MOKU Grilled & BBQ @ Oasis, Ara Damansara

Recently there has been quite a number of Japanese restaurant budding out everywhere, and the latest Japanese restaurant in Oasis Damansara is MOKU! A place where people can hang out after work, it serves alcohol and skewers that are suitable for supper and a group of friends to gather together. 

The interior are nicely decorated with vintage feel. Different types of metal plate displays are hanging on the wall and some of the displays are really authentic with classic feel. Various types of fresh flower are displayed on each table to brighten up ones day. I really like the design of the shop and the flowers really work its charm on me!

The menu are also handwritten on the wall to allow the customer to order the food. If they have any promotions, they will write it on the wall, so remember to check out the wall for any new menu! 

The first thing that caught my eyes from the menu is the drinks, specifically the detox drinks! The detox drinks are from Juicer Cafe, not made by MOKU. There are 4 flavours available namely Power of 3, Fireball #3, Immunity and Citrus. I like the Immunity Detox Juice the most! It has a fresh citrus taste like orange and everything with orange will never go wrong! 

MOKU has many different types of skewers and snakes. The have variety of skewers ranging from vegetables, chicken, pork, lamb, beef and seafood. The seafood snacks that I have tried are Fried Baby Shrimps, Surime Ika and Grilled Scallops. Surime Ika was the best octopus that I have tried. It was soft and chewy and it has a distinct taste grilled charcoal taste. 

Surime Ika - RM20

Grilled Scallop

Fried Baby Shrimps

For the chicken snacks, I have tried the Fried Winglets and Baked Spring Chicken. Fried Winglets is marinated with herbs and was fried till its crispy and crunchy. I love the crispiness of the skin and fried food will always taste the best! When the Baked Spring Chicken was served, I was surprised as how small the chicken is! It was indeed a real spring chicken! The meat is really soft and it has a distinct marinated herbs taste which is not to my liking. 

Fried Winglets

Baked Spring Chicken

They serves many different kind of skewers from chicken, pork, lamb to beef! For the chicken skewers, I have tried the Cheese Tsukune, Liver, Gizzard and Wings. Cheese Tsukune is the best chicken skewer as it has cheese melt that you can see when you bite it. Wings taste okay but the Gizzard and Liver are something different. If you are not a fan of eating internal organs of chicken, then this might mot be suitable for you because it has a very chewy and weird after taste.

For the pork skewers, I have tried the Pork Belly, Pork Belly Sliced with Tomato, Pork Belly Sliced with Enoki Mushroom, Pork Belly Slice with Scallops. All the pork skewers are so yummy especially the pork belly sliced that wrapped on something. It was really juicy and the terriyaki sauce that they drizzled on the skewers really compliment the taste! I also tried the Salmon skewer which also has terriyaki sauce that compliment it really well.

If you think that they don't serve any main course, then you are wrong! I am surprised that they serve Terriyaki Japanese Tofu! I really like the tofu because it is really soft and it was grilled before served. Drenched with the terriyaki sauce and sprinked with seaweed, it tofu is really a must try! Somehow I think everything that has the terriyaki sauce really taste the best!

If skewers and snacks are not fulfilling enough, they also serves main course spaghetti. I have tried the Seafood Spaghetti and Bacon Spaghetti with Olive. Both tasted okay but I must say that the prawns in the Seafood Spaghetti is really fresh!

Seafood Spaghetti

Bacon Spaghetti with Olive

Overall, MOKU is a nice cosy little restaurant that is great for friends hangout and after work place. The price is very reasonable for the skewers so you can actually order and try out all kind of skewers when dining in the restaurant.

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Miera Nadhirah said…
Yummy looking food and nice ambience atmosphere... I would visit this place too... but Ara Damansara is not somewhere I normally go...
Anfield Yee said…
Love the food selection here, and another place for me to go there and try it out :D
5ft Wanderess said…
Nice interior and the food looks yummy. Might check it out soon :)
Yummy! The bbq squid looks so delicious!
GengQian said…
interesting food choices with brilliant decor. will drop by soon!
Caroline said…
For such reasonable price, I don't mind visiting this place to try out all the yummy skewers! :D
wfc said…
the seafood look so yummy!! i should visit moku too!!
Betty's Journey said…
This place is nice and I love the food in Moku
Rawlins GLAM said…
The food looks good but Ara is way out of my normal travelling area. Will let my friends who live there know about the place.
elliecleffairy said…
Oh yums. The food seems so yummy. Makes me feel so hungry now.
仙妮 said…
Your photos here all very nicely potray the foods served. Tasty to eat :) Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing