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10 Tips To Design The Best Gaming Room Ever

June 20, 2017
You may have the latest gaming rig with a high-end graphics card and SSD. But if you don't have the right room for it, what's the point?

Whether you're a PC or console gamer, it only makes sense to dedicate part of your house to make sure your gaming experience is as rich as possible. You may have a big living room with a huge-screen TV, or just a small desk area in your bedroom. Either way, you need to have the right furniture and room setup for maximum enjoyment.

Here are some ways to create an awesome room built just for gaming:

1. Soundproof the room with acoustic tiles so you can put the volume on maximum, and nobody will be disturbed by your Call of Duty explosions. Add thick or black-out curtains to block glare and improve the acoustics inside the room.

2. Hang the flat screen TV on the same eye level when you are sitting down on the couch. By ensuring this, your sitting position will always be ergonomic while playing the video games. Complete the interior with a custom-made TV cabinet to keep the gaming consoles, controllers and other collectible items that you have.

3. For a much smaller room, having a gaming nook under the bunk bed is a brilliant way to maximise the space. This is usually the preference of the teenagers who just love to have their own hideout up on their bed, with a comfortable area to do their homework and play games below.

4. Furnish the gaming room with a comfortable couch or single-seater recliner chair. Adding extra chairs or beanbags is a good idea too, especially for your friends who come over for gaming night.

5. Have plenty of custom built-in cabinets at the gaming room or area so all your CDs, DVDs and books can be kept nicely. Even if all your games are on Steam, and you have no discs, you still need space for your different gaming consoles!

Remember to hire an electrician to add extra plug points before the cabinets are fixed to the wall so you won't have to deal will extension cords in the future.

6. Paint the room with a colour that reflects your personality and mood. According to the psychology of color, the colour blue encourages productivity. So it is a very suitable colour for a home office and gaming room (for a productive gaming session?)

7. Decorate the gaming room with your collectibles and artwork. It can be a form of oil painting, printed canvas or simply an A2-size poster of your favourite characters.

8. Have an Aperture Labs Portal Gun? Or a replica sword from Lord of The Rings? Display your collectibles properly! Arrange floating cabinets across the wall in different shapes and sizes so it all your prized possessions have their very own place.

9. Good lighting is also important for a gaming room. A large window for natural sunlight to shine through will keep you awake and alert. It will also remind you what time it is, in case you're caught in the middle of a 4-hour raid.

10. Your gaming room can also be inside the reading room where you can get some “me time”. Furnish the room with hanging cabinets above the TV to keep your collection within reach, and plenty of storage space below the TV to keep the consoles and controllers.

If you want to set up a really beautiful gaming room, you may need some help from a handyman, an electrician, a cabinet maker, a curtain maker, or even an interior designer. Whatever pro you need, you can find one at They have hundreds of service pros for hire in Malaysia, and you can get competitive rates directly online.

Pokémon GO Infographic - How Pokémon GO Took Over A World

August 08, 2016

When Pokémon GO game launched out, it is very fast to become popular around the world! Pokémon GO are beating Candy Crush and Angry Birds on this year 2016! Pokémon GO finally come to Malaysia so we, Malaysians are very excited now! I really enjoyed to play my Pokémon GO on my Android phone so very much. I must remind you all trainers who must be aware around your environment when you walk out at outside home, or office or anywhere.

In Malaysia, the Pokemon trainers who focus on their game so very much. They always login in the Pokémon GO on everytime, everyday - non-stop! Must be careful when you are playing the Pokémon GO, and I NEVER encourage you to play this game in the dangerous situation, such as walking along the road, near the sea, dark streets, or while driving car. Always remember it while you are playing Pokemon GO, make sure your life is very important.

I really love the Pokemon so much when I enjoyed to play Pokemon with my Gameboy Advance, and sometimes I watched the Pokemon Anime. My sisters also crazy with this too! Surprisingly, Pokémon GO also take over the Facebook, Google and everything!

