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Printcious, Precious Gifts From Your Heart - Design & Gift Your Hearts to Your Loved One.

October 29, 2015
This is my sister' favorite Totoro, so cute. I will give it to her. 
You want to design on your own? Come to try
Printcious! also carry the tagline, "Precious Gifts From Your Heart". Why? They want you to be happy when you are creating any gift that is customized to your exact needs and desires is simple, thanks to Printcious brilliant and easy to use custom made online designer. That is what Printcious help you to create the most precious gift which you can give to your important person with your honest, joyful sharing and pure heart.

I get to know about changed to be Printcious since I was visited website in google search before. They also featured in the press media, such as Chinapress, Nanyang Shang Pao, Oriental Daily, Corporate Journey, Red Tomato, New Straits Times, The Star, Astro and others. They got good feedbacks, then it become known by the custromers in Malaysia. Now, they decided to rebrand to Printcious which is the combination of Printing & preCious in the begnining of year 2015. With Printcious website, you can personalise or showcase your idea design of T-Shirts, Mugs, Cushions and Ceramic Tiles. They will let you can do DIY gifts when when come to gift-giving, for example, you can design your idea on mug or put your memories photo on the T-shirt with your special message. Cool. Please visit their website at

Want to buy one of these categories from this website? Wow, I like the cute design of mugs and cushion! You choose to edit this cute mug from the list of templates which provided by Printcious, you can do it by yourself when you are using their template of design, so they allow you can use this photo editor online, like this photo below;

Where should I sleep? – How customers use reviews [Infographic]

May 25, 2015

When you are planning your holiday with family and friends, you sure will think how to get a very good place which have high recommended reviews, such as the concern on the good or bad rating, their service, area of places and prices before you moves on. My family and I always use the, and as our favorite website on every time we go travel a lot!   

My mom always do many reviews about the hotels which we stayed before , that is what she want you to know better about how are their quality and service or if it is good place which we can give an advice or suggest for you! That is our reviews also help us to gain more points to redeem our rewards as we enjoyed! Nowsday many people always love to check the reviews first then, they do booking online on the hotel via the internet, that is why the travelers always concern their safely and save money & time!

Why we put the Infographic to encourage you get to know more information?

That is why you MUST know about how to do research and find a cheap hotel, is always one of the most important things when you are doing your budget for your own trip. You can check on the info about "4 Online Hotel Booking for Cheap, Budget & Relax" article written by me"

"Reviews are useful, for example when you go on holiday. Do you remember how you booked your last hotel? You probably used a process that many other people use as well. In order to make a decision about a purchase customers are going to try and boil down the number of options they have. After having a lower number of options to choose from they will look at reviews and ratings to figure out the best one.

The fascinating part is that this process of consulting reviews and ratings is not only used when customers select hotels but in very slight variations for pretty much any kind of purchase you can make online. However it can be best illustrated by looking at someone who is searching for a place to stay on holiday. Check it out! " - Trusted Company website.

Where should I sleep? – How customers use reviews [Infographic]

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Vanity Fair Campaign by LivingSocial and MyDEAL Malaysia!

June 23, 2014

Good announcement for a campaign Vanity Fair
by Mydeal Sdn Bhd and LivingSocial Malaysia!
Mydeal Sdn Bhd and LivingSocial Malaysia, main two leading E-Commerce players in Malaysia will join forces to reward loyal 1.5 million customers and subscribers throughout their platform for 16th June 2014 until 6th July  2014.  

They will be giving away ONE Prada bag to one lucky member who purchase a minimum spend of RM 100.00 on theVanity Fair collection page that is worth more than RM 8,000. One lucky customer from LivingSocial and MyDeal will be announced as the winner via Facebook and email on the 7th July 2014.

We are rewarding Prada bags as sweepstakes to our customers as a token of appreciation for their support and patience over the last few months. To everyone who made this business possible, a big thank you!. We sincerely hope to see more of our customers register for a chance to win these exciting gifts!” said Mahesh Indru, Managing Director of iBuy Malaysia.

Please visit the
Mydeal website at when you interested to win awesome prizes, especially A DESIGNER HANDBAG worth RM 4000!

