Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气 @ Old Klang Road, KL - Chinese New Year 2019 Dinner

Today, Chinese New Year 2019 Dinner brings in the New Year with as much good fortune as its' an important tradition to celebrate with your family as this festival will be coming soon in next month, February!! We'll be surrounded by our loving family and awesome food, because we are very welcome the prosperity, happiness and good fortune when we enjoy to eat a special "yee sang" with our family's favorite dishes at the Chinese restaurant! It is often considered the most important get-together meal of the entire year. If you and your family don't have enough time to prepare/ cook all dishes for big numbers of people at home, I recommended you to eat dinner at Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气 , which are located at the Old Klang Road near Mid Valley, Kuala Lumpur! 

Better to make reservation with them so earlier before or after Chinese New Year 2019 because all Chinese restaurants are mostly fully booked during this festival period! Youmiqi restaurant like to introduce about there are five types of set menus to choose for the reunion dinner, following the number of people dining per table - 4, 6, 8 or 10 pax. When you reach there, the space of parking are limited... Don't worry, they will provide the FREE valet service for the customers. They help you to find the parking slot!

My mom and I come into a private room, which are located at 2nd floor. There are 7 private rooms are prepared for a big family, 6 -10 pax. Everything is red in this room, so attractive! Their decoration of interior design are simple, using the traditional chinese-style with red and dark brown colour, match with the grey and red of soft chairs. I love to sit in my soft chair so very comfortable than sitting in the wooden chair! Old people sure like it!

If you and your friends still like to celebrate "yee sang" festival together, you all can try the special Lou Sang at Youmiqi Cuisine. They offered us to try the menu package, 十全十美套餐 RM1588 for 10 pax. See the photos below;
Appetizer - Chicken feet

Pan Fried Black Fungus with Paste (pork)

I used to eat the black fungus on many times. It is delicious when they added it into the vegetables so mostly, for Asian cooking only. Black fungus can also be a great ingredient for stir fry dishes. It is rich in essential nutrients and help to reduce cholesterol & control weight. You know, every woman like it so much because it also improve the skin tone, but it helps to reduce skin pigmentation with frequent consumption too! I surprised that it also can mix with the pork meat. Very tasty! Thumb up!

To start off with Flaming Prawn, my friends and I surprised to see the giant shrimps are "alive" when they put some in this wok! This shrimps soaked with the chinese wine before being lighted up in the flames until some shrimps become red so freshness!

Flaming Prawn

Fresh flaming shrimp ready to serve, fresh delicious~

Stewed Wok: Dragon Grouper, Clam, Cuttlefish, Meat Balls, Fu-Chuk, Yam, Baby Cabbage 

For soup lovers, you sure love the stewed wok so much because it is tasty when you drink this soup!

Braised Broccoli with Abalone Slice

Roasted Standing Ovation (Chicken)

First time, I saw a standing chicken when they served this dish! We can cut/slice this piece of chicken. I felt this chicken meat so very soft, it looks like the roasted chicken! It is okay only.

Special Spicy Crab

Hmm, it is not very spicy. It is not my favorite sauce. According to my mom, this is a typical Shunde Cuisine, (or Cantonese style dish) from South China's Guangdong province. I don't know much about the types of crab. Sorry but sometimes my family and I also love to eat crab when we celebrate our special birthday or reunion family only.

Mushrooms with Dried Oyster & Black Moss

Sweet & Sour Pork Rib

I surprised that no bones in this sweet & sour pork rib! It is easy to eat, especially young and old people sure like it! It is high recommended dish!

Salt & Pepper White Bait

Shun De Signature Dessert

Prosperous Lou Sang (Salmon)

The Prosperous Lou Sang (Salmon) uses fresh colorful ingredients! For, it looks like a giant fish! Haha... They used the freshly shredded vegetables of purple cabbage, celery, cucumber, leeks, onions, turnips, carrots and sprinkled with roasted peanuts and sesame seeds. We placed the salmon pieces on top, then we pour the special Youmiqi plum sauce around this lou sang dish... Be ready!

Interested to dine in the Youmiqi Cuisine 有米气? Come to book tables during CNY now before it is late! There are 2 sessions: 5.30pm or 8.15pm. Make reservation call at 016- 382 8778. You can whatapps:

There are 3 types of CNY menus are available in YouMiQi:


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