Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant in Kota Kemuning Shah Alam

Kai's Plato born be first Seafood Multi-Tiers Steamed restaurant as they put a very healthy 100% seafood that serves good quality and fresh seafood to make the customers who enjoy and eat with their hands when there are different types of seafood in Kai's Plato Platter. They also want to make their own concept: “Hands and Table” of environment to create memorable experiences for our customers.

Thanks to Food Ink Malaysia, Woan Koon and I invited to attend Kai Plato's Gala launch, and surprised to see the lion dance there! There are many invited guests and VIPs also enjoyed to peek inside the second branch, Kai's Plato Seafood restaurant since we first time to visit a developed neighborhood town, Kota Kemuning in Shah Alam, Selangor.

When you enter into the Kai's Plato Seafood restaurant, you will see a lots of cute scallop shells on the wall, which are drawing or written about their customers' wishes for their future!

My good friend, Woan Koon and I drew the cartoon and promoted our blog website on the shells... We enjoyed to sketch anything as we like! Then, we glued on our scallop shells at the wall...If your kids who want to try it, you can bring them to dine in the Kai's Plato Seafood restaurant!

Kai's Plato Seafood offered 3 different platters; Sailor Platter for 2 persons (RM138.00++), Captain Platter for 4 persons (RM270.00++), and Kai's Jumbo Platter for 6 persons (RM390.00++). All prices are subjected to 10% and service charge and 6% GST. Each platter will be served in a pot with 3-4 tiers with different seafood, depends on what you want to choose. Include the add-ons of seafood by grams and also by piece. The platters would be served in a pot with 3-4 tiers and different seafood can be found at each tier .

Kai's Plato Seafood Platter comes in tiers, the first few top tiers are filled with succulent seafood and the last tier is our Kai’s aromatic seafood soup. The best way to enjoy the seafood platter is by eating tier-by-tier, start off with the top tiers of the seafood and then only savour the aromatic seafood soup with angel hair pasta to complete your meal. And the most tiers with more than 11 types of scrumptious fresh seafood in our Kai’s Seafood Platter.

When they opened the 1st tier of steam pot, I shocked to see a really attractive of seafood; abalone, fish, vegetable and oyster! So I felt that it is very good soft to bite all!

For second tier, Clam, Bamboo Clam, Squid and, Shrimps looks like my favorite!

3th tier of multi tier which was mussels, big head prawn and scallop. My friend love to eat a lot of scallops and mussels because all are her favorite as she grabbed it as quickly while I missed it! I think that Mussels looks as great!

The 4th tier of the multi tier which was shell, mud crabs and slippers lobsters. Many people want their favorites ; crabs and lobsters as it be finished in short time already. It is very softness of fresh inside the seafood when we eat it so delicious!

Last tier of steam seafood, which is also the “essence” of all the seafood juices dripped down and were concentrated into such a small amount of liquid...into the aromatic soup! Inside the soup also has a few other ingredients which give the soup even more sweetness like corn , carrot , cabbage and also enoki mushroom. It is suitable for the old people and kids who enjoy to eat this savoury of soup! If you need a rice bowl, you can add too.

Kai’s Chili Mussels

Spicy clam

Sandy Crabby. First time I bite this kind of small crabs so cute!

Crispy Calamari

Cajun Spiced Shrimp

They also have a variety of side orders for customers to choose from. Their crowd’s favourites are  Kai's Chilli Mussels, Sandy Crabby, Cajun Spiced Shrimp, Crispy Calamari, and Sambal Cockles, all cooked to perfection with their own secret recipe.

Kai's Plato Seafood Butter Lemon Chilli Sauce

Sambal Cili Sauce

Cajun Sauce

Pineapple Sauce

Kai's Plato introduced the different seafood with their own signature sauce, served with potatoes, carrots, corn and refillable rice. My most favourite of choice is Pineapple Sauce, so my friend and I always love to eat it alot! MUST TRY it!  I am okay with Butter Lemon Chilli, Cajun Sauce and Sambal Chilli Sauce only. Wow! My friend can eat a very spicy, Sambal Chilli, so for spicy lovers can order this sambal chili only! We'r crazy to bite & lick all crabs with our fingers!

Watermelon Lychee & Virgin Mojito

Wow, they also provided the Kai's Plato Wine Selection, so we love to try the red and white wine as delicious as we like to drink! Why? Because Kai's Plato offers Red wine and White wine for Ladies Night promotion (6pm - 11pm for RM 5 per glass), at same time, you can now enjoy happy hour wine buffet (RM38 pax) at Kai’s Plato from 6pm - 10pm on every Thursday to Friday! Next time, we can bring our girl friends who are crazy about wines and beers when we are free to celebrate our ladies night!

When you plan to do a surprise of birthday celebration with your family and friends, so there are an awesome Birthday Rewards with FREE 1 Bottle of Makkoli Rice Wine that you will get. Remember to redeem it before 3 days to reach your birthday dateor after the actual date. And Kai's House Pouring Red Wine, RM50 (Retail RM80) if your birthday prince or princess who are wine lover!

While we, bloggers enjoyed to drink red wine so awesome! At same time, we explained by the founders about why they used the "Kai’s Plato"? “Kai” actually signifies ocean in Welsh and coincidentally is the middle name of their chef. “Plato” is a philosopher that also translated as plate at the same time. In a nutshell, the name Kai’s Plato means Ocean’s Philosopher who yearns to create an oasis of seafood retreat for the patrons of Klang Valley. So that is what they want to make everyone to be happy when they filled their full stomach with their "hands on table" dining of experience. They don't afraid to bite/touch their favorite of seafood during their wonderful enjoyment!

Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant was founded in September 2017, located at Kota Damansara, Selangor. Secondly, they have opened a new outlet at Kota Kemuning, Shah Alam.


Kai's Plato Seafood Restaurant, Kota Kemuning
No. 31G & 33G, Jalan Anggerik Aranda BG 31/BG, Kota Kemuning, 40460 Shah Alam, Malaysia
Operation Hours: Mon- Sun 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 12am

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Another branch at Kota Damansara:
No. 12, Jalan PJU 5/1, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia
Operation Hours: Mon- Sun 12pm – 3pm and 6pm – 12am

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