Congratulation to Pokémon GO! Thanks to this, Nintendo rise to be popular in the gaming world!

Check out our infographic to see the insane numbers behind Pokémon GO's success.

Source Infographic by : link here

Let's catch em all! Become Master Pokemon in Malaysia!

Pink Burger in KFC China are very popular in Asia

August 13, 2015

Will you try new black and pink burger?

I also heard a weird rumor in the Internet that they always talked about the pink burger is very popular in Asia! How they get a creative idea to do that?

According to Mashable, KFC China inspired by a popular Japanese anime, Puella Magi Madoka Magica from Japan! There are two main characters who wear black and pink, then KFC China try to create two buns; black and pink. So cute!

Check the Wikipedia Anime: Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Finally, it is very success hit by many people who love their idea in China! Wow, it is real! See their instagram below;

A photo posted by @grace_choiiiii on

I really want to eat a PINK burger! It is roasted chicken burger... I felt that the black burger, it is similar as Zinger burger from KFC Malaysia...

Sources and images by Designtaxi, Mashable, KFC China

I'm Aware...Are You? Breast Cancer Awareness on October Month

October 17, 2014

Living Social Malaysia has partnered with Breast Cancer Welfare Association (BCWA) to raise funds to promote the Breast Cancer Awareness for this month, October only! Just RM 10 to donate only, so we can support the Malaysian ladies to fight the cause of disease breast cancer in their life.

Since I was teenager, I just know about this awareness because my aunt also have disease of breast cancer before, lucky she found it so early. She was active with the activities of health when she was alive until she passed away. I always remember my late aunt as she take care of me and my sisters everyday in Penang since my parent went for the work in Kuala Lumpur.

Why? 1 in every 20 women in Malaysia has the risk of getting breast cancer in their life time, according to Malaysian National Cancer Registry 2005. Every woman, regardless of their age should keep abreast of the current situation by receiving public education and early detection training for breast related health issues. What better way to recognize the willpower of breast cancer patients and to create awareness to all walks of life than celebrating the Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October? In honour of this very special month, get your pink ribbon on and be aware of the lumps and bumps that comes with the breast cancer. Support the fighters and be a guardian angel to every woman by donating RM10 to help fight the cause of breast cancer. Your donation, be it big or small can help the cause!

It's only RM 10 and very easy! Go donate to their website below;

MyDeal Sdn Bhd:

Your donation of RM10 will be channelled to the BCWA-Malaysia. To find out more about BCWA Malaysia:

Please donate it before 10 November 2014 if you wish!

What Malaysia spends its money on - every second!

October 03, 2014

I surprised that Malaysians love the McDonald, Coffee, Donuts, Chocolate, and Durian on every time? We know the RICE is very important to our daily life. Most internet users spend a lot time to make Online Shopping so increasingly, also make the the smartphones, tablets, and TM sales increased too, all thanks to the Internet!


Awesome Japanese Samurai Skill Freestyles Football in Brazil!

June 11, 2014

Tomorrow is 12 June as the World Cup 2014 will start soon! We, Asian who always support Japan and South Korea's team soccer! We hope that they get be in the final! It is very challenging for Asian players who face with a very strong and professional team soccer who are famous, such as Brazil, France, and Germany!

For this year's World Cup, Japanese noodle company Nissin sent their Samurai warrior, Kotaro Tokuda to Brazil to show off some awesome freestyle football at the streets. He can do his ability; soccer tricks to inspire everyone in Brazil in his samurai gear. Cool! Tokuda is a freestyle football champ and apparently pulled off these moves without the help of CGI or wire trickery! Visit the Nissin noodle's website at

How and when Kotaro Tokuda started to learn the freestyle football? You can see Kotaro in action during the 2013 world championship. Watch his story in video below;

Movie Review: Frozen @ Disney

April 17, 2014

My best friend told me that my family and I better to watch the Disney movie, Frozen because it delivery a very positive message for you and your sibling to make family's relationship become strong! This story is about a kingdom haunted by a prophecy which has caused sisters Princess Anna and Queen Elsa to become estranged. After a stressful event, Elsa unleashes her icy magic which traps the land in a permanent winter. Anna who meet new partner, Kristoff, whom she goes on a journey to find Elsa and break the spell so summer can return for her country.