What are you waiting for? Come to shopping there!

Come to Vote my Deaf Boleh! Malaysia Blog @ DiGi WWWOW Internet For All Awards!

April 14, 2014

Hello every reader! How are you? Hope you always be happy and enjoy your life as well! Thank you very much for take your time to read my Deaf community blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia!

Why you want to vote my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia?

It is very amazing to read the Deaf Community Culture so interesting! It also help to increase the awareness for the Hearing society too! You all also learn about how the Deaf people live in the world? Try to imagine that when you cannot hear, so you felt your world is very silent, right?

I would like to take challenges which I faces in our society to become more actively involved in the disability community. We love to creating A Change for Deaf Community; we provide the useful information to help us review and understand about what are difference between Deaf & Hearing world and improve the Deaf society's lives. We also focus that bridging the Deaf and Hearing community, thanks to the technology and internet!

I want to inspire Deaf students and everyone to have an entrepreneurial mind-set, then we always encourage critical thinking and creative problem-solving skills for the Deaf community who faces with the Hearing community in our world together. This blog also help to empower the Deaf society get to know the social media and learn the social networking skills. We also make blog gathering platform for them to read and involve the Deaf/Hearing events to gain more information and increase their self-awareness!

Please vote me at

"Your VOTE can bring better life
for the Deaf & disabled community!"

Thank you for giving your vote for me! If you interested in learning the sign language, you better check the interesting articles below;

Learn the Sign Language, Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia (BIM)

Many hearing people contacted with me about how or where place that they can study the sign language. I like to introduce the different place of learning sign language by the NGO companies. You can choose which one is easier which is near your home or office. When you free, you can enjoy to talk with your Deaf friends! Why you should learn the sign language? Read more about "Top 10 Reasons you should learn the Sign Language" and "How to make friend with a Deaf friend?"

When you finish read this, do you like my blog? Yes! Please vote my blog, Deaf Boleh! Malaysia @ DiGiWWWOW Awards competition too! Thank you very much! Vote me on everyday, ya!

Inori Aizawa is Internet Explorer's new official mascot anime character

November 08, 2013

After my previous post about Top Social Media as Anime Characters, I figured out that the Internet Explorer (IE) introduced new mascot of anime character, Inori Aizawa. They confirmed that she’s also the new official mascot for IE. It maybe will be out for the Windows 8?  If you want to see how's Inori Aizawa on the Internet Explorer (IE), you try to open your browser to upgrade Internet Explorer 11, please download here.

In this youtube by Microsoft, she escapes from a group of robots in a future city, then she is transforming into magic form with Microsoft branding and new combat abilities, more like Saliormoon's magic form! It make me remember about Saliormoon! She have the amazing style of fighting; magical shields, force-fields, jet propelled footwear and some over-the-top combat sequences that feature robot-destroying internet browser tabs. She sure don't like the viruses and malware attack her! I surprised that she loves her pet, cat and enjoyed to surf the internet!

She is very cute character, I sure that many teenagers and adults love it? How about you? See the progress of drawing below;

About Inori Aizawa

"My name is Inori and I'm an anime personification for Internet Explorer! Shall we explore the web?When I was younger, I used to be a clumsy, slow and awkward girl.
However, just like the story of ugly duckling, people told me that I have really matured and changed over the years. I feel confident in my abilities now, and I'm eager to show you what I can do.
Why don't you get to know me a little better?"

Follow her on Facebook to get know more from her!

For more Inori download wallpaper and goodies, please check out at SkyDrive:

I think that nowadays, they attracted to "Anime" to create more mascot characters to get more people around the world join their social media?!

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Cashback credit cards: Make money when you spend!

September 17, 2013

Credit cards can be complicated and getting your head around all the different terms and conditions can be a challenge. You may have had your credit card for many years – perhaps your bank automatically gave you a credit card when you hit a certain age – and, let’s face it, you probably didn’t spend too much time trawling through those convoluted terms before you signed.

