Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar & WOW At Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands Malaysia

July 18, 2018

At 6,000 ft of Genting Highlands, Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar Malaysia’s and WOW (an acronym for Whiskey ‘or’ Whites) launched by renowned F&B restaurateurs, the Olive Tree Group. They located at the Asian Bar Street, Rooftop of Sky Avenue.

This place, where you can seat, breath and relax.
You can take a rest after shopping at Sky Avenue!

When my mom and I joined reached at WOW Bar, we really amazed to see an interesting of whisky bar, cool deco with sporting a large screen-sized big LED TV, and many customers enjoy to listen the rock-music or watch the sports channels. The waiters are very friendly, and like to recommend what is best snack that we can try! Cool.

WOW is a concept bar that focuses on whisky, alfresco dining and gourmet Asian-Fusion style bar food in an industrial chic setting. We have a great selection of 70 different types of whisky and imported Cuban Cigars added to our collection. WOW gives you the perfect setting to enjoy a drink and a fine cigar. Our bar is the ultimate oasis for indulgence in life pleasures.

Smile at my capture on them! :)
Make your heart melt when they are good-looking guys!

WOW also give the beautiful of wines and cocktails with the snacks for the people who enjoy a very cool breezy in a relaxed of atmosphere. We start off with our unqiue cocktails!

Samosa: Taste like chicken puff with dipping sauce
(Welcome Snack for Media only)

They also enjoyed to watch the football or sport channel at every corner which have big-size LED TV! Cool! Sometimes, my family and I like to watch the FIFA World Cup 2018 channels on big screen TV. Lastly, we moved to Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar restaurant.

My mom and I enjoyed the delicious of gastronomic Western-Indian food and drink red wine at the Rockafellers Kitchen + Bar Malaysia’s and WOW at the rooftop of glitzy and glamourous Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands, the experience began with mouth watering starters such as mushroom vole eu vont, seared pepper rare tuna, tandoori chicken crostini and daru puree...

They want to focus on a very high-quality dining experience at an affordable price with providing the enjoyable of lifestyle entertainment. This restaurant is an ideal for a quick lunch, happy hour after a hard day of work or throwing a private party.

Be honest, I thought that all entertainment dining restaurant also give the Western food only. I surprised with the Western-Indian style of food on their own creation so luxurious!

The Olive Tree Group, Bordeaux 2016. French Red Wine

With tastebuds galvanized from the delightful selection of starters, the main courses were introduced. Comprising of a delicious of crispy skin seabass served with seafood risotto and mango salsa, mint crusted grill lamb rack served with cous-cous, sautéed spinach & harissa and sliper lobster spaghetti in Pomodoro sauce, the Olive Tree Group pulled out all the stops to satisfy.

Crispy Skin Seabass served with Seafood Risotto & Mango Salsa

Sliper Lobster Spaghetti in Pomodoro Sauce

Mint crusted grill lamb rack served with cous-cous, sautéed spinach & harissa

The Olive Tree Group are also an authority when it comes to Indian food. Delicious minced mutton stuffed with aloo bojpuri, paneer tikka lababdar and tandoori whole chicken leg with tikka masala accompanied by a choice of rice or naan were an option for those with a hankering for something spicier.

Minced mutton stuffed in aloo bojpuri, Tandoori whole chicken leg with tikka masala,
Paneer tikka lababdar served with rice/naan

Chocolate Brownie - This is my favorite!
You can enjoy to play the snooker pool or watch the performance stage so fun. My mom love to view the interesting of rock music concept paint on the wall, which are very attractive. So fun!

See my mom's video below;

Accompanied with music by the band EXPLICIT LO and DJ TWOBA, dinner was topped off with the classic chocolate brownie for dessert.

Managing Director, Leslie Gomez said, “As veterans of the fine dining industry, we have taken our passion for food to create a new gastronomic destination.

We have also taken into account the cool weather and the scenic beauty of the mists covering the trees and buildings around Genting Highlands and designed our spaces to provide an unrivalled experience for our guests,” he added.

From left to right: Executive Chef Ansar Ali (Indian Kitchen) from Chennai India, and Executive Chef Jarrod Khoo (European Kitchen) from Kuala Lumpur
Olive Tree Group has been around for 15 years and currently operates 16 outlets throughout Malaysia and South East Asia. Their passion for good food and even better service has brought international acclaim for the group that has become a home brand for both locals and expatriates in Malaysia.

Both outlets are open from 11.00am to 3.00am everyday.

Come to enjoy DINE and WINE in Rockafellers Kitchen & Bar And WOW at the Rooftop, Sky Avenue on your weekend or when you and your friends better to try them before you all go to the casino, Resorts World Genting at Genting Highlands Malaysia!

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Cheap Flights to Hanoi And Osaka via VietJet, Vietnam's Low-Cost Airline!

July 06, 2018

Have you heard about VietJet Airline from Vietnam? If you plan go to Vietnam, you could try to experience their local airline, low-cost VietJet so you can save your budget for the cheap prices, since you want to travel in the quick weekend getaway. It's not bad when you served the good meal and hot/cold drinks! Just small money to pay with affordable price only. VietJet can bring your family to travel around the Southern Eastern Asia's countries when you plan for your next travel!

Why Hanoi and Osaka Could be Your Amazing Adventures in Your Travel Life? 

Hanoi, Vietnam

Hanoi is just 3 hours away from Malaysia, so it is great that you can have more time to travel around the famous destination of Hanoi! You won't be boring when you are shopping along the street of Hanoi. You should go to buy best gifts at Old Quarter’s Hang Gai, or Silk Street, is the place to head for good-quality silk and tailors.

