A Mother's Touch Movie - Japanese Deafblind Movie Review

This Japanese Deafblind film titled "A Mother's Touch" touched me! I am grateful to RC Deaf Mission for inviting my good friend Woan koon and me to join them and watch this movie together during Mother's Day. The Japan Foundation of Kuala Lumpur (JFKL) and Media Prima Berhad, which has a screening venue at GSC Cinema in Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur, organized the showing. 

The narrative of this film explores the value of a mother's love and the high spirit of a man who lost his sight and hearing at a young age. Satoshi's mother is always there for him when he needs support and meets obstacles since he lost sight at the age, of 9. He is an exceptionally good student at his school because of his excellent brain recall, he finds it impossible to forget the faces of his own family members and the surroundings he encountered.

His family is extremely emotional and needs to assist him since he broke down and lost his spirit so much. My friends and I are deeply saddened by his loss of hearing at the age of 18.  We can relate to his feelings because we have felt the same way when we are unable to hear.  He struggled to become better when his mother kept to accompany him every time. This movie makes us understand that a mother's love for her Deafblind son may be so strong that she wouldn't think twice about supporting him.

Satoshi and his mother struggled to communicate with each other since he lost his hearing. When his mother has free time, she works tirelessly to translate everything into braille so he can read more books. Wow, his mother is a braille master. Similar to how my mother learns sign language to communicate with me! Satoshi misses his mother's voice so very much. Sad. Satoshi's mother stayed at his side till he finished his university education.  Lastly, this film can also give awareness to the audience about 'finger braille' which is a way of communication for people living without sight and hearing. This "finger braille" was created by Satoshi's mother. When he is admitted to the university, they will have further obstacles to overcome! 

Today is Prof. Fukushima Satoshi, who turns 62 this year and is the first Deafblind professor in history! He serves as both the director of the Japan Deafblind Association and a full-time professor at a university. Along with his mother Reiko, he was also awarded the Yoshikawa Eiji Literary Prize. That's why the Japanese director chose his moving tale and those who were moved by this. Read this Nippon news at

Ms Agnes, director of RC Deaf Mission (RCDM), Yuki Takafumi, director, and Yokomaku Tomohiro , screenwriter. We took this awesome photo with them! 😁

This movie inspired us about the love a mother has for her disability son or daughter never ends! The moral of this story is to treat persons with disabilities with kindness, as they are fellow "HUMANITY," and to deeply consider "WHAT FAMILY IS." based on an actual incident. 

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