Can I switch my credit card?
Don’t worry; you’re not stuck with your credit card forever and you’re free to switch to a better account! The key is to find the best credit card for you and ensure that you take advantage of all the benefits it has to offer and that you won’t fall foul of the hidden fees that could cost you more than it’s worth.

What is a cashback card?
Credit card providers often offer rewards to their customers – ranging from vouchers to discounts – but cashback credit cards offer money as a reward. This means that every time you spend, you’re actually earning some of that money back. So if your card has a cashback rate of 5%, you’ll earn RM 5 every time you spend RM 100 – so your purchase actually only ended up costing you RM 95.

Should I get a cashback credit card?
Whether you should apply for a cashback credit card depends on your personal finances and on the terms of the card itself. Cashback credit cards offer a fantastic reward (who doesn’t want free money?), but they also tend to have higher interest rates. As long as you know you’ll be able to pay off your debt in time, then go for it; but if not, go for a credit card with a lower interest rate.

Cashback may be a great temptation, but if you don’t pay off all of your debt at the end of the month, it could end up costing you more than you earn with the cashback, so choose your card with care. Be honest with yourself about your financial situation – perhaps a cashback card isn’t for you now, but once you start taking control of your finances and building up a record of paying off your balance in full every month, then you can consider getting yourself a better deal!

How do I find the best cashback credit card?
It’s best to have a look through all of the deals out there and then decide which one suits you best. Look at the percentage of cashback you’ll get, but don’t forget to consider the interest rate as well as any fees you will have to pay for late payment.

This process can be tedious and take up a lot of your precious time, so why not use a credit card comparison tool like the quick and easy tool at It will do all of the hard work for you and clearly lay out all of the credit cards along with their respective rates and fees so all you have to do is decide which card is best for you and your money!

By Author:
Thomas Bradshaw

Editor of helps Malaysians save time and money by comparing financial an telecommunication products such as insurance, credit cards, debit cards, loans, mobile tariffs, internet plans & more. is my WOW!

September 06, 2013
WhoHAA, sounds like scream of "excitement" when you are experiencing to get more amazing prizes while collecting some points! WhoHAA let members are able to earn WhoHAA points to redeem for the sponsors's prizes by answering the questions to understanding the sponsors' details on the advertisements only! It is very EASY!

You can join this WhoHAA as just register for FREE only! No need FEES. You will be rewarded when WhoHAA organised the competition or event and can share with your friends via facebook and twitter. How you do it after you be WhoHAA member? Easy and Simple only!

First time, you see "Earn Points" and click it. You can see many advertisements there. For example, you click one of sponsors list of advertisement like the sample photo below;

The questions are EASY only, you can find the answer when you understand the advertisement poster only! You can give easy answer, watch video and visit the website link only as you earn more points.

If you want to know the results of points that you collected, you can check on "My Account" at top and can explore more from your account WhoHAA - see the sample photo like below;

I success to recruit my deaf friends as WhoHAA member to earn 100 points, cool! You can see many prizes which you want to redeem at "Redeem Buy"! Now, they enjoyed to play around WhoHAA Haha, so why you don't give a try? :D


Lazada Malaysia's 1st Anniversary Celebration @ Black Box, Publika Shopping Mall!

May 01, 2013

I got an invitation from Lazada Malaysia, first online shopping site. We went to the Publika Shopping Mall on our first time! We enjoyed to watch the video presentation and listened something about the Lazada's business online. I also got Lazada's appreciation thank you gift!

About Lazada Malaysia
Lazada, Southeast Asia’s fastest growing online department store, celebrated its first year in Malaysia with a big bash during which the media and its business partners got an exclusive look into the business, its accomplishments in 2012, and what the future looks like. With more than 12 categories to choose from, Lazada makes shopping online a breeze in Malaysia. From tablets, cameras, home appliances, health & beauty products, sports, books to baby items, there is something for everyone.

Lazada Malaysia celebrated its first year in Malaysia with a big bash during which members of the media and business partners got an exclusive look into the business, its accomplishments in 2012, and what the future looks like.

