5 Best Things to Do in Penang Malaysia 2022

Isn't it exhausting to be stuck in an office doing the same job every day? Yes. Let's unplug and make use of your opportunity to go away from your city.  As we needed the space and mindset to achieve mental health balance. A long weekend getaway is ideal for relaxing and recharging your batteries. Bring your family to Penang, Malaysia, to enjoy the relaxing activities. I recommend that you go to the 5 best spots to discover about foodie culture and hidden tourist attractions in the village surrounded by nature.

1. Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm

Entopia is a giant glass-house conservatory where butterflies soar freely amid lush tropical gardens that have been beautifully landscaped.

It's the best activity for encouraging your kids to develop how to engage with butterflies while also exploring the natural beauty of the Entopia.

"The Natureland" is a very lovely garden vivarium. There are more than 200 plant species in this living garden, as well as waterfalls, ponds, caverns, and other creative garden features. In their garden, they have a variety of insects, reptiles, and over 15,000 free-flying butterflies.

Following your exit from the outdoor adventures of paradise butterfly, there is an Indoor Discovery Center where you and your family may learn interactive workshops.

Thanks to David Goh, a retired teacher with a strong enthusiasm for butterflies and entomology, Penang now has a major tourism destination in the form of the Penang Butterfly Farm. It has made Entopia Penang one of the world's first tropical butterflies and insect sanctuaries.

2. Local Hawker Street Food You Must Try

Penang's street food may be found almost anywhere. You can eat at hawker stalls down a hidden road, inside old coffee shops, or on the streets. Old generation hawkers continue to operate their stalls because they enjoy cooking their unique brand of food. That is why so many people flock there to eat. My family and I, as local Hokkien Penangists, normally find the street food that we are used to eating every morning or exploring any street hawker stall.

If you want to know what the most iconic street food is, try the best Char Koay from Penang Island. You should taste Sister's Char Koay Teow at Lam Heng Cafe, a corner coffee shop at the end of Macalister Road. 

I strongly recommend you to try the Penang Chee Cheong Fun, which is my favorite!

My family and I went to visit the hawker stalls along Lebuh Presgrave Road, where we discovered a very long queue of people to buy 3888 Fried Oyster. I enjoy fried oyster omelette in a wet and thick texture with lots of juice. It looks delicious.

And the first time I experienced Charcoal Duck Egg Char Koay Teow, it appeared to be oil-glazed and dark soy sauce on flat noodles since the hawkers used a hot wok, and the noodle burned with their own recipe secret. The tiger prawn is quite fresh and juicy, and it has a superb flavor! 

Kek Seng Cafe 格 成 (红豆 雪) is 114 years old and continues to operate as a popular Ais Kacang (ABC) cafe until now. Cheow Sow Lei, the owner of Kek Seng Cafe, stated that her grandfather-in-law's family began producing durian ice cream by hand, which has since become quite popular in Penang, as her family continues her great parent in law's tradition. My mother claimed that when she was around 20 years old, she used to eat this ABC or cendol with durian ice cream after work or class. This cafe with ABC is still fresh in her mind! 

After my family and I came from our journey through Penang's streets, I really liked enjoying a durian ice cream to cool down, due to the hot temperature in Penang.

3. Take A Stroll Along the Beach And Dine at the Popular Food Court on the Deck 

Along the Karpal Singh Drive, many Penangites enjoy lounging, bicycling, or walking their dogs. Karpal Singh was a well-known lawyer, opposition leader, and politician in Malaysia who fought for justice and human rights. Since Karpal Singh was born in Penang and is known by all Penangites as the "Tiger of Jelutong," Penang has paid tribute to him that t his location was previously used as a fishermen's sea deck. The promenade was renamed after the late Karpal Singh and faces east of east. "Karpal Singh Drive" is what we all call it. 

This is a great spot for a family to gather together and like to listen to the sound of ocean waves so comfortable. Many children like riding in toy automobiles while accompanied by their parents.

