 4 Benefits of Latex Pillows; Anti-Dust Mites, Breathable Ventilation, Spine Pressure Relief and 100% Natural Materials - see more info about them below; 

The Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow offer the Latex foam support. A Latex pillow moulds to the shape of your head which gives you the right level of sleep support. Latex materials are extremely durable with hypoallergenic properties that have lesser dust, bacteria or mould issues. It is highly recommended for people with allergies to provide a good relaxing sleep. Being impression-resistant, it can also hold its shape for many years while still feeling soft.

When you buy the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow from their website, they will sent the free delivery to your doorstep. You will get this photo below;

So this can be work better for the people with the dust allergies and spine pressure relief, especially for the working people who always busy on daily life, and they also have difficult time to sleep at the night. As my mother grow older, her body also ages and she feels aches and can't sleep well at night. So I let her try this Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow and finally she can sleep better now, like she imagine herself like the "sleeping on a cloud" of feeling!

Easy to wash the removable tencel fabric pillow cover,  no problem. You can see the Latex foam with the holes as it create the constant air circulation, so it can avoid the heat or bad odours. 

I give the rating of the level of comfortable pillow: 8/10.

I found out that the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow is designed in Germany as comfortable as the clouds! These products made in Malaysia to accommodate the humid asian weather AND manufactured to fully support your body weight! I am sure that the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow will become a premium of luxurious pillow in future! 


Origin Mattress's founders, Shaun (left) and Gee (right) knew buying a mattress is bank busting business. They understood that mattresses were a long term investment and that shopping for one brought endless unfamiliar terminologies and pushy salesmen. It lead them to achieve their dream by studying consumers and building the perfect sleep formula, to ensure that they can bring you the joy that is "Origin Mattress Malaysia".

If you ask me about which is best softest pillow, I recommended the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow! Do you know that Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow was featured in the Best 8 Pillow in Singapore? Yes! They picked the Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow as FIRST list of best pillow to make your body felt comfortable, in order to ensure you get a very good night's sleep!  

You won't regret when you plan to buy this Origin Superior Coolmax Latex Pillow. Do not worry, they offer a trial 7-Day free, and you can return it to their warehouse after you use it.

If you still not sure? You can visit the Origin Malaysia's Showroom!

No. 77 Jalan SS2/55 47300
Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia

Opening Hours
Monday to Friday: 10am – 7pm
Saturday: 10am – 5pm
Sunday and PH: Closed

Origin Mattress:

Best in Singapore:

Sweet Dreams!
Selina Wing

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My Review: God of War @ PS4

May 17, 2020

First time, I happy to play new game; God of War with my PS4... This story really make me really feel awesome so very much!  Before I share my review with you, I got to know this game throught my friends. They told me that this old series; God of War started in 2005 with PS2  and the God of War's storyline really are very great! That is why I curious about this God of War so much!

Be honest, I never play "God of War 3" on last time as I knew Kratos really hates the gods because he was betrayed by the gods since he become god of war. When you start to play God of War with PS4, you will learn about more past stories from Kratos. For me, Kratos is Atreus's father now as he married to his second wife again. He tried to be good mentor and protector to Atreus. So, Atreus always respect his own father. Kratos always worried that his son will become like him if he fail to control the rage in the fighting mode while they are out to face a very dangerous world. Kratos don't want his son to kill everyone. When you become GOD, then you think, "You are GOD, you can do anything you like, right?" But, Kratos not agreed with this revenge and power of god. He really hope that Atreus to become better - honest, and kind guy who can help his people in need, than gods, and others.

I can see Kratos's eyes always have a lot of regrets when he become old man. They tried their best to work together when they want to reach the highest of peak mountain. I really love to use "Leviathan Axe" so much than "Blade of Chaos". I am not very familiar to use the blades of chaos technique, but this blades can kill the monsters in faster when you always throw the blades on everytime. I have to control the blades in the air when I want to focus on the enemies, so I do not like this technique. Then, I used the "Leviathan Axe" on everytime when I want to fight with the enemies, it is easy for me to remember the step by step only. This axe can make a very heavy damage when you are near them. If you are far from the flying enemies, you can throw an axe at them so easier, or you can call an axe back to your side, especially it back to kill them too when you call out. Easy!

Wow, I can control Atreus's help to shoot the Troll or flying monsters with his bow so it is very great!  He always come to aid me when I attacked by them so suddenly! He also alerted on me on every time when they tried to kill my back! I really like this battle mode between a father and son! It is very excited when I tried to kill different kind of monsters like giant, dragon, zombie, and many...! This is really interesting when you face every boss during their journey or their mission! 

Kratos use his rage when his hp become lower, but it really make me felt be very powerful, so AMAZING! I also enjoyed to make the craft their weapons and skills through the blacksmith shops. I can see all skills really are very awesome, and unique - I never see them before. Atreus can summon the wolves or any animals to kill the enemies too! WOW!  When I fight the Valkyries, many people admitted that the Queen of Valkyrie is very hard to beat.... I tried on many times...more than 5 times when I always want to beat her. She is very strongest of queen! I become familiar with her action, until I success to get know about her weakness when I always fight with her on few times. Don't give up!

Every time, Kratos always tell his son, "Don’t be sorry. Be better human" mean "you still have much to learn". Kratos always advice his wisdom advice for his son since he was experienced to become a veteran soldier of Spartan until he become captain...at lastly, everyone recognized him become God of War when he is very brave to fight with the gods since he felt no fear! He believes in his own judgement between good and evil. 

You better play this game, God of War with PS4! You sure never bored when you explore their magical world! Check out on the official website of God of Warhttps://godofwar.playstation.com/

My PS4 Score for GOD OF WAR (2018): 5/5 stars. 

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