Igor Pezzilli, CEO of Lazada Malaysia
 “We are proud to say that Lazada Malaysia is currently the number one online shopping mall site in Malaysia. Almost 70 per cent of Malaysians are actively online, and more than half do their shopping on the web. Being in the e-Commerce industry we have one great advantage, and that is our access to immense data where we can analyze what the audience is looking for and present them with their desired products via online marketing channels. From this point onwards online shopping will be the way forward because of it’s the dynamic experience and massive product assortment that will continue to provide,” said Igor Pezzilli, CEO of Lazada Malaysia.

Max Bittner, CEO of Lazada Southeast Asia
Based on these three key elements - offering a great range of products, providing an excellent shopping experience, and ensuring exceptional customer service, Lazada will inevitably attract more savvy online shoppers” commented Max Bittner, CEO of Lazada Southeast Asia at Lazada’s first birthday bash.

Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Lazada: “For a long time, the e-commerce market has been underestimated in SEA, but we did not. With a broad range of products – from consumer electronics, household goods, toys to sports equipment –, secure payment options, quick deliveries and free returns, we convince more people every day of Lazada.”

From L-R : Model girl, Maximilian Bittner (CEO of Lazada South-East Asia), Igor Pezzilli (CEO of Lazada Malaysia), Deborah Henry, Tanner Hackett (Co-founder and Managing Director of Rocket Internet GmbH), Hans-Peter Ressel (Co-founder and Managing Director of Lazada Malaysia) and Shaifubahrim Saleh, PIKOM President.

In celebration of the first anniversary, Lazada will be launching some of their key business expansion initiatives, such as the Lazada Smartphone App and other e-Commerce initiatives. Other efforts include Lazada's partnership with Digi, one of Malaysia's premier companies, as well as MasterCard Worldwide, which gave Lazada the opportunity to reward their base here in Malaysia and the region. The 6-month long partnership has allowed Lazada to reach out to MasterCard's base with exceptional results.

Central to its success has been the Lazada Promise campaign, which includes a commitment to deliver goods to buyers within 48 hours to 78 hours, a best price guarantee when comparing to other key retailers, and a 14-day hassle-free return policy.

What is unique about the organization is the vast bank of knowledge and learning’s that are shared across the globe. Weekly calls are organized for each team to share latest findings or best practices. This factor has also been critical for the company to gain young energetic employees who are eager to gain the ultimate ecommerce experience.

Lazada is a part of Rocket Internet, one of the world’s largest online retail groups, which has more than 10 years of experience in the e-commerce business. Rocket Internet has been credited for founding more than 100 market leading companies.

Jump on the e-commerce bandwagon and enjoy these offers now. Lazada provides convenience for all your purchases such as free delivery, cash on delivery payment mode, varying payment methods, free return or exchange for free and most importantly, warranty from the manufacturer itself.

Be happy and fun! My sister and I enjoyed to eat the snack then, we drink Red Wine! After the presentation, we ate lunch and waited for the lucky draw. Hehe. They asked everyone are looking for a mouse which to be found at below of chair, my sister took it!! So, she is very lucky to win the 3rd prize from Lazada!

WoW! She got many things, like TAKADA Teppayaki steamboat cooker, Amtac garment steamer , Powerbank 3300mAh, Bagster laptop bag, and Daewoorable fan 12'! Lazada Malaysia will ship all things to her soon! We cannot wait for it! :D

Finally, my sister got a lucky draw gift, and I already have
Lazada's appreciation thank you gift; 4GB pendrive, mask face, voucher legoland, frame photo, and brands enegry drink. ;) We are really happy. Thank you, Lazada Malaysia and Go Communications staffs!

Next time, we will go surf at Lazada Malaysia to get what we want for our wish! :)

You love to shopping online? Go to!
Like Lazada Facebook at

[April Fool #3] Twitter Introduces Twttr - Charging $ 5 a month to use Vocal Letters

April 02, 2013

Yesterday (1 April 2013), Twitter provides new ability for the Twitter user to type as usual, and on the twttr, all the vowels removed automatically. It is very interesting? So you can enjoy to play the special Twttr website, and start sending out tweets without any vowels. See my example of twttr below;

You can see something are missing in the message of twttr? Lost "A, E, I, O, U", right? It make you confused when you read this message? Haha!

