Story of ONO @ SS2, Petaling Jaya

Before she went to work, my best friend asked me to join her for breakfast. I hadn't been to SS2 in a long time, so I was surprised to discover more new cafes in the SS2 neighbourhood! Since MCO, she has ordered many times from the owner of this cafe via the story of ono's Instagram before he opened his new cafe. I knew that she loves coffee! 

Ono is a unique cafe that combines the best of matcha and coffee together in one place. The cafe, which has a minimalist all-white interior, is a charming addition to the PJ neighbourhood, with just the long lines outside revealing its real popularity.

When we arrived at this cafe, there were already a few people lined up ahead of us. We were puzzled of how we will get into this cafe without a door. It took our breath away until Ono's team walked out through a revolving glass door! Why? Since the industries stopped using this kind of door in the 1980s, I haven't seen a spinning door in a long time.

She mentioned that this cafe's interior design is simple and clean, similar to the Japanese philosophy of keeping things simple. She discovered that Shaun Liew is the 2017 Malaysia Brewers Cup barista champion! 

She explained that this menu includes various Nino Neko Matcha matcha drinks, which is why Ono coffee and Nino Neko matcha were combined as one drink!

(From left to right: "When Two Worlds Collide" - Coffee + Matcha and Tsubaki Hoijicha Latte

One of ONO's signature drinks is "When Two Worlds Collide" - Coffee X Matcha. And my friend ordered Japanese Matcha Tea - Ren

Smoked Salmon Mascarpone Sando ðŸ’–💥

Only the four types of Sandos were available. The Smoked Salmon Mascarpone Sando was my choice. This sandwich includes raw salmon, Japanese mayo, and veggies. When it comes to satisfying your lunchtime needs, the Japanese "sando" is the sandwich to make. As a result, this is a part of Japanese food culture.

Crispy Ebi Katsu Taru Taru Sando 👍👍👍💘

This Crispy Ebi Katsu Taru Taru Sando has captured my friend's heart! They packed the Japanese Shokupan bread with crispy Japanese shrimp katsu cutlets and hand-made Japanese taru taru sauce. Sando is topped with a lemon slice; if you pour the lemon sauce or not is entirely up to you. She said next time, she sure chooses this again when she brings her friend when she is free! I agree with her since I felt this crispy ebi katsu taru taru was delicious!

Tangy Buffalo Chicken Katsu Sando 💕

Deep-fried chicken slices are served with a tangy and spicy sauce, cream cheese sauce, crunchy fresh cabbage, and Japanese shokupan bread. if you are chicken lover, you would try it out! 

All Sandos are perfect for breakfast or afternoon tea! Because this café is so busy, they give every customer who dines-in only 1.5 hours to reduce the spread of infections. I noticed that there are a lot of young people who enjoy coffee and prefer to shoot pictures for their Instagram accounts. My parents are baffled as to why cafes are so expensive for the young people who crave them so much. Ha Ha.

 47, Jalan SS 2/30, SS 2, 47300 Petaling Jaya, Selangor


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