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I am Selina Wing, 1st Deaf Blogger and Profesional Creative Designer. Many Deaf Malaysians called my sign name, "S" with the movenment "O". They known me as Deaf Geek girl in Deaf Community Malaysia! I also have my pets - a dog, Nikki and fatty cat, MiuMiu

I am working in the Creative Design and Education Industry. I am active for the Social Media.  I love to write the topics related with Deaf Malaysia, Social Media and Tech for Deaf Boleh! Malaysia and blogs. I’ve been blogging for more than six years.

For Deaf community, I am founder of Deaf Boleh! Malaysia, http://deafboleh.my. Deaf Boleh! Malaysia also become a portal information blog to spread the awareness about Deaf culture and success stories to the public, then this blog help to bridge between Hearing & Disability and Deaf society. I also working as co-founder of Deafmoolah. Deafmoolah will help Deaf people live the life of their dreams without breaking the piggy bank. It is a portal community and blog at the intersection of money for Deaf Community Malaysia . Deafmoolah explores topics as varied as college savings and fashionable finds on a budget. We, deaf co-founders aims to educate the Deaf community on the importance of personal finance and money management to create wealth for one own’s future and retirement!

I am 1st Deaf graduated with a Bachelor of Creative Multimedia in Multimedia University (MMU). I always share my thoughts and opinions on anything related to my interest and Deaf Malaysia. That is why I still learning and finding new ways to grow my knowledge. For my freelance design, I always in the works of coming up with new creative & design ideas. My portfolio will coming soon. Be patient.

Why I am blogging?
I love to share my experience and information to increase the awarnese of Deaf Malaysia. I also encourged everyone to share their knowledge; by helping one another, and make the bridge between Deaf and Hearing world together. Please visit my blog, Deaf boleh! Malaysia at http://www.deafboleh.blogspot.com
  1. I believe in my blogs can be success and my family always support me! My mom knew me love to write a blog, as she want my grammar English become improve more! Mostly, I always use sign language to communicate with my family and Deaf friends. That is why my English grammar still are not good!
  2. My blog can get more attraction from the press media and some companies to know more about who I am, and Deaf community's awarnese.
  3. I also use Social Media to make my own LUCKY! For example, I always get the sponsorship and invited as guest blogger to few companies! It is really GOOD experience for me as the media blogger.
My Story of Selina Wing Blog in Press Media:

Newspress, Magazine & Media Press:

  • Hearing Loss, No Excuse So Share Idea (March 18, 2008
  • Cyberspot, Malay Mail (Newspaper, September 15, 2009) - More than a subtitled experience (article)
  • Majalah Wanita (Magazine, May Issue, 2010) - "Selina tidak pernah rasa RENDAH DIRI" (article)
  • Tech, New Straits Times (Newspaper, November 28, 2011) - Silent Bytz (article), (online news
  • StarBytz, The Star (Newspaper, April 3, 2012) - From Disabled to enabled (article), (online news)
  • Education, The Star (Newspaper, July 29, 2012) - Success speaks louder than words (article), (online news)
  • Life & Times, New Straits Times (Newspaper, August 19, 2012) - Harnessing the power of social media for hearing-impaired (online news
  • Nanyang Press (Newspaper, December 4, 2012) - 先天性听障者黄欣泙 我的字典里没有放弃(article), (online news)
  • NTV7 Live: Breakfast Show (Local TV NTV7, December 11, 2012) - About Selina, 1st Deaf Blogger. (article), (youtube: Part 1 and 2), (ntv7 website
  • Metro Harian: Gen-Y - BLOGGERRR (December 13, 2013) - Selina as ambassador of MYNIC for Blogrrr.my (article)
  • MyStarJob, The Star (Newspaper, 26 July 2014) - A sign of sheer determination: A language worth learning (article), (online news), (leaderonomics news
Magazine & Media:

Majalah Wanita (Magazine, May Issue, 2010) - "Selina tidak pernah rasa RENDAH DIRI" (article)
Hearing Loss, No Excuse So Share Idea, (March 18, 2008)

My Resolution to change my life for all years:

  • Year 2011 was travel year that I enjoyed and learned so much from my blogging world.
  • Year 2012 was very awesome because many big happened to my life since I worked for Deaf community and turn into a better blogger!

I am always on the lookout for new things to share with my readers. Once again, Thank you for dropping by my blog and I hope that you have enjoyed reading it.

You can also find me on my facebook: Selina's Wing, and follow me on Instagram

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