If you are Alien, then you are cool! Happy April's Fool Day! :D

Source: Twitter Blog

[April Fool #1] Groupon and WeBuy Malaysia are playing April Fool with You!

April 01, 2013

Wow, Groupon Malaysia enjoyed to help the Groupon Customers who used this groupon voucher to fool their friends and family! I also click on this groupon April Fool to support and want to make my friend to see my gift vouchers too! Haha. It is very good idea to make you to become superhuman if you want to buy the powers: Invisibility, Reading Your Own Mind, Glass Wall Vision, Power of Persuasion and more...!

I choose my own power; Invisibility and Glass Wall Vision, to fool my best friends! :D They cannot find me at anywhere! So fun!

--------------------------------------------------------------- was trying to make everyone to be interested in this Cinde-man-rella! But, no one want to be his date guy, because the customers knew its "April Fool"! Haha. If they provided more expensive food, travel place, and others, maybe make it is more interesting? For me, I won't take this coupon because it is not "fun" :P

There are more deal sites in Malaysia, try to do "April Fool" with us again? :D - Cheapest Flight in Malaysia

February 22, 2013
I think that is cool interface website, you can check on the main 5 airlines only, such as MAS, Airasia, Tiger airways, Jetstar Asia Airways. As traveler, you will find for the cheap tickets from their airlines at same time so easier!

From start, you choose where place that you want go on the dates, then you will see different prices in a month! It is very easy for me to see which is one cheapest price in a month! You can see the yellow colour highlight on the months so well, it means the prices are cheapest tickets!

At your left side, you can drag or arrange your info of flights, and can add how many flights that you want to plan your trip so easily and calculate the total prices.

When you confirm to book the cheapest price, you can check the real time like morning and night icons, and information like demographic, hotels, and price alert, but this info still coming soon...

You can choose "Buy ticket" or "Book Hotel" before you confirm, and sure make you remember the original & cheapest prices because you will be re-direct to the company's website before you buy online. For me, this is easy interface only, especially I prefer to see all prices on different airlines in a month in only! Via Forum Lowyat Malaysia

If you have any complaint on this issues problem, can visit their facebook @ myflynow.

4 Online Hotel Booking for Cheap, Budget & Relax

December 19, 2012

In Malaysia, online hotel booking is best way to book the best rate of rooms in hotels because it is suitable for Deaf people who can find the cheapest hotel rooms with excellent facilities with used their laptop, computer or tablet or smartphones, compared to walk to check the hotels.

With my experience, you can save RM50 – RM200 for a room per night through booking online. My sisters and I also experienced to book the hotels online on many times, so we can enjoy to relax and see-sighting the interesting places during our holidays, without worrying about the rooms be full or booking at late minutes.

As Deaf, you MUST know about how to do research and find a cheap hotel room is always one of the most important things when you are doing your budget for your own trip.

If you asked me this question, WHY I DO THIS? because the reasons are;
  • Get best & cheap rates and promotion
  • NO need to call person for reservation room
  • Free booking fees (if get free cancellation)
  • Easy, convenient and fast
  • Collect more points when you review the hotel, you can change points into your money
  • Can observe the hotels' reviews and gather the information from the hotels online.
How to book a room?   
  1. Sign up as their member because you will collect more points. 
  2. You choose your cheap hotel to book online, you require a valid credit card. 
  3. After payment being made via credit card, you will get the booking confirmation of receipt.
  4. Just print it out at home.  
  5. Please bring it to the hotel during you check-in. (Normally, check-in before 2pm, check-out at 12 noon)
  6. You just show the printed booking confirmation paper, credit card, and I.C card to the staff of hotel only. Easy only! 
Give yourself a try to visit my favorite hotels online below;

This is my family's favorite. My family and I always used the on many times. My mom and sister got some points in their account than mine! The reward of points help to make you save money, mean you can use points to cut off the price of deals! It is very good info to get know more about the hotels so deeply. You can enjoy to read what are their review and comment on the hotels before you start to book a room. Mostly, they give the special promotion for a day or free cancellation fees on their best choices.

