Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery Cafe @ Bandar Menjalara, Kepong

What? I need to drink this fruit juice via the bulb light? Cool! This is A.B.C.D (Apple, Banana, Carrot, Dragon Fruit mixed together) @ RM11.50. It make us surprised to get free bulb light if we want to bring it back home! The juices served at Take Eat Easy are served in light bulbs only! I tasted a fresh and real fruit juice because it’s placed in an icy water, make the juice in a bulb light be cold only. My good friends first time to see it.

Before my friend's wedding at church, they really need the breakfast early, so we are looking for the Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery and Cafe are near the Tesco Village, Kepong. We surisped to see a cute mascot character of Take Eat Easy are welcoming the customers?

It is very cute when we ladies busy to take photo around him! I felt that he is naughty boy, and enjoyed to pose with us in a photo below. I don't know what is the type of character. Never mind, we just went in the Take Eat Easy Modern Bakery and Cafe as we are curious!

The cafe get a very nice and comfort environment under the beautiful lighting, like a real modern bakery! We can see a lot of handmade bread, cakes and pastry by Take Eat Easy pastry chefs. The price around the bread are reasonable, okay.

It make the customers fell love with this bakery area, especially the kids always walk around and check the bread so very cute! There are bear & dog bread, and  green tea or chocolate bread, or many different make you want to buy what you like! 

But, the bread are sold out so quickly as the customers came to buy a lot after they finished their breakfast. My friend and I finished at 12 noon, but we noticed the half bread area are empty already! That is why you better to buy it so early. I don't know if they can serve more bread again after the lunch time.

I also see many beautiful cakes, make me drool... I want to eat it! The price of cakes are expensive? Maybe their tasteful cake are delicious. When we are inside the cafe, we see a very beautiful counter with a name, "Take Eat Easy" near kitchen area. Luckily, we no need to be queue so long because we came to this cafe so very early morning! If not, you have to wait about 10 - 20 minutes to have a seat because every weekend, this cafe "Take Eat Easy" always get many people come in, so full!

My good friends and I decided to sharing the Might Breakfast, priced RM26.80+, it have omelette egg, chicken mushrooms sausage, turkey or beef bacon, sauteed mushrooms, baked beans, cherry tomatoes, hashbrown and salad with bread. It worth big! It is very nice for us to eat together.

Be honest, we feel like in the futuristic mixed with the luxury royal styled cafe. But, we feel the light come through the big windows, however this dining of environment get dark a bit..

My good friends and I felt comfortable when we took the seat chair. Nice, we see everything are clean and simple when we enjoyed to chat-chit together. We also like a very beautiful design of Take Eat Easy Modern Cafe.

My best friend love to drink a coffee because she always sleepy on every morning. She ordered a latte coffee, then her coffee served so beautiful! Her mood become good when she enjoyed to drink it! My friends and I enjoyed to take photo each other while we are waiting for two guys who are late coming to Kepong!

I think that my friends ordered a smoked duck pizza? I am not sure, because I forget to ask them for a name of pizza. I know that this cafe is free-pork. He told me that a pizza get 1/6, so each person get 3 since James and his friend late come and rush to eat one pizza only! It is enough for sharing by two persons.

I felt that their service was good and friendly as the staffs are patient with us when they get to know about we are Deaf/ Hearing impaired. A waiter always make sure if we ordered the dishes so correct. They don't want to make few mistakes when they have miscommunication problem with us sometimes. We also happy with their understanding to make us enjoy to eat so much!

I advised you come early morning because I shocked to see many people to eat the breakfast in the cafe! You can park your car near Tesco Village only.

Take Eat Easy
Ground Floor-2, Wisma Fiamma,
No.20, Jalan 7A/62A, Bandar Menjalara
52200, Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-6263 3623 / 03-6262 3976
Business hours: 8.30am to 10.30pm

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Maple Shuh Hong said…
wow~~~ I like to eat pastries!! and the human figure tea sachet is so special!!
Adeline Lee said…
What a cool cafe huh... The pizza looks yummy! its so cheesy!
Miera Nadhirah said…
Wow... so nice love the mascot and all the cute stuff they add it to it... nice ambience... want to go check it out
Ayue Idris said…
i spot brown LINE! is it? cute..btw, the juice in light bulb, its not easily broken?
5 Little Angels said…
I'm staying nearby to Manjalara and don't know got such place to get delicious pastries. Will pay my visit there this weekend.
Selina Wing said…
Advised to come early morning before lunch time. The pastries always sold out! O.O
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, not easy broken when it cold..
仙妮 said…
delicious look pastries :) I like their shop name :) take eat easy!
cheers, siennylovesdrawing
Pamela Yeoh said…
looks good. wish to go and try d
Caroline said…
whoa not bad! Big breakfast looks good too!
Sunshine Kelly said…
Did not know that Kepong has such a nice cafe. Really like overseas cafe.
Leona Lim said…
wah so many kinds of pastries, i would go crazy and eat everything
Ivy Kam said…
I have been hearing so much good reviews about this place, would like to try out too :)
Isaac Tan said…
always taking it easy.. haha, what a quirky name
The food and drink look so cute! Must visit it next time we go Menjalara
Arisa Chow said…
so many delicious pastry variety they have to offer, should visit this place one day
cre8tone said…
The mentol looks cute. pastry with lots of variety! Nice nice!
Anonymous said…
Wow! The food looks so great! And the venue is so cool! Love the pizza!
Rawlins GLAM said…
The pastries look yumy! A very innovative idea to put the juices inside the bulb.
Pui San said…
Was looking for great caffe shop at Kepong area and I found your post to be useful! Thanks :)