The Fat Fish @ Mont Kiara

Salmon Steak (RM40)

I really love to eat my favorite, Salmon. It makes me taste a very good flavor when I taste the crispy of skin, combine with the soft salmon! They grilled salmon so carefully, and so not very deeply. so nice!  They also make potato mash mix with truffle, yummy! I like the truffle mash very much! It is also next to the sauteed mixed mushroom with teriyaki sauce. 

Salted Egg Pasta (RM32)

It has the smoked duck breast, ao nori ko powder in creamy salted egg sauce & parmesan cheese. I fall in love with the salted egg pasta in the thick of creamy cheese! It shocked everyone to feel a spicy chili from this dish! It is not boring because the spicy chilies go well with salted egg sauce! So we enjoyed it very much. I must be recommended the Salted Egg paste to pasta lovers! 

During the Chinese New Year lunch or reunion family dinner, many people believe in celebrating yee sang as a symbol of prosperity and abundance. Yee Sang "Lou Sang Lou Hei" (worth RM98) is introduced by The Fat Fish. This presentation of Yee Sang appears to be great. Wow, each slice of salmon was quite thick! The vegetables and shellfish were abundant in this yee sang. Dine-in, delivery, and take-out will all be offered at The Fat Fish's Yee Sang. When I get the opportunity next year, I like to order online for my family!

The Fat Fish is known for its thickly sliced fish and a variety of other delicacies. Because many Japanese and Korean people are living in the Mont Kiara neighborhood, most Japanese food lovers adore it. 

Green tea refills are available for free. When we seek assistance, the staffs are friendly! When we just used simple signs, one of the staff could easily understand what we ordered. After we were done eating, they also cleaned our table. 

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GF-06, 163 Retail Park,
8, Jalan Kiara, Mont Kiara,
50480 Kuala Lumpur

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