Naughty Monster Halloween Party At Naughty Nuri @ Desa Sri Hartamas in Kuala Lumpur

November 13, 2018

To celebrate the Halloween day on every 31st October, the families also accompany with their lovely children love to play "Trick or Treat!" when they go to your place! Naughty Nuri @ Desa Sri Hartamas launched a very exciting event, "Naughty Monster" to treat the customers with the children to enjoy the Halloween's activities when they dress up as their best costume! Normally, we used to dress up as scary vampire, zombie, clown, mummy, pirates and many, but mostly the children took their favorite superheroes and prince & princess, they are innocent so very cute!

My friend and I checked-in the Naughty Nuri's Desa Sri Hartamas there!

Thanks to the wonderful invitation from Naugthy Nuri, and my friend, Woan Koon! First time, I joined Woan Koon's group to celebrate our "Halloween Spooky Day" to drink and eat more more so happily! I felt relaxed while I enjoyed to crave my delicious Nanu platter and watched the dance performance.

Give me a candy! If not, we will trick you! Haha!

Treat or trick your family & friends to join the Halloween party! Enjoy your night of Spooky Halloween with a great performance and games activities, such as Giant Jenga, Superhero characters & Halloween characters meet up, and Halloween costumes's contest.

You must try a BEST choice's people: Nanu's Platter, RM188 for a group: 4 or 6 persons, it is really good worth! This Nanu's Platter are available on every weekends only; Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. You can dine in any outlet of Naughty Nuri, near your home area. Please check for more info at https://www.naughtynuris.com.my/

They put a small firework on the Nanu's Platter! Cool

Nanu's Platter also have Crispy Roasted Pork, Pigs In A Blanket, BBQ Iberico Ribs, Vienna Cheese Sausage, Honey BBQ Sausage, BBQ Satay Lilit, Cheezy Truffle Fries, Mini Mix Mesclun Salad, Corn On The Cob, Crispy Fish Fingers, and Golden Calamari Rings. It is very best dining experience for me, my friend, her brother and her cousin! We are very satisfied until our stomach become full! Woww. MUST TRY the Nanu's Platter, ya!👍

My favorites are Naugthy Nuri's BBQ Satay Lilit because it have a strong flavor and good aroma satay! And Crispy Fish Fingers are very tasty when I bite it! So good! I love to eat crispy fish fingers so very much.

Enjoy to watch my friend's youtube below;

We advised you to reserve your seat for your family and friends, because Naughty Nuri's outlets are always full on every night only. Maybe you can try your lunch if you want, check out on the best promotion of Naughty Nuri at http://www.naughtynuris.com.my/promo/.
Naughty Nuri’s Desa Sri Hartamas
Address: 2, Ground Floor, Jalan 24/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas, 50480 Kuala Lumpur.

Naughty Nuri's are located in
Desa Sri Hartamas, SS15 Courtyard, Life Centre KL, and Atria, Petaling Jaya.
All outlets are in Selangor and Kuala Lumpur only.

Come to eat the popular Naughty Nuri's Signature BBQ
Pork ribs!
It's best tasty! Delicious~

Curious about Naugthy Nuri's Signature BBQ Pork Ribs? Check out on my other review at https://www.selinawing.com/2016/01/famous-signature-bbq-pork-ribs-in.html

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Garfield and Friends In Lost World Of Tambun, Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia

November 07, 2018

Long time, my sisters and I love to watch the Garfield and friends in TV cartoon show since we used to be kids! We missed them a lot. Today, Garfield and friends as the all-time favourite comic-strip orange cat make a special appearance at Lost World of Tambun! During the school holidays, visitors of all ages are invited to reminisce their favourite childhood cartoon characters as they are brought to life! Watch out as Garfield and Friends invade Lost World Of Tambun!

(From Left) Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun, Ng Wai Mun, Sales Director of Lost World Of Tambun and Michelle Soong Wey-Se, Senior Manager of Marketing & Special Project of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun unveiled Garfield and Friends at the launch.

Hello to Garfield and his friends! They greeted visitors at Sunway Lost World Of Tambun.

Check out to get the chance to win Garfield's contest online in Lost World of Tambun's facebook weekly at https://www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun/. They will give away the tickets for the winners who want to play with Garfield & Friends from 24 Nov 2018 till 1 Jan 2019! Better to join their facebook page on every week if you want so much!

(From Right) Ng Wai Mun, Sales Director of Lost World Of Tambun, Nurul Nuzairi Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun and Michelle Soong Wey-Se, Senior Manager of Marketing & Special Project of Sunway Lost World Of Tambun celebrated Garfield’s 40th Anniversary with a cake cutting ceremony in conjunction with the launch of Garfield and Friends Holiday Party campaign.

The celebration for the iconic cartoon figure starts off with an exciting line-up of activities such as Garfield Station Games, Garfield Catopia Special, Awesome Pool Party, Meet and Greet Show and many more that are sure to give visitors a fantastic time!