Fisherman's Wharf Penang is a large food court that offers a variety of cuisines such as Chinese, Western, Arab, Vietnamese, Japanese, Thai, Dimsum, and others. It is extremely popular and is open from morning to night. Every weekend, there are always crownings to be had. Many folks enjoy drinking beer after work too.

Fisherman's Wharf Penang, in my opinion, is even livelier with the beautiful lighting and decorations, despite the fact that it is always packed with people every evening. You were advised to arrive at 6 p.m. earlier. There are more spaces in the car park. Parking is free of charge.

4. View the sunset and eat the best seafood restaurant in Pantai Bersih @ Butterworth, Seberang Perai Penang

Seberang Perai is now part of Penang. It has a history of being part of Kedah in Malaya. Then, Seberang Perai taken over by the British East India Company which ruled the Penang before the independence of Malaysia. That is why Seberang Perai is the port of Penang for exporting goods from Perai factories to the rest of the world. The Butterworth beaches in Seberang Perai, Penang, are well-known. Many people visit Pantai Bersih because it is a wonderful place to watch the sunset while also eating seafood.

My family and I picked the Lobster Village Seafood, which is located on the same road as other famous Pantai Bersih's seafood restaurants. You will enjoy the breeze while sitting on a large table on the sand with an amazing view of Penang's lights. When ordering seafood, be sure to specify how many kg or small/large sizes you want.

Lobster (M size)

Thai Grilled Fish

The parking area is large and free. It is suggested that you arrive early before the seafood restaurants grow busy in the late evening.

5. Visit Kampung Agong, a Malay-style village in the countryside

Kg Agong is a wide area of paddy fields in the village of Penaga, Seberang Perai, that depicts the lifestyle of old Malaysian kampungs. His owner, known to the villagers as Agong, created an environment filled with nostalgic antiques that brought back childhood memories of growing up in a small village. 

Many visitors enjoyed exploring Instagram-worthy spots, such as riding on a nice swing beside a green paddy field. And you enjoy seeing animals such as horses, geese, hens, and others.

I came upon a bunch of hanging nests that were inspired by the weaver bird's creation! Some children enjoy climbing up to the giant bird's nest. It was enjoyable when my mum and I took selfies in the landscape's green paddy field.

Ticket rates for the adults - RM10 and children (4-11 years old)-RM5.00. And for foreigners - RM18. Infant (0-3 years old) - free. When I presented my OKU identity card, I was only charged RM6 since I am a disabled & Deaf person.

Check out for more details at

If you are familiar with Penang island trips, then you can discover more hidden gems of Seberang Perai too! So, this is a good friendly outing with your family and kids over the long weekend since we need to show one other that we care about the children learning the best nature and enjoying eating together to strengthen our bond. 😊

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Fadima Mooneira said…
I miss traveling to Penang. The last time I visited there was in 2019. I hope I'll be able to travel to Penang again somewhere around this year. Insya-Allah.
Sis Lin said…
Awal tahun haritu ke Penang bercuti, tak kemana sangat, sebab habiskan masa rehat di resort aja... next nk hunting semua ni laaaa
bestnyaaa rindu kat penang... teringin nak datang lagi ke sini.. rindu nak makan kat penang
Nadia Johari said…
Lamanya tak pergi Penang.. Nak snagat lergi entopia, dengan tempat instagrammable tu. Boleh save entry you ni. Mana tau one day i nak pergi Penang
Hai. Eiza dari Penang. Thanks sebab kongsikan beberapa tempat best yang ada di Penang. Selamat berkenalan dari Eiza.
Marina Bashah said…
No. 5 tu ramai yang dah pegikan. Marina tak pegi lagi. boleh masuk dalam list ni
Rawlins GLAM said…
I have visited almost all except for Kg Agong. Next trip, I will go there for sure.
Rolling Grace said…
wow, the beautiful island of penang has so many amazing attractions and experiences to offer! after reading your article, i am so excited to try the seafood restaurants at Pantai Bersih. cannot imagine what's better than a delicious meal accompanied by the incredible sunset!
Sunshine Kelly said…
Yeah! there are so many places to explore in Penang, i m put some in my list to visit