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Selina Wing is my personal blog that focuses on food reviews, geek & tech stuffs, entertainment, movie & fun activities, travel and lifestyle. More than 80% of readers are polled between the age of 18 to 38, and 20% of readers are aged 35 - 54+. My highest target readers are the ones that have the same interest as me, loves to explore food, tech stuffs and events in Malaysia. Surprisingly there is also a large number of readers from United States (US), Singapore, United Kingdom, France, China, Germany, Philippines, Indonesia, Ukraine and Poland that visited my Selina Wing blog and the rest of the readers comes from all over the world.

 My blog's stats:
 Unique visitors (monthly): around 20,000 visits
Page Impressions: (monthly): more than 1000
Total of Page Views: 2,856,229+

I am proud to become 1st Deaf Blogger and happy about my blogs, Selina Wing and Deaf Boleh! Malaysia to be featured in the Press & Media It’s an inspiring blog to raise the awareness to open the bridge between the Deaf and Hearing world. I also encouraged Deafs to share their knowledge and experience; by helping one another. As Deaf blogger, I loves learning and enjoys sharing the Deaf's knowledge and expertise in various aspects of Deaf's life.

Press & Media:
  • Cyberspot, Malay Mail (Newspaper, September 15, 2009) - More than a subtitled experience (article)
  • Majalah Wanita (Magazine, May Issue, 2010) - "Selina tidak pernah rasa RENDAH DIRI" (article)
  • Tech, New Straits Times (Newspaper, November 28, 2011) - Silent Bytz (article), (online news
  • StarBytz, The Star (Newspaper, April 3, 2012) - From Disabled to enabled (article), (online news)
  • Education, The Star (Newspaper, July 29, 2012) - Success speaks louder than words (article), (online news)
  • Life & Times, New Straits Times (Newspaper, August 19, 2012) - Harnessing the power of social media for hearing-impaired (article), (online news
  • NTV7 Live: Breakfast Show (Local TV NTV7, December 11, 2012) - About Selina, 1st Deaf Blogger. (article), (youtube: Part 1 and 2), (ntv7 website)
  • Metro Harian: Gen-Y - BLOGGERRR (December 13, 2013) - Selina as ambassador of MYNIC for (article
  • MyStarJob, The Star (Newspaper, 26 July 2014) - A sign of sheer determination: A language worth learning (article), (online news), (leaderonomics news)
  • Deaf Awareness, Sin Chew Daily (Newspaper, 27 Sept 2016), (images on facebook)
I’m available for questions, sponsorship, projects, collaboration, advertorial, review, sponsored post or media appearance  now, just drop me! If you are from Press Media, you can contact me when you curious about Deaf Culture, my experience of life as Deaf and lifestyle topics in general. If you have any questions or would just like to say hello, please contact me below;

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