Come to meet the classic lasagne loving orange cat – Garfield and Friends make their way to the park to surprise your family, especially your lovely children during the school holidays!

What we do with this Garfield and Friends's activities

1.  First, you and your family need to collect stickers with the exclusive Garfield passport as you all go through each Garfield-themed station games. Then, you will play in the challenging station, where there will be performance throughout the day.

2. Don't forget about Meet and Greet the Garfield and his friends at the House Of Garfield every Friday, Saturday and Sunday where these lovable characters will make an appearance to interact with the visitors.

3. If you or your child born in December, you can get a FREE birthday cupcake on every weekend throughout the month of December, just by showing MyKad to the LWOT team during the Garfield’s 40th Anniversary!

4. Encourage your family to dance moves with Garfield at the Awesome Pool Party at 6.30pm everyday.

Garfield and friends can dance as well as your family can join them if you want

“Everyone has probably heard, read, or watched Garfield at least once in their lifetime which makes this event such an iconic one for us here at LWOT. The team has put in extra effort to ensure that the celebration with the iconic cartoon figure would stick in the minds of our visitors for a very long time as they spend their time with their loved ones while reminiscing the classic characters that are brought to life here at LWOT,” said Nurul Nuzairi Bin Mohd Azahari, General Manager of Lost World Of Tambun.

 Welcome to Lost World of Tambun's Hotel

I recommended that you and your family to stay in the Lost World of Tambun's hotel as you equipped with FREE wifi access, complimentary breakfast at Garden Terrance, discounts of Crystal Spa, and access to the Lost World of Hot Springs and Night Park. After this hot springs, you only take 5 minutes to walk back to your hotel so easily.

There are free 2 pax of the water mineral bottles, Lost World's Ipoh White Coffee and Milk Tea!

My friend and I went to eat the breakfast at Garden Terrace. 

My favorite Omelette! 

Pancake, Half-boiled eggs, fried rice, nasi lemak, noodles and more..! 
Like you enjoy the buffet breakfast :)

After my breakfast, my good friend, Woan Koon and I walked around the Lost World of Tambun. There are many interesting of attraction parks such as Tiger Valley, Petting Zoo, Tin Valley, Amusement Park, and more...! 

Play to win a big prize? I like cute toys!

Ahhh! A ghost is staring at me... Dare to go there?
They try to lure us to enter into "Haunted Chambers"!

There is a big tiger in the "Tiger Valley"!

Try to eat the local food at the Ipoh Street!

Pet Wild Cats In Catopia.

Catopia get some types of feline breeds. They are very different than my cat, Miu Miu! They are big wild..Woww. They really don't like us to pet so much. But, we did touch it a bit only. They need space to rest and sleep... Compared to my cat need more attraction from me only. If you are cat lover, make sure you visit the Catopia

See this feline is bigger than my cat, Miu Miu! My cat is small..Hehe

This feline looks like my cat, Miu miu?
See my instagram - Miu Miu, below;

Explore Luminous Forest In the Night

MUST TRY the Luminous Forest - latest attraction of Lost World of Tambun from 8pm to 10pm daily. You will experience the Luminous Forest is an enchanted forest illuminated with the otherworldly flora and fauna, a home to our Malayana tribe. 

When you walk along a very beautiful journey into the Luminous Forest, you will encounter the mystical world of glowing glowers, giant magical creatures and more.

We can see the magical glow around the stair
to lead you walk to your imagination of fantasy world!

Mother Sophea is an ancient of talking tree in the magical of forests which be existed 400 million years ago! Makalani and Malayana tribe who stayed there too.

 Relax At Lost World Hot Springs Night Park

The Hot Springs's temperatures are between from 40°C to 45°C in the pools. So you can find which is your favorite of pool to relax and soak in. My good friend, Woan Koon and I really enjoy to chat-chit at same time we relax to sit in the hot spring pool. My skin become good smooth when I enjoy to lay so much!

If you love the hot springs so very much, you can buy RM39 per adult and RM33.80 per child/ senior aged 60 years and above. You get the access to the Petting Zoo By Night, Luminous Forest, and others, especially, you will like to swim in the Hot Springs during long night!

Check out for more information about Lost World Hot Springs & Night Park at https://sunwaylostworldoftambun.com/lost-world-hot-springs-night-park/

If You Plan Your Birthday Party, Book the Kepura Cave

Come meet in the chamber of Kepura Cave that can accommodate 100 in modern comfort. We shocked to see a very awesome colorful of lighting around this cave! You can book this cave as your buffet dinner for your company's celebration or your friend's birthday!

"It is very good worth a visit during your school holiday trip at Lost World of Tambun in Ipoh, Perak Malaysia!"

For more information on Garfield and Friends, log on to the website at  www.sunwaylostworldoftambun.com or its Facebook page at www.facebook.com/lostworldoftambun. If you are Deaf family, you can PM their facebook for more info, ya!

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