1. Street Food of Hanoi

As you know, Hanoi's city is very packed with all motorbike only! Happy to wander around the streets which you can get their local food! All are cheap only. No need to worry about you can continue to eat and drink more as you like! You can try the busy market, full with Vietnamese culture. Ready to be surprise with strange food, so delicious!

2. Get Best Coffee Culture in Hanoi

Taste their Vietnamese's best coffee - cà phê trúng, "Egg Coffee". At busy streets in Hanoi's Old Quarter, the tourists and locals always look for the hidden cafe with a narrow allery, where the original cà phê trúng (egg coffee) can be found. It is specialty, which a creamy soft, meringue like egg white foam in Vietnamese coffee, that more like a dessert of coffee. And most famous "Weasel Coffee" as "cà phê Chồn, looks like black coffee, but it had an amazing taste. Lastly, you better try traditional hanoi black & white coffee. When you are coffee lover, you can try all as BEST!

Photo credited to All-free-photos.com
3. Hoan Kiem Lake, the heart of Vietnamese People

Hanoi has beautiful and varied architecture of ancient colonial with modern building, especially you can visit a popular pagoda in the middle of Hoan Kiem Lake in the heart of the Old Quarter! At night, you will view a very beautiful lake with the colorful of lighting that you won't miss, ya. It is worth good for your Instagram photography.

It's best to explore Hanoi's traditional countryside for 1-3 days only. You will enjoy to ride on the rickshaws, tuk-tuks or motos, but always remember to make bargain first before your start their service. Experience the beautiful temples and pagodas which you'll visit there!

Osaka, Japan

Photo credited to Getty Images
Osaka is the best city for food lovers in Japan as you can see its food culture blossomed with this city's motto: kuidadore, meaning "eat till you drop". Compare to Kyoto - must see all the old temples, shrines and gardens only. You and your friends can walk around the street of Osaka in a weekend or 3 days only, so easy for you all can go there on anytime when you get public holidays or feel free to relax there! Especially, you must to take Dōtonbori street around the night as it is beautiful light at anywhere!

1. Hidden Gems of Historical Temples & Shrines 

Osaka Castle with beautiful park - you MUST SEE there! Because many tourists like to take photo on a very beautiful temple with cherry sakura trees during the cherry blossoms season! And you like to view the cherry trees, lanterns and colorful flowers around ponds at Shitennoji Temple, Japan's oldest Buddhist temple in Osaka.

2. Japanese Food Hunt in Osaka

There are many octopus figures around the takoyaki shops! MUST try a famous "Takoyaki", which have some pieces of red octopus inside each ball! "Okonomiyaki" make your kids will love it when they enjoy to see the chef cook it looks like "japanase pizza". 

3. Dotonbori, Osaka 

It become a most tourist destination for the travelers who love to shopping along the shopping street. And you will spot the famous landmarks, eg "Ebisubashi", a bridge and and colorful of Glico neon signboards! You can enjoy to ride on a boat on Dotonbori River, to experience the history of Dotonbori's culture. 

Photo credited to Tripadvisor
4. Universal Studios Japan - You MUST GO! 

If you plan to Universal Studios Japan in Osaka, it's a must for Harry Potter fans, just like me! I advise you to avoid the weekend/ holidays when it's way too packed! Weekdays could be your best spot to visit there.

Explore Southeast Asia holidays and discover your best adventure  filled with beautiful forests, golden sands of beaches, and rich taste of food culture! It could be an awesome place to start your next travel of planning so you won't forget your sweet memories in your most of life! 

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Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré At Sky Avenue, Genting Highland in Malaysia

June 28, 2018

From TREC Kuala Lumpur to Starling Mall Damansara Uptown, Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré has now expanded to above 6,000 feet at Sky Avenue, Genting Highland. Nicsmann will launch on this end of June, 30 June 2017! No one can resist to warm of fine-dining with luxurious wine with western food during cold environment around Sky Avenue, top of hill of Genting Highland in Malaysia!

Living up to Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré’s unique restaurant-tainment concept, the two-tier restaurant offers an extraordinary experience – al fresco dining in cool weather, elevated by fire pits in the patio. Meanwhile, the upstairs Nicsmann Rooftop is designed as an entertainment bar with dart machines, pool tables and more, overseeing panoramic scenery in the open balcony. Your family and you can enjoy a meal while breathe cool and comfortable air!

Nicsmann 1940’s by Lewré does not only celebrate great moments with amazing live performances, phenomenal parties and more, but also the finest dish from the exquisite Western & Asian cuisine like Parmigiano Reggiano Cheese Wheel Pasta, Squid Ink Pasta and more.

Planning a getaway to the City of Entertainment? Don’t forget to feel the cold breeze on your face, warm your heart only at Nicsmann 1940s by Lewré Sky Avenue. Or A romantic dinner, a business lunch or a family get-together? Jom, drop at the Nicsmann 1940s by Lewre, SkyAvenue at top of level there!



Booking Line:
013 359 0443

Cambridge And Punting on the River Cam @ United Kingdom

June 27, 2018
Photo credited to Pixabay
You know, Harry Potter use this Cambridge University as Harry Potter's dormitory or Wizardry's School? My mom enjoyed to explore around a famous & top university in the world: Cambridge University, United Kingdom! Mom admired everything are beautiful ancient of architecture building.

Next time, you should ride on a boat along the River Cam to get many views of Cambridge University! Cambridge University not allow the tourists go in their university. That is why many tourists only take photos outside the Cambridge campuses.

Photo credited to pxhere.com
It's interesting? Add this awesome Cambridge River Cam into your bucket list of travel now!

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