HP Pavilion TX2520AU - Tablet Notebook

hp pavilion tx2000

HP announced HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Entertainment Notebook PC in Asia Pacific. Built on HP's innovation promise, the HP Pavilion tx2000 Series Entertainment Notebook PC is the latest cutting-edge touch screen technology offered on a mobile notebook PC. It gives an excellent touch and pen experience with built-in digitizer and new resistive touch-screen technology on a widescreen high-definition display. Read more info..

Promotion Price: RM 2809.00

• AMD Athlon X2 Dual-Core Processor QL-60 (1.9 Ghz, 1MB L2 Cache)
• 2GB 667 MHz / max to 4GB DDR2 Memory (1024 X 2pcs)
• 160 GB Hard Disk Drive
• 12.1 " TFF WXGA High Defination HP BrightView Wide Touchscreen Display (1280 x 800)
• DVD +/- RW Double Layer Drive with LightScribe
• Bluetooth, Wireless 802.11 a/g/n
• ATI RS780M and SB700
• ATI Readeon HD 3200 Graphic with 64MB DDR2 Dispaly Cache
• 2 Altec lansing branded Stereo Speakers
• Integrated 10/100/1000 Gigabit LAN
• ExpressCard/34 Slot
• Hight speed 56K Modem
• 5-in-1 integrated digital media reader slot
• VGA, USB 2.0 (3), RJ-11, RJ-45, TV-Out (S-video), Stereo headphone with SPDIF, Additional headphone jack, Expansion Port for xb3000, Microphone in, Consumer IR (2), Kensington lock port
• Next Generation 12-inch compact Keyboard with 3 Quick Launch Buttons, Touch Pad with On/Off button and 2-way scroll
• Comes with integrated Pavilion Webcam , Microphone, Remote Control, FingerPrint Reader
• Weight : 1.96kg with 6-cell battery
• Genuine Mircosoft ® Windows ® Vista ™ Home Premium
• 1-year International Limited Warranty
• Free Nylon Carrying Case

So, I am interested with the hp pavilion notebook tx2000. I went to the Pikom PC Fair 2008 which was held at KL Convention Center.. My sisters and I also confused because the place was people mountain people sea! I want to check the something if this notebook's price is cheap or not.. Wow! Many cheap offers from the shops.. o_O For example, 1GB costs only RM19, while a never-heard-before 8GB costs RM94 only!

Don't buy the things so quickly.. I think that its better to see what they can offer 1st before we decided..

I was very tired when I walked from the hall 1 to 5 so, this place really are BIG!! Luckily, my sister and her boyfriend also helped to check which is one better for me.. Better don't buy something from HP company because they don't offer the cheap or free gifts.. We find other shop which can sell hp brand notebook..finally, I found the 'AllIT hypermarket' shop and they told us that this shop is from LowYat! :D It is good news because they sell the hp pavilion TX2520 - price RM 2809 with free gifts - HP notebook bag, music headgear, usb pendrive, and many! So, I pay cash for this notebook and got freebies! ;)

At home, I try to check my new notebook hp pavilion tx2520. We really excited when we see lot of softwares, e.g. webcam, windows vista and hp games which I never see.. I try to draw with used pen is very fastbecause it is the active digitizer and touchscreen. It have wireless (Wifi), Bluetooth, dial-up, broadband and LAN too.. So, I had no problems connecting to the Internet. It is better? :D

I took the picture of my notebook;




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Anonymous said…

Nice notebook you got there...:). I wanted to buy one too but sadly it's AMD based.
Anonymous said…
Where it make from? Is it from china?
Anonymous said…
Hi Selina,
Thnaks & appreciate your review. it was a good tips as i'm also will buy it today at pc fair pisa penang.I got clear picture now.
Anonymous said…
made in china
Selina Wing said…
-_- nope.. it's brand hp (Hewlett-Packard Company). Its imported from U.S.. You visit the website;
Anonymous said…
HP is american company, yes, but the product is made in China.
Selina Wing said…
up to you. If you don't wan buy this, it is fine. You can buy another laptop. :)For example, brand DELL, ASUS, VAIO and etc.
Anonymous said…
I wanted to purchase the same model but IT guy told me that, since the HP is using AMD athlon and it will generate more heat and make the notebook hot and effect the speed.
Do you feel it? try it on for more than 1 hour.

