Eat & Mix Drink In Science Lab @ Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro, Bandar Manjalara, Kepong KL

Love to do the experiments in the lab when you be scientist?
Since I was observed the science experiment by my eldest sister who took her course, Science class in her secondary school, it make me also want to be smarter, just like my favorite scientist, Isaac Newton? You really want to do your own research with used the science equipments like dropper, gas jar, beaker, flask, suckion flak, measuring cylinder, and etc? Come to Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro in Kepong. Let's explore what are inside this cafe!

 I took this photo so unlucky, the rain came..T.T

"It was never easy to have a certain rule or guideline to start a F&B business. This is why we now have a Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro in Bandar Manjalara. It is the very new addition café to this neighborhood. As the name stated, it is one of the very new concept in the market too. Everything is still being tested out, be it the food or drinks." - Tester Laboratory Cafe & Bistro,

I heard from my mom, that this cafe just started their business on last month, June 2015. I used go to eat steamboat with my friends in Kepong on many times, because Kepong is famous with steamboat and Chinese restaurants. First time, Kepong welcome new cafes come to expand this area! It is not easy for the cafe owners who attracted more customers, compared to Chinese restaurants used to have a lot of customers.

According to this cafe's owner, the interior is designed to be simple and have white & black color for the furnitures only, includes the pipes with lighting so black, cool. So, it be suitable for the theme laboratory and science. You know, the scientists always wear white lab coat..When you are waiting for your food, you can play the games with your friends.

They get their creative concept to do new drink & food, make you will be served with the imported laboratory beaker, flasks, test tubes or let you touch this to mix your drink! This concept make you feel be impressed in Tester Laboratory. Many youngsters who love to see the science equipment, and make them recall about their science class in the school! 

Tester laboratory focuses the Western cuisine, included the local food. They still tried their best to make more local order to suit the customers' food preference.

 L-R: Mixberry, Yam , Choco Orea, Chocolate MilkShake

I like the MilkShake drinks so colorful, more than 500ml and have 2 big scoop of ice cream and full cream milk so wow... For who love to drink the Ice-blended with ice-cream drink, you can try a popular Mix Berry MilkShake (RM15), make us fall love with the milky taste inside the Mix Berry! I decided to choose my favorite Chocolate MilkShake, so I tasted so very chocolate milk!

Tester Bloody Mary, RM25
Again, the special drink make you love to pour and mix it in the beaker on your own...! You should try one of the special drinks; Tester Bloody Mary and Tester Screw Driver. I see one flask filled with the tomato juice and the two test tube on the right, one filled with Tabasco sauce, another one - Vodka. I feel like be student to learn how to do the science...

Tester Screw Driver, RM25
Another flask filled with fresh orange juice and the two test tube, one filled with Lemonade, another one filled with Vodka. I feel it is very lemon than orange! I am not familiar with this unique taste. So weird name of this drink!

Peach Tea, RM13

If you want to share with your friends to drink the tea, I suggested that you drink the Peach tea but I don't like it, but it is very healthy tea because no sweet inside the tea pot, but it is really nice smelly of natural fragrant from this teapot, and it can be refill again. There are 3 types of flower tea, Peach Tea, Apple Tea and Lemon Grass Tea.

 L-R: Green Apple Mojito and Virgin Colada
Best recommended Mojito drink; Virgin Colada and Green Apple Mojito, each one RM 12 only. My mom really love Green Apple Mojito because the juice are real, like more green apple! I prefer red apple than green..Hehe.

You really need a hot drink? Then, you can order a Hot Chocolate with Marshmallow, RM14

We feel that every drink also are best in this cafe! How about Tester's food? You can choose chicken, pork or lamb as you love to eat! There are suggestion food for you, see my awesome photos make you drool so very much. Each western food come out with fries and vegetables...

Cheese Pork Chop, RM15.50
This is my favorite pork chop with cheese, so delicious..It is very soft to bite! I noticed that the cheese and ham are inside in the rolled of pork chop. Just like cordon blue chicken chop... When I cut the fried pork chop, the soft cheese melt yummy! I want to eat more.

Tester Signature Chicken - RM14.50
The chicken chop get unique sauce - spicy! Normally, the chicken chop at other cafes, get the different sauces; mushroom, black pepper, and others.. They tried to make their own specialty sauce with chili padi...I tasted so very hot spicy when I ate it so wow! My good friend, Woan koon likes the spicy chicken chop..she eat the spicy chicken a lot! I cannot.

