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Happy Bunch Malaysia
, recognized as the premier florist in Kuala Lumpur, offers unparalleled flower delivery in Kuala Lumpur. Renowned for its commitment to quality and affordability, Happy Bunch Flower Delivery KL delights customers with a wide selection of floral arrangements and gifts. Please check out on their website;

Surprise and Delight with Happy Bunch: The Affordable Florist KL Delivery Service for Every Occasion

Whether you're surprising a friend, celebrating a special milestone, or simply expressing love and appreciation, Happy Bunch Florist KL makes it affordable and convenient to brighten someone's day with flowers. With options priced below RM100, it's easy to find something special without breaking the bank. Please check out at

Happy Bunch Florist KL offers a delightful variety of flowers, including the classic Pink and Purple Carnations, perfect for any occasion. They are available in three sizes: small (6 stalks), medium (12 stalks), and large (18 stalks). But the magic doesn't stop there! You can personalize your gift further by adding on chocolates, cookies & snacks, plushes, or even beauty products. All for a budget-friendly price tag that won't leave you feeling empty-handed.

Make your order of your favorite flower for your friend or family below;

Pink Carnation
Purple Carnation

 Their affordable flower arrangements and fast delivery service; same-day delivery for orders before 12AM or 4PM, will automatically fall into the afternoon delivery slot of 2PM to 7PM as we will need time to process and prepare your order.

They have two delivery slots available for you to choose from, which are; 10am - 2pm or 2pm - 7pm. When you plan your booking order and make someone's day brighter with a touch of floral elegance in the future. 

Just like my sister's recent birthday surprise! During our family dinner celebrating with a delicious Durian ice cream cake, a stunning bouquet of Purple Carnations from Happy Bunch Florist KL arrived on the same day! The vibrant blooms instantly added a touch of joy to the occasion and for only RM58

Happy Birthday, my sister! My nephew wants to join too! so cute~

So, next time you're looking to surprise a loved one, celebrate a special day, or simply send a "thinking-of-you" message, consider Happy Bunch Flower Delivery KL

Remember, a little gesture can go a long way, and Happy Bunch Florist KL makes spreading smiles easy and affordable!

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Happy Bunch Malaysia
Simple Gestures. Thoughtful Connections.

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Anonymous said…
So thoughtful, you gave your sister fresh flowers 🌺!
Fadima Mooneira said…
Wow... cantiknya collection bunga Happy Bunch. Nanti nak check out the catalog lah. Boley carik bunga dekat my mom.