Happy New Year 2011!


Happy New Year, everyone!! ^^ Bye 2010, Welcome to 2011!

I wish you all a Happy New Year and hope that 2011 brings you much success and prosperity! I didn't update this blog... Sorry! I also like to thank my readers for keeping up with me another year in this blog!

What have I done in 2010?
  • I bought Nokia N97 mini. I enjoy to play with my lovely hp! :)
  • I gained my own domain for my blog, Selina's Wing. Thanks to! Wow, still alot readers emailed me for the questions about deaf community issues, job freelance and reviews!
  • I also inspired everyone, include deaf students during Motivating Deaf Youth & Career Experience Sharing Workshop at YMCA, KL!
  • I attended the workshops; Pre-Marriage Workshop, Disability of Workshop, 1Deaf Celebration YMCA and 3rd Malaysian Conference on Rehabilitation, PWTC.
  • I got interviewed by Mingguan Wanita! Check out it!
  • Many deaf friends enjoyed to watch the 2010 World Cup! My sisters and I also watch it too! :D Wow, Paul the Octopus correctly predicted about Spain is champion!
  • Started to buy my share for Paramount since I got offered by KDU University College...This is my first time. I always check the Bursa on everyday? :P
  • Started to buy new house, Bandar Kinrara 8 already since I shared with my mom. >3<
  • I also busy to do my works for KDU University College. Enjoy to see my design magazines 2010 and 2009 - click here.
  • My eldest sis finally be married! She already moved out from my home. Bye, my dear sis!
  • My family and I enjoyed to visit the Disneyland in Hong Kong and Macau. I really like Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Minnie, Goofy, and Pluto! ^^ You should see the beautiful fireworks if you visit there!
  • I also doing alot of freelance jobs for the companies; Green Leaf Horizon, Aeikay, and many... Thank you to Pijal for joining me to do 3Ds Max!
My goal of 2011 year are:
  • My mom and I will go to Australia in February 2011! We will visit my eldest sister who work in Australia! :D Miss her, ya! My dad and youngest sis will going in April 2011 too.
  • I am seeking for my scholarship to continue my postgraduate and focus to improve my English language!
  • Start to do business online - my creative company, Buzz Vivo because I gained alot experience when I did my freelance jobs.
  • Buying new PSP or Nintendo DS? I not sure. Why? Because I want to play it so I won't be boring when I am going to anywhere- travel, or go with my cousins. Hehe.
  • Being healthy and try to lose some kilos again...hehe.
  • What I want again...
Have you think about your goal for new year 2011? What you will do? :)

Hope you are enjoying the first day in 2011!

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