Conquered NPE Highway 10KM @ IJM Allianz Duo Challenge 2019 Malaysia

July 20, 2019

IJM Allianz Duo Highway Challenge launched on this year 2019 by joining more than 9,000 participants who took part in the very first leg of the New Pantai Expressway (NPE) Highway challenge. This highway opened for the participants running a distance of 10km and 21km on an early Sunway morning, 14 July 2019. The IJM Allianz Duo Highway Challenge 2019 also attracted the local and international marathoners who want to take part in the Besraya and NPE Highway Challenge. If you join the duo highway, then you will get two medals from the Duo Highway can combine together since they get the opportunity to run during the day and night run.

My friend and I reached the Sunway Pyramid, so beautiful view of lighting!

Last time, my friend, Woan Koon and I always stick to the 5km category since we are very busy with work and not practice in the training exercise so much. We still active in the marathon so we also improve our healthy body. Every time, we joined different marathon. Why? Because our legs don't feel pain anymore since our interest in running keep be still is alive! Now, we decided to join the 10km category of NPE Highway Challenge (Morning Run).

Many food trucks! If you are hungry, you can buy the breakfast from them before/ after run!

If you ask us about the limited of parking cars, don't worry this because they prepared many parking space slots. I also advise you all come very early morning to get your own parking slot so you can avoid the long queuing of cars and full parking cars. We walked out from the Pinnacle Sunway until we viewed a very beautiful lightning around Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall! There are few food & drink trucks along a road to the entrance of Sunway Pyamid. Cool!

After we started the flag off 10km, I am very surprised to see a very big highway for us to run so very free! We can run so straight or turn right or left as we like as we are on a big highway - really very quiet! No cars anywhere! Feel cool air when we are happy to view a beautiful sunset sky!

Happy to pass by this plaza toll PJS5..! This highway is very clean and quiet~

We are amazed with the participants who love to take photos on the Plaza Toll PJS5 and PJS2 so very much because they never stand in front of a toll, included us too. Haha. Normally the cars always go through the tolls non-stop so dangerous... With the IJM Allianz Duo highway event, I can see this NPE highway are very empty! We felt great and never worry about the cars. So it is safety for us, Deaf disability person who can run along this highway. You think us will pay a toll with touch-n-go card? No! We just go free thru this tolls! Hehe. We also faced the NIVEA challenge at the tolls, such as we passed their challenge, then get NIVEA stickers only, so easy.

Make turn-U to the plaza toll PJS2!
We joined the 21km runners to run along 21km & 10km route at same time! 
NPE Toll PJS2 said "Keep Running!"

By passing the toll booths on twice, we are excited to busy to take photos each other because this is our first time on a very big highway without the barriers!  We also fueled up with the water and 100plus drinks along 10km highway route. They do a very good job to take care of the major roads in Sunway city. Everything is good, make us felt comfort. I believe that this make everyone feel want again on next year!

Come! We almost reach the Sunway city..!

Once we finished our mission 10km, we never experience the jam queuing to get a medal at the finish line, compare to other marathon event so no problem. We enjoyed to receive the sandwich, water bottle, and drink 100 plus as we want more! When we are exploring around the boothes at the outside Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall, I am lucky to get freebies from the NIVEA, TNG ewallet, Allianz, and others. Especially, a touch-n-go card which I happy to get. I learned that the TNG ewallet to help us to top up with their app only. No need go out to look for the 7-eleven or others.

Wow, many choices of sandwiches; tuna, chicken and egg!

I am very happy when my friend and I get the medals as a good reward of accomplishing my goal after we keep to encourage each other on everytime to complete 10km route along the NPE highway. And we have to motivate and inspire my Deaf friends to run a marathon so they will follow our lead and start running! Deaf Boleh! My friend, Woan Koon and I am very be thankful to EA Creative for this awesome inviation to welcome us to experience the running along the NPE Highway (E10) on first time.

Next time you should join the IJM Allianz Duo Highway again! For us, running a marathon can make you out of your comfort zone and accomplish something new, you grow stronger and become more confident, especially there are the disability people get to join this marathon before!

Looking forward to join the Besraya Highway, second-leg of the 26km, 13km run and 13km relay run challenge, first ever night run on 24 August 2019! If you missed both, it is okay. See you again at IJM Allianz Duo Challenge on next year! Keep your spirit of "NEVER GIVE UP"! Focus to achieve your goal of marathon on next year, ya!

Enjoy to watch my youtube above, ya! 

LuLu Hypermarket in 1 Shamelin Mall Cheras, Malaysia

July 06, 2019

Today, LuLu Hypermarket launched their 2nd branch in 1 Shamelin Mall Cheras, Kuala Lumpur, within the Opening Promotion from 1 July 2019 until 4 July 2019. This new 2nd LuLu Hypermarket, which are launched by Minister of Domestic Trade and Consumer Affairs of Malaysia, YB Datuk Seri Saifuddin Nasution Bin Ismail in the presence of Ambassadors of various countries, prominet local businessmen and other dignitaries.

You know, the LuLu Hypermarket which is known as one of the largest retail operators in the Middle East & North African (MENA), that is why this is the LuLu Group International make this hypermarket become the most preferred of the customers' daily shopping needs in Kuala Lumpur. LuLu Hypermarket @ 1 Shamelin Mall Cheras take 80,000 square feet, with using the latest retail space concepts and most modern technology for ease of shopping and will serve the residents of Cheras.

