5 Addictive Facebook Games - Selina's Wing love to play!

We know about Facebook is very popular because the millions of users worldwide uses Facebook to play games or connect their family, friends or other peoples! The adults, teenagers or kids and who can play the social games - it is very free! The social games, such as FarmVilla, Mafia, Social City, and many that really attract the Facebook users around world!

Everyday, I always play the popular games in Facebook when I free. Not in my workplace! Haha. It make me really competitive with my sisters and friends! It is fun and cool!


When my sister invited me to play CityVille, I feel this interface of  playing are really easy and friendly. It can make me understand so easily when I am building something in my city. I can see the small people can walk around my city, someone ride on motor, or van or police car! All are cute! You can build your own dream city!

CSI: Crime City

I enjoyed to play CSI: Crime City because I always watch TV episodes in CSI! You are looking for the clues to solve the case, more like search the treasure hunt so easily. You can get different places to solve a case, and buy new equipment to be upgrade in your office laboratory. More info on my review - CSI: Crime City

Restaurant City

It give you more quests to complete one of the favourite recipes in the menu; appetizer, main course & dessert. But, more attraction about the decoration on the restaurant which are you playing! You can buy different things which depends on your feeling or creative of  theme. Check out on my review about the Restaurant City.

Country Story

I saw more interesting in playing the Country Story because cute animals and quests of magic attracted you!Last time, farming really are boring because everyday do farm only, but they bring out the interesting quests to make you feel enjoy to find cute animals, and can take care of horses in farm! You can let your horse to race! You get new quest to explore more at outside farm and you can found magic if you dig more! If you are first time to play, check out on my review - Country Story.

Zuma Blitz 

Long time, I not play this games since I graduated! I come to play the Zuma Blitz again! My colleagues and sisters really beat me on every week! I managed to beat their high scores after they are at top! It is really enjoyable. The places always change itself on every week so the users not feel boring. The rewards always give you more if you win in the result!

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