10 Tips To Design The Best Gaming Room Ever

You may have the latest gaming rig with a high-end graphics card and SSD. But if you don't have the right room for it, what's the point?

Whether you're a PC or console gamer, it only makes sense to dedicate part of your house to make sure your gaming experience is as rich as possible. You may have a big living room with a huge-screen TV, or just a small desk area in your bedroom. Either way, you need to have the right furniture and room setup for maximum enjoyment.

Here are some ways to create an awesome room built just for gaming:

1. Soundproof the room with acoustic tiles so you can put the volume on maximum, and nobody will be disturbed by your Call of Duty explosions. Add thick or black-out curtains to block glare and improve the acoustics inside the room.

2. Hang the flat screen TV on the same eye level when you are sitting down on the couch. By ensuring this, your sitting position will always be ergonomic while playing the video games. Complete the interior with a custom-made TV cabinet to keep the gaming consoles, controllers and other collectible items that you have.

3. For a much smaller room, having a gaming nook under the bunk bed is a brilliant way to maximise the space. This is usually the preference of the teenagers who just love to have their own hideout up on their bed, with a comfortable area to do their homework and play games below.

4. Furnish the gaming room with a comfortable couch or single-seater recliner chair. Adding extra chairs or beanbags is a good idea too, especially for your friends who come over for gaming night.

5. Have plenty of custom built-in cabinets at the gaming room or area so all your CDs, DVDs and books can be kept nicely. Even if all your games are on Steam, and you have no discs, you still need space for your different gaming consoles!

Remember to hire an electrician to add extra plug points before the cabinets are fixed to the wall so you won't have to deal will extension cords in the future.

6. Paint the room with a colour that reflects your personality and mood. According to the psychology of color, the colour blue encourages productivity. So it is a very suitable colour for a home office and gaming room (for a productive gaming session?)

7. Decorate the gaming room with your collectibles and artwork. It can be a form of oil painting, printed canvas or simply an A2-size poster of your favourite characters.

8. Have an Aperture Labs Portal Gun? Or a replica sword from Lord of The Rings? Display your collectibles properly! Arrange floating cabinets across the wall in different shapes and sizes so it all your prized possessions have their very own place.

9. Good lighting is also important for a gaming room. A large window for natural sunlight to shine through will keep you awake and alert. It will also remind you what time it is, in case you're caught in the middle of a 4-hour raid.

10. Your gaming room can also be inside the reading room where you can get some “me time”. Furnish the room with hanging cabinets above the TV to keep your collection within reach, and plenty of storage space below the TV to keep the consoles and controllers.

If you want to set up a really beautiful gaming room, you may need some help from a handyman, an electrician, a cabinet maker, a curtain maker, or even an interior designer. Whatever pro you need, you can find one at They have hundreds of service pros for hire in Malaysia, and you can get competitive rates directly online.

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YingYin said…
My personal favourite is the first idea. I would love to have that as my gaming room. Thank you for sharing the idea. <3