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Google launched new browser, "Google Chrome" beta version in more than 100 countries, many people said it is nice and simple..It is much faster at showing Web pages than the most widely used browser.. When it comes to search, Google discovered when its search page loads fractionally faster after you type some in the search or window browser.. :O

It show the big screen than Mozilla Firefox! Normally, you see the menu browser; File, Edit, View, History, Bookmarks, Tools and Help when you open the website with used the Mozilla FireFox, right? But, Google Chrome don't have it like them..But, it have the simple icons - Bookmarks, Tools, etc.. It is easy to understand the icons when you see it? :D I try to open my blog with Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox at same time.. See the screens below;

You start to open the main browser,then it show the screen boxes which have different website that you visited always..You just click one of them, it is easy and save time than you need to type the url and click the bookmarks from the menu browser..

When you browse lot of websites with tab buttons, you can close one of the tabs, right? For example, 20 websites that you opened, then you can close one of websites.. If you forget something that u need to open the website again.. Google Chrome can help you find it in the history! It can keep many links in the history of browser!! You can find one of the links so easy! See below;

I think about how much memory usage needed when I opened the browsers? I checked the task manager and surprised about Google Chrome have less memory usage than Mozilia Firefox browser!! Google Chrome; 11,500K and Firefox; around 100,000 K


But, I think that Google browser is not good enough for Hotmail, other flash application, other java, and internet banking. Sometimes it don't support other application if you visited the websites, hosting blogs, online stores, and etc.. So, maybe it still be in the beta version only.
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So whats the secret of the name
Chrome” that I was talking about? Why not 'Google browser'? So, it is 'Google Chrome Browser'? The name is no coincidence. Chrome apparently was a highly anticipated multimedia technology project from Microsoft?

"Calling its planned web browser Chrome smacks a little of desperation to me. Project Chrome sounds like something that will wither and die before a proper release.

Remember Microsoft's attempt to out-Apple Apple with its 3D graphics/video add-on for Windows 98? It promised flashing text and crazy animations on web browsers as well as user interface enhancements for Web-based applications.
Its name... Chrome" - from soucre "Pc Advisor"
I thought that it means that crystallizing the rae elements like, common alum, metal, glass and etc.. Haha.
Why you don't try new 'Google browser'? Download here - from Google.

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Anonymous said…
I agree on the main points you've discussed...
especially the memory usage difference...
I also agree that some applications don't work on Chrome...
for example...some Forums online I can't private message someone...
there's a certain application that isn't supported I guess...
also...the youtube videos seemed to lagg...
they were much slower than if viewed in firefox...
however...I still believe this is an amazing start for a Beta version...
and I predict Google Chrome will be perfected into something we've not yet seen to this day!!
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Selina Wing said…

thank you for sharing your info with us~! yeah, Google will do better for google chrome. :D

Run with the wave,

Thank you for inviting me in your activites ^ ^ I also busy :(