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12 Free Translation Bahasa Melayu to English | English to Bahasa Melayu

Are you not very good in English? How you write in English when you want to send an email to a your friend who doesn’t understand 'Bahasa Melayu'? You will need to ask your friends for helping to translate a word in 'Bahasa Melayu' to 'English' or dictionary BM - English.

You also can learn the Malay language when you try to explore what it is :D

However, at Citcat.com you are provided with a facility to convert any Malay language text into English or English text to Malay for free. The only disadvantage is it cannot provide 100% correct translation though.

How to use the service?

  1. Go to Citcat.com and choose your desire language; English or Bahasa Malaysia
  2. Choose your viewing mode; Beta or Klasik.
  3. Go to Translation tab, then select 'Terjemah'
  4. Enter the text into the text field (max: 100 words), choose your option (English -> Malay / Malay -> English) and you will get the text translated!
My deaf friend asked me about how it translate into English word. She really need an online dictionary web which is helping her to translate.. because she don't have a dictionary book. It make me to think about the deaf people really not very good in English.

The deaf people can write the language English and Bahasa Malaysia (BM). They love to write BM more than English. Why? Maybe because they are very focus on BM since they were studying in the school. Or their sign language are same as BM sign? Their brain also think the language BM..That is why they normal to write Bahasa Malaysia. It is good about the deaf people love the language BM as proud to be Malaysian :D

But, there are the disadvantages about this.. If deaf want to study in university or college, they have to learn more English to pass an exam course 'English' before they start to study the diploma/degree because the university/college use English language in their teaching courses only. For example, MUET, TOEL, and etc..

When you want to work in the company, your boss or colleagues will talk with you in the English language then you have to write in the language English. :) But, it is fine if you want to use BM. In my office, they always talk the different language; BM, Mandarin, Tamil..haha, especially English. Because they also used it when they are in the discussion, working with a team, or in the meeting with your bosses. :D I also used this since I always get the meeting on everyday..Pity me!

Better to practice in the writting English~ :P

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Author: Selina Wing

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hehe. im always use that citcat when doing assignment.. eng- bm translation..

This is a very interesting and informative blog. Thank you for maintaining it!

Here is a great site in Malay that you might want to check out:

Bahasa Melayu wiki browser

thank you for this info, Bryce! :)

thanks - It actually worked. And how could I have used it if you didn't explain how in english

Thank you so much. I was able to meet a new friend on twitter using this translator. God bless you.

welcome! :D Hope it can help you to do your project!

interesting blog. It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

Assignments Help

We can help in translating BM to English and vice versa.

Please visit us at

I dont think Ive read anything like this before. So good to find somebody with some original thoughts on this subject. Thanks for starting this up

As mentioned above about Free english translation. It is a best way to improve your english.

I like this blog very much. And its really good translator. Today English is the need of the requirement everywhere. I also recommend it. I like this one is very much.

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