The Geek Gamer's Wish List | ShopBack Malaysia's 2nd Anniversary Birthday

Shopback Malaysia has announced their 2nd anniversary birthday celebration on last 22 February 2017, so they be thankful with the bloggers who help them to promote and still buy stuffs via Shopback so much. That is why Shopback like to grant the wishes of 10 lucky bloggers because they want to share a very joy, and imagination wish with you all so maybe you will be luckiest person which are chosen by Shopback Malaysia, then your most desired wish is coming true!

You can choose any products from the merchants via Shopback website, then they can pays you unlimited cash every time you shop to buy the gaming stuffs with their exclusive discounts, coupons and deals! It's REAL! You'll find it out - click here! 😍

Real?! We can get a FREE gift or cash prize?? WOWW!

Great! We always be grateful for all gifts which we received from our loved person on every time. If you want to make your gamer boyfriend, girlfriend, your gamer son, or gamer daughter genuinely happy, when you enjoy to get cashback from Shopback Malaysia! How? Let you explore my gaming's wishlist with Shopback's cashback ya!

First, we are looking for the Lazada store in the Shopback, then jus click on "Shop Now" on your favorite store only. See an example below;

Meow~! Let's become GEEK Gamer now! Just enjoy!
This is my list of geeky stuffs I want from the gaming hobby.

1. Playstation 4 from Lazada
I really love a very slim & stylish look of the PS4 into a true showpiece with this vertical stand. It can help me and the gamers to enjoy to play Playstation 4 for longer life and better function! Why every gamer want to own this PS4? It can connect the gamers who play the multiplayer games and also can update the social media or sharing the video which you played with your friends via Internet so cool! The 3D graphic are very clear, mean more powerful graphic cards, make the HDR resolution and color depth become better. And the PS4's dualshock 4 become friendly and easy to use since it is wireless controller, easy. That is why the gamer, like me need a very popular console, PS4 in Malaysia! The price on Lazada Malaysia is RM1349.00 with a free Dualshock 4 and warranty from Sony Malaysia.

2. BoboVR Z4 Virtual Reality from Aliepress

Nowadays, the gaming industry introduced the virtual reality (VR) to the first-time gamer who try to experience a real-life 360 degree environment when you absorb into your own virtual game world! Or you can watch 3D movies too. Curious about how to play with the VR headset? Easy only. Read my experience story, click link here. I fell love with VR games already once I test to play! That is why I added it in my wishlist. Well, the BoboVR Z4 are imported from China, as I like to try it out. My family can share it together. Surprisingly, this price is reasonable for Android/iPhone users who afford to buy it! In AliExpress, BoboVR Z4 priced at USD36.50, then when come to Malaysia, so RM162.41 only.
3. Pokemon Snorlax Bean Bag Chair from ThinkGeek
I am Snorlex fan for Pokemon! I really want to jump on a big Snorlex so much! It can help you to become sleepy when you are sleeping on this bean bag chair. And you also can spend time with Snorlex at same time, you are playing the Pokemon on your gameboy, or Nintendo 3DS, so cool! As you know, many ladies are crazy with Snorlex! No jealous, boyfriend guys ya! 😋 For Malaysia's price, it is RM667.38 from ThinkGeek (USD149.99). Want a Snorlex as your pet toy so much? Jom!

4. 360 Degree Wifi Action Cam from Cameralah
My family and I always travel to the oversea on many times. I saw many panorama video and images always uploaded by the photographers so very beautifully! Long time, I want to do this panorama video so much. With 360' degree environment, you can watch your full adventure around yourself when you are trekking with your girlfriend, cycle your bicycle with your family and do many activities as you want! This can store some panorama video and images as your sweetest memories in your life as you keep to remember forever! I found "360 Degree Wifi Action Cam" in Cameralah, just priced at RM328 only.

5. Steam Wallet Malaysia from GameOn
Many Malaysian gamers always use a popular Steam via Internet on any time! All of your favorite games you own are on the steam servers. You can install them on every computer, at any time you want. Some games, those that got full Steam support, have their save games in the cloud. They prefer to buy cheap prices with the discounts, compare to the prices from the games shop at outside. It let the players free to download the demo to test how before they buy it! I like to play my desktop with Steam because it is easy to use so free! You can found Steam Wallet at 7-eleven shop at anywhere. I lazy go to buy Steam at outside, so I order online so mostly. It's RM200 for your Steam wallet at GameOne website.
6. PS Vita from Lazada
My sisters and I used to play the gameboy on long time. Now, I like to buy a new PS Vita because I want to bring a lighter playstation portable, PS Vita to anywhere when I want go to my office or travel with my family. Sometimes I can kill my boring time while I wait for my friend who come to meet me at the cafe so it is easy to carry in my handbag. Soon, I also give away a gift, PS Vita for my nephew and niece in Australia when I visit them there. It is suitable for the gamers who used to travel oversea for business work. PS Vita in Lazada Malaysia offered at RM799, not bad!
 Which is one best I want? 360' Panorama Camera? Pokemon Snorlex Bean Chair? Steam Wallet? Meoww...

You know, Shopback Malaysia also can help Malaysian Gamers to get "Cash Back" by buying top games! Be Smart Wizard, you still can use your wisdom to earn money back on what you spend on the shopping online~

If I count the total of 6 items that I love to play, so I can get money back from Shopback like above, that is why you do not to be worry about your financial money. Because Shopback Malaysia can transfer your cashback to your local bank account so easy!


First, you need to REGISTER first - click link here. If you don't know how, you can follow what I do in my tutorial, click link here.
And You can Invite Your Friends via SHOPBACK then you get MONEY!

Thank you very much, Shopback!
Have a fun at Shopback Malaysia, ya! 
Don't mess with your lady who is a Brilliant Gamer! 😉🎮
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Woo.... I love your post! Especially the video on cats. I am also a cat person. Your wishlist is awesome for a geek and a Deaf like you.
Miera Nadhirah said…
that snorlax bean bag is just too cute.... can't believe i missed out on that... lol
Unknown said…
Ohh cool. You know what I should really start using Shopback, I just bought something at Aliexpress a few days ago. The 360 degree camera would be a great item for videos/youtube, I actually want it too.
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