Imperial Rama, Thai-Chinese Cuisine Restaurant @ Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) in Maxims Hotel, Genting Highlands

Last weekend, I was invited to visit the Resorts World Genting. I had the opportunity to dine an unique and galactic culinary food, prepared by Chef Andy Seng from Imperial Rama Restaurant. Imperial Rama is located at the level 2, Maxims Hotel, and is currently participating in Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2015 with the theme "Galactic Chefs! 2015: A Food Odyssey".

I am happy to get my great dining experience with my mom, Secret-Spices . I enjoyed tasting the very premium food in Imperial Rama very much. Imperial Rama took part in the Malaysia International Gourmet Festival (MIGF) 2015. They make sure that every diner enjoy to discover and bring the journey of taste of cooking by showcasing the passion of their culture food.

I felt that Chef Andy Seng is multi talented and had incredible skills to do many jobs. He did a great job of producing a fantastic beautiful set of menu, from appetiser, soup, entree, main course, and lastly dessert. Make you curious about his Cantonese cuisine? You can see my photos below;

First, Appetiser - Crystal Prawn (Joh. Jos Prum Kabinett Riesling 2012)
First it make me amazed, to see avocado roll with tuna at one side. I really love this avocado tuna, it is so yummy. I see a piece of seaweed? No, it is actually made from glutinous flour and charcoal. There is a huge tiger prawn which is bigger than normal ones. It is soo big white and succulent that I didn't realise that it is prawn. The salmon caviar (Ikura) is placed on topped gives it an added color and flavor so well. It is beautiful dish and the freshness the minute you bite into it.  

Soup - Double-boiled 6 Head Abalone with Dried Maca & Chicken Soup
This is praised by all my friends there! It is the most favourite soup by everyone, including me and my mom! First time, I heard about dried maca, a medicinal herb are imported in from Peru, expensive and we were told it is very nourishing for ladies.

The chef used the free-range chicken to further enchanced the taste of the soup. It is important to stew soup for 3 hours first individually, then Abalone from South Africa was added and steamed for 2 hours. I was very happy to eat a very premium Abalone because it limited, exclusive in Imperial Rama only. This soup gives a very strong aroma of herb, and it sets my mouth salivating and I felt the desire to go eat again by the thought of it now.

Next, Entree - Baked Golden Pomfret with Chef Sauce (Domaine A. et P. de Villaine Bourgogne La Digoine 2011)
The chef used Golden Pomfret (Kam Cheong Yu) fish that is baked in the oven. Later, they put the chef's BBQ sauce on the fish, so I felt this sauce is like sweet & sour. There is also vegetables, tomatoes and calamansi juices. I really love the sweet fish, so it is very delicious.

Main Course - Stuff Sea Cucumber with Noodle Cheese Sauce.
I felt that the stuff sea cucumber mix with meat and prawn is just the correct bite size. The sea cucumber is specially chosen from the very best, imported from Dalian, China. Then there is a long process of washing, soaking, stuffing with meat and prawn, cooking to the right temperature to make it so mouth watering and tasty.

And served with the noodles "Song Fa Mien" from Taiwan, which is cooked with parmesan cheese. That is why I can feel cheese sauce in my mouth the minute I put the noodles in my mouth.

This noodles must be blanched slowly in low heat so that the side will not become soft too fast. There is also green vegetables. It is healthy dish.

Finally, Dessert - Bird's Nest with Mango Puree & Snow Mango Mochi

I always like to eat my favourite, Japanese mochi. This is a new type of mochi, very new dessert, especially with bird's nest on the top of mango juice drink.

My sisters and I really love the bird's nest so much. I like the sweet mochi with fresh cream and mango inside, so yummy! Great.

The Imperial Rama Festival Menu is available for this month, until 25 October 2015 only. The Selling priced at RM338 nett (without wine pairing) and RM468 nett (with wine pairing). Popular favourite menus may continue to be on the restaurant's menu.

If you dine in the Imperial Rama, you will get the door gift as complimentary souvenir. And selected wines or champagnes get 10% discount on 1st bottle, and 20% discount on 2nd. You will get complimentary Genting Signature "Pu Er" Chinese Tea when ordering from Festival Menus. If you bring more than 10 persons in your group, you will get upgraded private room.

My mom and I took photo with Chef Andy Seng from Imperial Rama Restuarant. 

And you can watch the youtube about MIGF because Chef Andy Seng  become one of Galactic Chefs for this year! Cool. For more information on MIGF , log on to


Oh ya, wait! There are more things that I went to explored in the Resorts World Genting again, you enjoy to read below;

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Miera Nadhirah said…
Oh wow... I haven't been to this restaurant yet... but the surroundings and the food look pretty scrumptious....
cre8tone said…
The dish looks so yummy!~ I love chinese cuisine all the while!
Emily said…
The food looks more Chinese than Thai when none is spicy. I just had Thai food a few days ago and I can still imagine its sting. :)
Jessying said…
Food looks great but not cheap though! The soup looks really delicious!
FiSh said…
Still something closer to the taste of traditional home cooked food is the best ;) am tempted to try this fusion thai-chinese food too!
ok, this entry make me hungry now...

Aliza Sara said…
This is some serious imperial dining! Must be expensive!
wow so yummy food, sure need to go try some day. Missing Genting lot.
Janice Yeap said…
the abalone looks good! aww.. too bad i missed it..
Isaac Tan said…
that abalone... drools :P

such luxurious food and settings
Pamela Yeoh said…
wow.. the abalone.. yummyz
Mike Yip said…
Looks nice but whenever I go up to Genting, it's usually past midnight and we are more busy trying to get up and down Genting than to really go into any of the hotels/malls to try anything.
Shiv B said…
Love the vibe and the variety of food at the restaurant. Should give this a go the next time I am up at Genting :)
Arisa Chow said…
Such lavish cuisine that I don't think I can afford haha. But another option to consider for big celebrations near future :)
jessytheklchic said…
Crystal prawns looks so big and juicy. looks like a good place for family gatherings :D
nurmisnan said…
Look tasty.. lovely dish
Rawlins GLAM said…
Can I have to soup to go please?
Sunshine Kelly said…
I like the soup, they are the best when i attended the MIGF gala. I think I had 2 bowls of that.
Ivy Kam said…
Perhaps I should give this restaurant a go, the foods really look delicious :)
Leona Lim said…
wow great blessing to be able to dine there, we go genting only can eat maggi lol!