Fried Pork Ribs - RM23.90
I not used to eat the ribs, but it make me liked it more already! I feel this taste of cooking really good.. the ribs smell so good, so soft since it is cooked so deeply! It also have salty sesame sauce, looks as mayo sauce! My mom and good friend also liked it too. But, my mom said it is dry meat...

Lamb Shank - RM27.90
This price are good reasonable so everyone afford to eat this lamb shank as they try! My mom told me that this chef focus to cook from he proper washing, boiling, hitting, stewing and seasoning step, so wow.. My mom love the lamb so much.

Tester Spaghetti Carbonara - RM15
I love to eat it because the creamy sauce also be thick so delicious, but the spagehetti are dry.

Tester Nasi Lemak with Ayam Goreng - RM10.90
This is local Malaysian food can served during all time - breakfast, lunch and dinner. As nasi lemak lover, I like the sambal sauce when I mix it with rice. You can order it if you don't like the western food. Normally, the older people want more local food, right?

 Nice, I like cute animal stuffs and the orange peel as the decoration of cylinder.

I just know about they are pet friendly then, my mom asked this question to the owners! They allowed the owner who bring their own pet as we glad that the owners are animal lover too. Maybe I will bring my pet cat, Miu Miu to this cafe? Hehe.

As we know, all imported beakers, test tubes and others are expensive! Still, it is new concept in the F&B industry, but it is not easy for them because there are many cafes also set up in the Klang Valley so fast! Next time, I will bring my Deaf friends who try it in Kepong when I am free.

Get to know more and check out at their facebook:

Tester Laboratory Cafe
48, Jalan 8/62A, Bandar Manjalara,
55200 Kepong, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.
Tel : +6014 603 0638
Business Hours: Mon-Sun 11.30am – 11.30pm
Please email them at Tester.c.laboratory[at] if you want to make reservation for your big group.

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Pamela Yeoh said…
this looks good . will try them soon
Unknown said…
I will visit this restaurant on 28th Nov. :) Will try the food and drink intro by you.
FiSh said…
Glad to see cafes that serve pork there :P i kinda miss chemistry after looking at the drinks
Miera Nadhirah said…
what a great idea.... serving drinks and all in test tubes and such... too bad it serves pork so I can't try it out... will share with my chinese readers
Aliza Sara said…
Such an interesting concept! sounds like a great place for doctors to chill ;)
Miriam said…
Haha interesting concept eating using la b oratory utensils! The food looks pretty good too and the price quite reasonable.
cre8tone said…
Wow! I like this concept... Gonna do experiment and dine!
renaelyng said…
Nice concept! Did you feel like a scientist when you where there? A tad far from my place though haha,
5 Little Angels said…
Chocolate Milkshake looks tempting. Since it is near to my house, will check this out this weekend.
Bella Enveeus said…
Alamak in Kepong. If only it is closer to me. I haven't got into a lab for so long, would've loved to be at this one, even though just to mix drinks. Hahaha!
The concept is interesting. Must be a fun place to go with friends!
nurmisnan said…
i dah try.. not bad. boleh tahan.. sedap
nak terjah lagi
Betty's Journey said…
This is a place that i really want to explore. I found the name of the cafe so special and the way the food preparation is unique.
Isaac Tan said…
eh, so unique la.
like in a science lab, with the injections and all.
Wilson Ng said…
Kepong!! Those milkshakes do look good and i love milkshake. to be frank the prices of the food are reasonable.
Leona Lim said…
So interesting the concept to make it look like a science lab in everything but lots of colors used in the drinks
jessytheklchic said…
I been meaning to try out this place! But it is so far from me. their cocktails looks amazing btw :D
Ivy Kam said…

Eh, so interesting the concept, like how they serve the drinks funny funny :)
Anfield Yee said…
So many things I'd loveeee to try here! Their milkshake looks so sinful lol.
仙妮 said…
very special concept of cafe :) the lab testing equipment used to serve the drinks & foods recall my secondary school time memories :) Cheers, siennylovesdrawing
Shiv B said…
What an interesting concept. Definitely one for the books in terms of giving them a try. The chocolate milkshake looks so tempting too.