Frozen is an enjoyable movie with full heart and amazing songs! I surprised when Elsa sings about "Let it go!" since she is lonely and scared, but she loves Anna so much. She just needs to learn, with the help of her sister, to accept herself and her powers. I like her because she always think of the others first before herself! She also accept everyone when she learned everything through Anna who always support her eldest sister a lot!

Beautiful her white castle made by her ice magic! When your thought become real when you used your ice magic! We see the magic "Frozen" bring the fantastical structures built on ice's magic gift for freezing itself into see-through art landscapes are beautiful!

Anna can only be saved by love’s “true kiss” But Anna offer her sacrifice life for her eldest sister to protect when she throws herself in front of a swordsman about to strike Elsa. Finally, Elsa get to know how to do magic to bring the summer back to the kingdom since Anna acted out of "true love" for Elsa! If you should love everyone around you, so you have to accept everyone who love or hate you!

It’s extremely well done in that respect. The facial expressions' characters are good as the Disney does a great job introducing humor for both kids and adults through these characters.

I felt that the strong female characters who never be afraid of adventure and are more than willing to save their kingdoms without the help of a prince. Why wait for someone to rescue you, when you can rescue yourself right? There are also some fantastic morals in this story such as:
  • Sometimes people make bad choices when they are upset, but love can fix anything. One of the characters says something to this effect when discussing why Elsa let her powers get out of control when she was feeling scared.
  • You should always be yourself. Don’t be afraid to share who you really are with people.
  • Don’t be afraid of your own power.
  • Love is about being there for each other.

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April 14, 2014

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I would like to take challenges which I faces in our society to become more actively involved in the disability community. We love to creating A Change for Deaf Community; we provide the useful information to help us review and understand about what are difference between Deaf & Hearing world and improve the Deaf society's lives. We also focus that bridging the Deaf and Hearing community, thanks to the technology and internet!

I want to inspire Deaf students and everyone to have an entrepreneurial mind-set, then we always encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills for the Deaf community who faces with the Hearing community in our world together. This blog also help to empower the Deaf society get to know the social media and learn the social networking skills. We also make blog gathering platform for them to read and involve the Deaf/Hearing events to gain more information and increase their self-awareness!

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Blogging Food Groups make A Well-Balanced Blog!

February 19, 2014

I tried to blog on everyday but, I am rest during Sunday only. I did twice when I eat my vegetables because it make healthy more! Mostly, I also eat meat once I share links to my social media.
With the wheat and grains, I have to think the idea of topic for my blogs! I always leave my posts or inspiration image on every Friday as I enjoyed to eat my dessert!

If you want to make your blog become well-balanced. Check out the infographic below to learn more about balancing your blog's diet.

LinkedIn Marketing Solutions recommends treating your blog like you would your diet, incorporating a healthy balance of content based on five food groups.

By providing a mix of how-to and influencer posts (whole wheat and grains), leadership articles and guest topics (vegetables), research and analysis (meats), light-hearted viral content (dessert and sweets) and bold statements (condiments), your blog will engage readers and, where applicable, hook potential customers. In fact, a recent Hubspot report found that 82% of marketers who blogged daily saw an upswing in ROI.

Disney Princesses were Final Fantasy

November 22, 2013

I love the Final Fantasy because I always play the games alot, and collect the Final Fantasy things on everytime! I surprised that the Disney characters turned in the Final Fantasy! If I am in the Final Fantasy world, I would love to be Gunslinger or White knight.

My favorite Disney characters are Mulan, Pocahontas, Snow White, and Cinderella only. I always watch this Disney movies on many times!

Enjoy to see the posters below;

Source by DeviantArt at @ Geryes - Final Fantasy Damsel Dossier

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