The Champ Kitchen Restaurant @ Kepong, Kuala Lumpur

I like to say a big thanks to Mr Derrick, who is a very friendly organizer and Kakalina, my blogger friend because they invited me and my good friend, Woan Koon to taste the pork meals at The Champ Kitchen which are located in Kepong on last year, 2015. This restaurant is not halal, as they provided the pork meat only. Do not worry, they also give you to eat the chicken, mee and rice if you don't want to eat pork meat.

You will spot a very cute porky decorative - a mommy and two small pigs who celebrated the Christmas to make you feel be happy to see it when you just start to enter The Champ Kitchen there.

It is easy to get know about where its pork meat come from the pig's body when you learned every part of pig could be consumed?

The environment of Chinese traditional shop are simple and nice for every family who enjoyed the pork meal during the day and night. For me, it is very comfortable, you just take easy to sit at any table under yellow lighting at anywhere in this restaurant, since all tables are suitable for big or small group and family. I can see a lot of Chinese words on the display of photo or menu at the walls. My Deaf friend and I cannot read all Chinese because no one teach us the Chinese language in the Deaf school.

I get to know about The Champ Kitchen restaurant which 4 generation of family owned that also used a secret of family's heritage recipe to serve a famous signature dish, "Clayout Pork Knuckle". I saw the chefs who cook around 100 - 150 pork knuckles in a big wok in the history images at the wall. That is why this special dish become the customers' favorite in the Klang Valley.

If you order the Special Signature dish "Clayout Pork Knuckle", you can choose the add-ons side dishes with your meal. I felt that they provided a good reasonable prices for a family who share some dishes together. The Add-ons sides; Hot Spring Egg, Ham Choi, Pork Knuckle Slice, Mui Choi, Rice or Crispy Pork Lard, around RM2-6 only.  You can choose the sizes; small, medium or large with different prices. Or prefer  Drunken Pork Knuckle (RM55).

We added 6 hot spring eggs, each are RM2. I love the rich flavour and good smell of sauce from "Claypot Pork Knuckle". I not always eat the pork meat but, it attracted me to enjoy this special claypot dish! If it have the fried buns, I sure put it in the claypot! I bite this pork meat so very soft, without rice. Normally, I put a pork meat into my rice.

Minced Meat Omelette (RM10)
I like the minced pork meat so very much. With an omelette egg, it is very delicious! They just mix the eggs with the minced meat, then it looks as yellow/brown minced meat. It is highly recommended for you and your family.

White Jade Gralic Mash, RM28
I saw this new dish is very special as the jelly essential on the marinated three layer pork so beautiful. I surisped that the house sauce which are very spicy after I dip it..but, it is very salty! My friend and I don't like too many salt on the pork meat.

Crystal Knuckle, RM18 - new menu
I feel that it is handmade dish because I noticed that it take some time to boil the pork knuckle with broth, until it become jelly form, I don't know how much long hours to do it, then it served as cold dish. In my mouth, I did feel soft jelly pork so delicious when I dip it with the house made sauce.

Fishy Golden Brick, RM8 - new menu 
For me, it looks as japanese sushi but it is beautiful deco because the fish roe with spring onion on the top of the golden brick. the seasoning shred pork be at middle, so I get know that this is crispy deep fried Tau Fu Bok.

If you are boring with all pork dishes, you love to eat chicken? Then, you can try their special chicken from the The Champ Kitchen! It looks as the poached chicken. I see this chicken was nicely cooked so well. It gives a nice aromatic taste but, it get salty abit.

Soft Boiled Century Egg, RM6
My family used to love the boiled century egg, but I not like it. But I tried to eat this special century egg because it looks very good and different from the normal boiled centry egg, so I found out that it imported from Hong Kong!

Hong Kong Style Dried Oyster, RM15
This is new menu that Mr Derrick told us... I like the minced meat with the dried oyster with the Hong Kong style sauce so much! I glad that it is not very salt. I happy that this dish is very delicious! I saw the dried oytser inside the minced meat! Easy to bite so soft. Thumb up! I recommended that you better to try it out!

Pork Neck Skewer, RM9
I shocked to see it is different taste than normal dish! For me, I thought that it is satay because they always sell satay chicken, beef or fish or anything can, but the pork neck meat is really new! But, there are too many salt than pepper!

Fried Man Tao Buns
I like to eat the fried soft bun with the braised pork sauce. It also have sweet inside the bun too. It reminded me to eat the Hong Kong style buns?

Pork Hind Rice, RM10

Pork Hind Noodle, RM10

Asam Choy, RM12

Ginkgo Pepper Pork Tripe Soup, RM22

Lamb Belly Pot, RM38

Pork Lard Noodle, RM6

Pork Lark Rice, RM3
I really like the pork lard rice so very much because it is mixed so delicious, so it can add in if you order the Clayout Pork Knuckle.

Garlic Fried Rice, RM6

The Premium Truffle Bacon Ice Cream and Homemade Sea salt Green Tea Ice Cream make me and my friend shocked! Why the homemade ice-cream are very salty??  Maybe The Champ Kitchen used the traditional recipe to make the handmade ice-cream, but it not lose the sweet. I hope that salt and sweet should be half/ fair, please NO to "more salt"! Lucky, I like Truffle Bacon Ice Cream so better.

Be honest, I don't know that this restaurant existed in the Taman Perindustrian KIP already since my family and I used to the night market on sometimes. Next time, I will bring my dad, aunts and sisters to try it when I am free! I will encourage my Deaf friends to try this too, ya!

The Champ Kitchen
No 19 Jalan KIP 1
Taman Perindustrian KIP
52200 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03 - 6275 1919

Opening Hours:
Monday to Saturday - 11.30am to 8pm
Sunday - 9am to 7pm

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