Buffet BBQ Bobogo Steamboat, Kota Damansara with Ensogo Malaysia

My Deaf friend, Woan koon, and I invited by Ensogo with Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant to attend the blogger's food review for dinner (RM59.80 weekday dinner Ensogo voucher). First time, we are having a great experience to try something new like we try to steam, grill and cook inside the multi-tier steamboat. You can spot it so easily if you went to The Strand street just near Sunway Giza. I see the customers can choose to eat inside or outside the Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant restaurant. There are many preparation food varieties inside this restaurant, such as different of meat, vegetables, and seafood, ice-cream, tea boiling egg, dim sum, pau, grilled food, chocolate fondue and a lot! It can give best choices to your friends and family who enjoy to eat anything as they want more!

This voucher available from 1 Aug until 31 Aug 2015
Interested to buy the voucher worth from RM 50, for 2-6 Pax All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Steamboat Lunch / Dinner Buffet by Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant? I give away promo code: SELINAAPP ( limited time until 15 Aug 2015, for Ensogo Android only) for you all, you can use my code to RM 20 off on the price RM 50 for 2 pax - Weekday Lunch voucher Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant, then you can pay RM30 only on Ensogo Android phone, how? See my tutorial - link here. It's best affordable price for you! It allow the unlimited food which you can get more as you love. You can bring your family; 2 - 6 persons to try the Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant @ Kota Damansara.

First, we welcomed by the staffs to sit on a table with the multi-tier steamboat. As we explained by Bobogo's owner, my friend, Woan Koon and I was told about:
  • First tier at top is used to steam your food, such as pau, dimsum or seafood.
  • Second tier is used for food placing where you want the food warm to be ready to eat.
  • Third tier - grill and pan-fried, make us enjoy to eat BBQ grilled food!
  • Fourth - bottom tier is used to cook with 2 soups; spicy and normal.
Then, we check different variety of food which we want to take.... We can request the seafood will be pan-fried by a staff. After this, an owner who explained to us about how each the tier works, then he suggested us the best way to cook the food.

You can request the sliced meat if you want the chicken, beef or mutton. It only be limited 30 plates for each steamboat pot table. Try it!

You can see a lot of varieties, and get free flow drinks, ice-cream, blended fruit-ice, ice-cream potong. chocolate fondue, and marshmallow. The kids sure love to eat a lot of blended ice sherbet.

Oh yeah, you can get to choose which is one of your favourite sauces; garlic, thai spicy, salt, butter, chili and spicy, sweet, etc or many sauces can be mixed together if you want.

If you want to eat the fried fishes or seafood, you put your favouite food on your plate then carry it to a staff who will cook it at outside restaurant. We love it because we eat our fried fish so very spicy!!

Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant appeal to everyone, unless one is allergic to seafood, averse to boiled food, or prefers waterships. It also FREE-pork! They also provided the Halal food, that is why I saw malay people can eat the steamboat in the Bobogo Steamboat Restaurant. No GST and Service Charge! Kids Eat for Free (below 6 years old).

Lunch -11am-4pm
RM 25 per person
Dinner - 5pm-11pm 
RM 38.80 per person

Bobogo Restaurant Steamboat
61-G, Jalan PJU 5/20, The Strand, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.
Contact Phone: 03-7497 2561/ 010-931 1261
Open business: Monday - Sunday 11.00am to 4.00pm / 5.00pm to 11.00pm


 What You Get:
All-You-Can-Eat BBQ Steamboat Buffet for Adults
Weekday - Monday to Thursday
Weekend - Friday to Sunday & Public Holidays

Offer 1: 2Pax Weekday Lunch (RM50)
Offer 2: 4Pax Weekday Lunch (RM98)
Offer 3: 6Pax Weekday Lunch (RM144)
Offer 4: 2Pax Weekend Lunch (RM56)
Offer 5: 4Pax Weekend Lunch (RM110)
Offer 6: 6Pax Weekend Lunch (RM162)
Offer 7: 2Pax Weekday Dinner (RM59.80)
Offer 8: 4Pax Weekday Dinner (RM117.60)
Offer 9; 6Pax Weekday Dinner (RM173.50)
Offer 10: 2Pax Weekend Dinner (RM65)
Offer 11: 4Pax Weekend Dinner (RM128)
Offer 12: 6Pax Weekend Dinner (RM189)

* Surcharges applied for senior citizens and kids
- Senior Citizen (Ages 60 and above)
    - Lunch: RM19.80 per pax
    - Dinner: RM26.80 per pax
- Kids (Ages 7 - 12)
    - Lunch: RM16.80 per pax
    - Dinner: RM19.80 per pax

*ENSOGO Malaysia: Buy voucher for 2pax - RM50 for Weekday Lunch only -

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I am so hungry, I was invited by ensogo for food review on the first time but didn't rvsp for it. Now the steamboat looks so yummy, I wanna let my family knows about it.
Selina Wing said…
Hi Sherry,

Thank you for your comment. You can use my promo code for ENSOGO app, SELINAAPP to buy this voucher with your Android phone. ;)
Wow it looks so nice there! The price is affordable too, must try with my family!
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, you will love it! thank you. :)
Miera Nadhirah said…
Definitely look pretty yummy.. However the price seems reasonable and should be worth checking out
Isaac Tan said…
Omg la. So banyak... Looks really yummy though.
Charmaine Pua said…
You post made me feel hungry now haha!
First time I saw steamboat got dim sum also
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, I cannot eat all..but, I want come again :D
Selina Wing said…
Yeah, got different tofu and dimsum.. mee too!
Selina Wing said…
Ya, this is good restaurant that I visited.. An owner can try to sign with me so he is friendly! :)
Michhysaurous said…
Now, This is WOW! The Multi Tier Pot and the WIDE Variety of items available! I need to try!! Hoping to find time to go Malaysia to try!! :D

With Love, Michelle
Sebrinah Yeo said…
Wow! Looks awesome! I might just bookmark this place/deal for my next visit with my family! Thanks!
yjc said…
omg so cute, so many layers one!!!
Jessying said…
Ah should try out this soon since im a steamboat lover! Thanks for sharing!
Betty's Journey said…
Variety choices to choose. The price is reasonable. The steamboat pot attract my attention :P
zzz said…
Wow! The price are reasonable! Will try to eat someday :)
cindyrina said…
Hi Selina! the seafood range look superb and good choices. Not that expensive too..
Leona Lim said…
wow that's very unique the tiered food...would love to try this someday after see your review so good
Selina Wing said…
Hi, Cindy! Yeah, can grill or steam the steamboat, so it is not very oil! Great :)
Selina Wing said…
welcome, Jessy ya! I also love steamboat too! :)
Sin Yee said…
It has been very long time I didn't purchase any deal online leh~ Thanks for sharing ya.
Aliza Sara said…
Reasonably priced with a great variety. Must make a stop to this place one day.
Unknown said…
I never tried ensogo but your review makes me tempted. That was really a good deal.

do drop by... GreenStory
Isabel said…
Wow first time seeing all-in-1 steamboat with 4 tiers haha! Very interesting concept.. It's similar to BBQ plaza but with a large bowl for soup which I've always wanted!
cre8tone said…
Very special kind of steamboat... So many layers de..
Fong Jun Jie said…
Seriously one of the cheapest price I ever see @@" and looks like they have lots of choices! noted~
Wendy Pua said…
h, interesting utensil they are using!
3 tiers with different food on top of it!
sweetrainfall said…
Wah so many good such steamboat to offer you this, so water-mouthing after you posted it aww...:D