Monday, April 23, 2018

Movie Review: A Quiet Place. A family use sign language to be survive!

April 23, 2018

Awesome idea to make a special movie, A Quiet Place! No one do this horror movie related to the sign language. Every Deaf Malaysian who are curious about how they do in this movie since they dare to face their fear of horror movie! My Deaf friends are very curious about how a Deaf daughter have to be survive with her family? Me too. You know, we really hope that she is alive no matter she face/ fight with a dangerous monster in any situation!!

From start, they lost their precious son in the accident which they never expected that their son get attacked by a terror monster attracted to a sound! You MUST WATCH this "SILENT" supernatural horror movie! It is not easy to control children who like to make sound. You imagined that you are Deaf, you are very cautious and walk so very slowly, make you keep to worry if you make a noise a bit....This movie showed that a family lives together in an underground house because they hide themselves from the monsters, in order to be safe, and won't make noise. They always be in silence so calm down...

Everyday, they use the sign language all time! Like me, my family and I always communicate each other via sign language. But, I surprised that they tried to do everything while they are very careful and keep to watch on their sound of level around their environment on all time! My mom used to say that I don't be aware when I placed the things so loud, or etc! My family are familiar with my sound already since I never speak out in my "voice".

They don't wear shoes to walk because they scared their shoes could break something or branches along the wood...They also put sands to make less noise too. They only eat the healthy of vegetable and fishes. Funny, we always prayed for this family can be survive on their own because we felt that a eldest Deaf girl tried to help her family to learn how to be safe...But, her father worried too much and put his son to be responsibility to make sure everyone have to be survive without their parent. The monsters, it turns out, can hear everything but see nothing. They can hunt you if you make a loud sound! That is why a father tried to make more hearing aids to help a Deaf girl can hear when a monster come after her? You are really curious about what are they doing with the monsters?

We also want to scream, "Aahh"! because we don't want their children become victim again! A hearing aid to save a Deaf girl from a sonic monster?! It's ultimate weapon against monsters or keep safe to avoid from them? We don't know that what will happen to this family! For me, I used to watch the zombie and war of alien movies so it is very familiar because their action are very awesome when they make loud, loud sound! Compared to this "A Quiet Place" movie really be different, and also deliver a good idea story, make us felt be silence so much while we watched this movie...!

Congratulation to Millicent Simmond, who is a Deaf actress who get a good chance to be a star in the Hollywood movies; Wonderstruck and A Quiet Place! Today, she is new icon of Deaf community in the film industry. We, Deafs are very happy and proud with her because she can do it!

Monday, April 9, 2018

Signature by the Hall, The Roof - Romantic Rooftop Restaurant with Great View In PJ, Malaysia

April 09, 2018

Signature By The Hall, The Roof is a charming & romantic restaurant situated on the 1st Avenue building in the heart of the city, Klang Valley, so I love to see the beautiful of skylines so much! Experience unforgettable views and history, while enjoying a great fusion of Asian and International cuisine and award winning cocktails! With over 50,000 square feet, The Roof houses seven distinct outlets; Signature by the Hill, Stratosphere, Yezi, Play Club KL, Score, Malt & Leaf and Liquidity.. In MIGF 2014, Signature has also won “Best Marketed Restaurant”, “Most Innovative Cuisine” and “Most Creative Restaurant Station”. 💘

We enjoyed to take more photos about beautiful sunset of views from this angle of Signature's balcony! Amazing!

We managed to park at 1st Avenue, Bandar Utama is next to 1 Utama Shopping Mall only. Then, we take a lift from the parking to the Lobby because we will meet Woan Koon there. Lastly, we will take a main lift to reach the Sky Level. Normally, the peak hours used to be happen on every Thursday to Sunday. Mostly, office people love to drink pubs or enjoy awesome dining there, after their work. You'll find that the larger crowds tend to come on the weekend. That is why you need to book early. 😉

I am really happy while I served by elegant cocktails and luxurious food. I felt relax with a drink in my hand and enjoyed to view the beautiful night scene with my mom and good friend, Woan Koon.

You can take photo with your friends at the Signature's balcony!
Chilli clams with two buns – RM 24
It is my best recommended dish - MUST TRY! My mom, good friend and I really love the seafood so much! It get fresh clams with good smells of herbs, lemon grass, and chili, and garlic! It's also great match with the wines if you order a wine for your date.

Soup of the Day - RM16
It's Chef's special surprise for everyone who love the wild mushroom soup! I like this taste of creamy soup a lot! Every bun is soft to bite or you can dip a piece of bun into this soup. Yummy!

Beef Bulgogi – RM 32
(Sure, you noticed this promotion menu. It depends on promo for limited time - RM30)
You love Korean food? Then, try new Asian dish impress you to enjoy delicious of beef bulgogi that can make your stomach be big! There are sides; Kimchi, salted vege, and mayo potato too!

Carbonara  Flying Pasta – RM 38
Wow! See a magical of flying pasta!! You can see it "flying" around your pasta! Everyone love this special pasta so much so it become popular dish that everyone want to be magician in their instagram or facebook photo! Ha Ha. 😍
Haha! Witness my pasta with still hanging in the air on my plate! So magical! 💕

Watermelon slushy – RM40
 I felt this taste like Watermelon cocktails! It is enough for 2-4 people! It is very big so we cannot finish all since we, 3 persons only. Haha. This is suitable for you and your girlfriend/ boyfriend who are on date! 👻

Coco’s Nuts – RM28
It's made of Malibu, Rum, Banana Liquer and coconut cream so special mixed for this cocktail.