The hypermarket has dedicated sections for grocery, dairy products, fish and seafood, fruit and vegetables, meat and poultry, dry goods, fashion garments, electronics, lT, stationery, sports, footwear, luggage among others.

When my mom reached the LuLu Hypermarket before this event launch opened at 12.30pm, she really shocked to see many people who waited so long at outside the entrance of hypermarket. When LuLu Shamelin store opens to public, then every customer took the trolley and just walked in rush to this hypermarket! What?! Why? Because there are very big discounts that are very attractive, up to 50% are offered for the selected products! So, they don't want miss all!

You know, many customers to buy Philips 40 inch TV for RM699 only! OMG! Really cheap price!! Especially, every family really need to buy the fresh grocery, such like the vegetables, meat, fruits, and many... Wow, many people take eggs, maggi mee, milo, rice packets, vegetable oils, sugar, and etc... until all already sold out!

You can watch my youtube above....There are very long queues at every counters, so the customers who can be patient to wait for 1-2 hours...But, it don't take long time. Don't forget about jam parking when you like to exit from 1 Shamelin Mall Cheras, make you have to wait again!

Heard that LuLu Hypermarket plans to open another four hypermarkets by 2020. My Deaf friends who asked me about if the cheapest prices around the products from LuLu Hypermarket in Cheras or not since there are few Deaf residents who stayed there! They look forward to visit this hypermarket in 1 Shamelin Mall Cheras! Woww.

Interested in the special promotions from LuLu Hypermarket? Then check out for more information at their Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/LuLuHypermarketKL/

LuLu Hypermarket Shamelin
Ground Floor 
1 Shamelin Mall
Taman Shamelin Perkasa
Cheras Kuala Lumpur

Official Website : www.luluhypermarket.com

Lérz Tea & Coffee At The Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown in Malaysia

June 07, 2019

Feeling thirsty after shopping in the Starling mall?  Lazy to walk around the uptown shops at outside the Starling Mall, Damansara Uptown? Or don't like to walk under the hot weather? Why not try a new "Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia" shop which are located at level 3, open from 12pm till 10pm daily. Just relax and enjoy to drink the tea and coffee in an air-cond of indoor seats at the "Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia" shop! Please check for more info at https://www.facebook.com/lerzmalaysia/

I suggested that you try the popular milk tea because it is not very sweet, but more milk so delicious~! You can check out on the menu photo below;

First time, I heard about Lerz Tea &Coffee Malaysia....? Lerz is just a name, but it more like chatspeak as LOL when you are laughing! Imagine that you enjoy to drink and say, "Lerz!" in the mood of laugh when you are joking with your friends.

When you are ordering from this shop, they provided the choices of ice / sugar option. Normally, the customers always concerns about the health, especially the diabetes.... That is why Lerz offered three types of drink; the Fruit Tea, Macchiato and Milky only.

L-R: Wintermelon and Passion Fruit Macchiato 👍👍👍

L-R: Peach, Lychee, and Plum Tea 💓

L-R: Hazelnut, Hojicha and  Matcha Green Tea  👍💗
( I recommended the Milky drink because I love it very much!)

Baiwago Plus Café X HOPE worldwide Malaysia “Mother’s Day Give Back”

May 23, 2019

While we celebrate Mother's Day with our moms by showering them with flowers, gifts and a Cake, there are mothers out there who do not have plenty to celebrate. This year, Baiwago Plus Café collaborates with HOPE worldwide Malaysia to celebrate Motherhood with 80 mothers which include single mothers from the low-income families in Sentul.

Baiwago Celebrates Motherhood with 80 Mothers and Single Moms

To make ends meet, these mothers often hold on to at least two jobs, while juggling their time to take care of their children and household matters. Hence, Baiwago Plus Café decided to collaborate with HOPE worldwide Malaysia, an internationally affiliated non-profit and non-religious Charity Organization to reach out to 80 mothers and single moms in Sentul. Total 100 Cakes given away to all 80 mothers. These Mother’s Day Themed Cakes are specially made and sponsored by Baiwago as a gesture of appreciation to the mothers.

The mothers and staff volunteers from Baiwago Plus Cafe gathered at Centre of HOPE worldwide Malaysia this afternoon for the Give Back event. “We are grateful towards Baiwago’s thoughtfulness in organizing this event to appreciate our mothers and single moms from the Sentul community. Their sacrifices and motherhood are something worth celebrated for,” said Katy Lee, the Executive Director of HOPE worldwide Malaysia. She added on that some of these mothers often work overtime to support the family finances and raising up their children tirelessly. Katy also shared about one of the mothers, Puan Haliza who lost her husband in a sudden tragedy three years ago, despite her grief and sadness, still being the pillar of strength for her 5 children, one of which is a special needs child who suffers from cerebral palsy.

Besides supporting these mothers through the Free Medical Clinic and Monthly Food Distribution Program, the children of these mothers also invited to attend a series of Education programs on Saturdays. HOPE worldwide Malaysia worked with volunteers from corporate sectors and campuses to reach out to these children aged from 6 to 17 years old. “We hope that we can cultivate sustainable partnership with corporate companies such as Baiwago Plus Café to create a greater social impact for our communities," said Katy. Public are welcomed to sign up as a volunteer to support the organization through their website: www.hopeww.org.my.

And please visit the Baiwago Plus Cafe's facebook for more info at https://www.facebook.com/BaiwagoPlusCafeMalaysia/

*All images be credited to the Baiwago Plus Cafe's facebook
And you can see more photos there in their facebook! 

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