Selina Wing said…
"since the HP is using AMD athlon and it will generate more heat and make the notebook hot and effect the speed.." - it is correct. I tried to use it for 3 hours already. It is still be hot and normal since I am surfing internet..

If you play a games and design something, it sure be more hot. When you want it to be cool, you can set it as 'sleep mode' or other mode. It is fine :) No need to click the 'shut down'.. If you are in air-cond room, it is no problem..haha!
Anonymous said…
thank u for the great info.
on the other hand, admire of your creative and enthusiatic in your work. keep it up!!

p/s. went into your website by 'accident'!!... looking for feedback on the HP notebook..

uncle Dee
Anonymous said…
I would point out that the screen in this laptop was made by Wacom (or atleast the tablet part was) and they are by far the best quality graphics tablets in the world.
Anonymous said…
Well when I said it's made in China i doesn't mean it is bad, everything is made in China, with great quality, and I OWN this laptop! great value!
Anonymous said…
Hello Selina. It's all right to use AMD. I've been an AMD fans for quite sometime due to its price over performance ratio. And honestly you have a good laptop there.

1st of all the AMD processor u hv there is the latest codenamed PUMA build (65nm build - re-architected). From most review, it managed to gives a fight to the current Mobile Intel C2D. As it is also power efficent In fact better with AMD Turion x2.

For thermal (heat) problem, it's normal as most laptop also faces issues on heat. And heat does not comes from the Processor only, but also the HDD (It gives more heat than the processor as ur palm is exactly on top of that HDD and not ur Processor).

However, u should not be looking at the processor only, rather you should look at the rest of what that magnificent tablet is equipt with.

Of course its a tablet! It has finger print security, ATI integrated graphics, Touch Screen + Stylus, Sufficient RAM, mid-range HDD, DVD-RW, etc.

Most Top IT Brands are made in China due to its good economic plans. Besides no worries all the factories there are operating under S.O.P. which are ISO certified (normal for Multinational companies).

So what else can i say, Good Choice! For the Value~
SoulSeeker said…
Thanks Selina for the review. I got the laptop myself. It is kinda hot though ( do set it in power saver mode). This model is equipped with the latest AMD Lion (athlon x2 QL-60). Do you draw on it? U should try ink blogging! it's such a cool way to blog. Check this persons website
Selina Wing said…
Hi, soulseeker.

lol, I don't plan to draw on my blog. I always used to draw for my work and freelance only. Thanks
Selina Wing said…
Oh,ok. Thank you for this info, Andreya ^ ^
Anonymous said…
its also has a multifunction ir remote controller...
Anonymous said…
hi there, do anybody know where to buy this hp tx2520au now?

email me pls?

thank you
harrison said…
do u tested on the battery life for normal run such as surfing, or texting?
Selina Wing said…
Hai Gracie, buy hp pavilion at All Hp market, Lowyat. But I bought it at PC Fair, KLCC.. :P Same shop..

It is fine when running battery..and it still feel hot..:P but, it is ok after 3 hours.. You can set 'sleep' mode when you are away.. It will cool down.. :)
harrison said…
oh, and how long the battery life can last? and the hotness you have mention is it tolerable, eg. can hold with hands and still write as a tablet?
Anonymous said…
hi ,
I would like to no what MICROSOFT WORD document the notebook has? i hear that you can draw pictures, change colors around, and write stories yourself instead of that true?
Selina Wing said…
Yes, it have softwares; Microsoft Office 2007 but its trial only. So, I asked my colleague to borrow original and get product key so it is already ok.

Oh can draw the pictures, depends on what software that you used. For example, Adobe Photoshop, Firework, or etc.. if you want to do a comic, or what..

Just try to touch it with your finger or pen. ;)

Better to test this laptop before you buy it. If you don't like it, can buy other laptop. it is fine ;)
Anonymous said…
Hi Selina, my name is Lina, im from Mexico. and i was wondering....
i want to buy that laptop but, there´s not in my city so, you know where am i buy it?

thanks Selina.

See ya ;)