My New Year's Gratitude. Bye, 2016!

Clap! Clap! Everyone will miss 2016 when they recall about what they did to complete their wishlist? How about you? Did you acomplished your mission before this end of year? No? You fail in your success or love life? Don't worry always! You sure will have a better chance on next year as your new of start! Remember, it is very important for you and your family gain a very great health and happiness. I always be grateful to my family who give their mentoring to me and they helped me so always, especially my dad, mom, and sisters who still stand at my side so very much. I am very thankful to them on everytime so, my life could be easier. 💓

Every year around this time, you always start every day by thinking of all the things, which you did in your life. I always get my blessing of a luck to grow up my experience as new lesson on everyday when I faced many challenges in my life! Thank you for your encouragement and postivie thinking, my best friends. Thank you for being patient with me if I did something make you upset and not happy! Thank you for your understanding, my family and friends. Thank you for making me open my eyes to going forward to new life. 💗

"My day begins with gratitude, joy, and postivite when I wake up from my bed on every day. More important, my key to happiness and fulfillment is gratitude. That is how I can be lucky as always!" - Selina Wing

I believe that you all always busy to chase how much you need to feel continue as you don't have enough, no matter you want to do on your own, for love, success or money, all cause just give you get emotional and nothing in your life. Why? Because you don't get anything without having gratitude. Don't always wait for someone come to help you. So, you always be smile, grateful, thankful, just give your good attitude when you be with your friends who dislike you. Always treasure your past and present life as you continue your life until now. This is your strength be strong. Let it go.  😘

Being Grateful on Everyday. 
Look at your dreams. Do Action. Be Happier

No matter my life is changing or not, I keep to be happy and be gratuful with everyone who I be friend with. I believe that my life will get a great rewarding. The Happiness is life’s biggest prize, and it’s a state of mind that comes from within your self. I believe in the miracle of happiness will come in our life as new year begins!
Being grateful so that I always know how incredibly lucky I am.

Be grateful so that each new experience is joyful instead of anxious. 

Be grateful that how incredibly blessed I am to live this life, to have such a wonderful family, teachers, mentors and best friends who guide me to be strong. They never let me be hurt, bullied by others, and they don't want me face the discrimination of disability since I born as disability person.

Be grateful that all of you who read my blogs here, Selina's Wing and Deaf Boleh! Malaysia.

Be grateful that I have a nice place to live with my family, and enough to eat. (I eat so much. Oh my! I gained more weight? Haha)

Wishing you a frest start, with your confidence for your new journey. I look forward to do my new year's wish for mindfulness and gratitude in 2017. Thank you for a great 2016 year!

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