Dessert Platter - RM 28
There are 4 types of dessert; Lychee & Rose cake, Peaches & Cream Tart, Strawberry Pavlova and Mix berry mousse. I really like to eat the Mix berry mousse! All are less sweet so good. Ladies will love it so much!

*All prices are before gst and service charge.

I was amazed by the beautiful decoration with the hanging of lovely plants, make us felt comfortable. Signature By The Hill at The Roof also bring the romantic of mood lighting, and cozy seats create a charming and romantic atmosphere. This will be the perfect spot for your birthday, marriage proposal, anniversary dinner, gatherings, events or any special occasion.

You better remember to make reservations especially if you’d like a table is next to large windows, so you get the gorgeous views of the city skyline! The Signature by the Hall is is definitely a best-dining experience place to impress your date partner with your romantic love!

Woww! All are very beautiful so attractive at main entrance of Signature by the Hall!

For me, this place is the best watch from as the city lights up at the night!

 Taste with a breathtaking panoramic view of Petaling Jaya or sunsets over Bandar Utama! 

Signature by the Hill Restaurant
The Roof (Sky Level)
1 First Avenue,
Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.

Operation hour
5.00PM – 2:00AM (Monday – Sunday) 

For more information, please visit their website below;
Contact at 03-8605 3388 and check social media below;
If you are Deaf/ hearing impaired, please email at rsvp@signaturehill.com.my
Or make booking online, please click link here

Friday, March 30, 2018

Genting Bowl, Resorts World Genting in Genting Highlands Malaysia

March 30, 2018

Looking for a great place to spend time with your loved children? You can go to the Level 3, First World Plaza to participate the Genting Bowl with your loved family!

Long time, I don't play the bowling so I forget how to play. Heeehe. No worries, I keep to practice to play my bowling with my own technique, maybe it help to make my body can remember...I need to knock down all ten pins so I can get a bonus score! Hahaa. 😁 Well, you should rent the bowling shoes, which be suit for the bowling game. And get to choose your ball to support your weight with your right/left hand. To create a team, 3 persons need to play 10th game to complete with other team.

 My mom try to learn it!
Come to play the Genting Bowl with your friends during school holidays! It is very good for your children to do exercise with a lot of walking. It help to improve your health and reduce stress! And you can make new friend with other players who interested in the bowling too. You can guide your kid to learn the rules of the game are very easy to understand and learn!

 This image credited by Resorts World Genting Blog
You'll see an interesting of indoor attraction - The Glow In The Dark Bowling at the night! We surprised to learn about new colorful & unique glow in the dark bowling alley! I don't get this chance to see this because my family and I only played the Genting Bowling at the evening only. If you want to experience the magical Glow in the Dark bowling games, then you wait until it starts from 6pm daily! You can take your Instagram photo when you just dance in The Glow In The Dark Bowling!

It is good bowling for all-aged people who think the swinging is a fun! You can relax and enjoy to drink the soft drinks during your game at day and night!

Oh ya! Get together with your family and friends for snow adventure in Snow World Genting, with sledding activities, or build a snowman! Snowball fight with your siblings make them be happy so much! Check out for more information - click link here.

Thursday, March 29, 2018

Snow World Genting, Winter Wonderland in Resorts World Genting Malaysia

March 29, 2018

Love to see everything is white in snow? For example, you like to experience the  winter weather in cold countries? You'll feel a very cold freeze in Snow World when you step into another world to enjoy the magic of a small town which be covered in snow, when everyone's and your mood become playful and happy!

Before we go inside the Snow Wonderland, I got the pair of gloves, and boots! Then, I chose my jacket to wear...  there are the different size of jacket, which can be for the adults and children too! Remember to wear a pair of socks and warm clothes. And we can put our handbags in the locker so it is free, no worries!

Snow World make me feel a very cold with -10 degrees Celsius, I imagined that I am hiking along an ice mountain so very cold when I walked along the stairs in the Winter Wonderland! Snow World promises an enchanting wintry wonderland at a chilly -6° with the thrill of sliding down on a toboggan or engaging in a fun snowball fight. At 22.8k sq ft, it is the biggest winter wonderland in Malaysia. There is also so much more than just snow, with the first ever 3D trick art attraction in a subzero attraction with photo opportunities such as experiencing the icy breath of the Snow Monster.

I saw many kids are really crazy about snow and always run to everywhere no matter they always fall down on many times, so they don't feel pain! Awesome! They always enjoyed to play with their dad and mom, "Come! Come to play with us!" It make me recall my sweet memories like I always dragged my sister or mom to be with me to play the snow balls when I was small!

Snow World Genting have few activities to make your precious time fun and memorable whatever snow experience you are seeking like snow ball play, tobogganing, snow shoving, and others! Enjoy to watch my video below;

I tried to make the snowman on my own! Every kids like to make snow balls too. He He. 
Snow World GentingLevel 2, First World Plaza,
Resorts World Genting Malaysia
Have a fun memories with your family and friends at Snow World, Resorts World Genting in Malaysia! 

Feel hungry ? Come to look for the BEST restaurants 
in Sky Avenue, Resorts World Genting!

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