I booked it on few times since I helped my mom. So it is no problem when I do payment online then, we went to the hotel to show it only. I was happy with my first Agoda experience. I also never email or call on the hotel and Agoda after I get the confirmation receipt in my email. Mean they already prepare all things for me. I recommend this if you want the good deals!  

If you are Maybank user, please check this on 

Tips: Check the limited deals with free cancellation fees and research on the original price at hotel websites 1st before booking in Agoda website.

The make me attracted to the reward member program and free cancellation fees! It is similar as but, it is good cheaper deals to provide you to earn how much RM in the reward member program. For example, after you booked it and stay in hotel then, you get to collect money in your account. I will try it when I do my trip plan with my best friends. :)

When you make payment online, they will send the confirmation receipt to your email, and you can print out it. When you check-in the hotel, you just show it to them. This method is similar as,, and others.

If you having CIMB Visa credit card, check out HotelClub joint promo with CIMB at

Tips: Make compared about the price of hotels on with HotelClub-CIMB. It help you to do research on them before you decide to buy.
give us to search the directory so easily than type in the search! They also give the great credit card of offers for Citibank, HSBC, and UOB users to get the cheap discount with good deals.You just lazy to choose the date? Then you can see it once when it show all dates with different prices! There are many options like you can select which is one type of room, bed, etc. Remember, you find one 'flaming deal' or 'mystery deal' mean you will get free rewards or better deals. But, it also have the cancellation fees, charged tax and card fee too.

You can check the holiday rental and flights too. If you bring your big family, you try to book on the rental house or apartment on the Holiday rental. also have good benetifs; no cancellation fees, booking charges, flexible booking, instant confirmation via email, booking online or telephone. Unlike and It also have amazing blog which let you enjoy to read and gather the information of travel guides, check out on I feel that this is suitable for solo travelers, big group of friends and group family!

It will tell you exactly how much you will have to pay before you send your card details. Let you easy to search, compare rate and book rooms, all within a few clicks only, easy. If you have to cancel your reservation be prepared to wait several months for a refund.


When you want to plan your trip to the oversea, you can do research on the travel guides, hotels and interesting place which you want to visit, I suggest you to check on "".

Top Freelance Apps for the Freelancers Infographic

August 24, 2012

As freelancer, I always use free tools to work on my projects and blogging. Mostly, I used the Dropbox, Joomla, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Gmail and Google Analytics on everyday. This inforgraphic make me surprised about most freelancer used the Dropbox as 1st top apps since Bestvendor, a software review and rating site, released an showing some of the most popular Freelancing apps used by Freelancer worldwide; Asia, Europe, North America and other! There are 25 Apps for Freelancers in Infographic below;

1. Dropbox 
I really like Dropbox, Free cloud storage tool because it is very easy for me check the files, photos, and things in my favorite cloud storage, Dropbox on anywhere and anytime! I also downloaded this for my tablet, PC and smartphone, why? It help to connect all in one under my Dropbox! For example, after I take few photos via my camera of smartphone, I no need to transfer the photos from my smartphone to PC via USB plug because my Dropbox help to transter the photos from my smartphone so automatic when it come to connect the internet only! As freelance designer, I go to anywhere, and can open the files to design on anytime. I recommend Dropbox if you are working as freelancer, designer, digital media executive and professional in the marketing, services, and etc. Come to join us! Good for you will get extra 500 MB of bonus space as you invite your friends to join in Dropbox.

I also used Google Analytics, free website software powered by Google, it help to track the traffic for my blogs. It is very helpful for the bloggers. 

Evernote is also great help for you to keep the information catch your eyes and make you get new idea. You can store anything from pictures to audio notes, web clippings to text notes and many. It also support the mobile devices and computer to be online under one account Evernote only, like  Dropbox . But, it also help you can write your notes to save the information and help you remember everything in your account. 
I will explore the Google apps when I am free. I heard the Google Apps is very good for business and education because it also offer the Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and more apps. I also have many Android apps in my smartphone and tablet or use my laptop to do my work because I am designer, so I planned to buy the data internet because I need the wireless internet as always. 

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