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You really love the fried chicken, right? Everyone used to eat the fried chicken from the fast food restaurant like McDonald, Texas Chicken, and KFC, all come from the Western countries only. Then, why not to try new "Pelicana Chicken", a Korean's fried chicken fast food restaurant in Malaysia?

First time, I heard that Pelicana Chicken Malaysia, a Korean fried chicken fast food franchise, become new kid on the food industry in Malaysia, gaining the popularity among the chicken-food lovers for the taste of special fried chicken, Korean style! They want to become a main attraction for the local Malaysians who deserve a most delicious Fried Chicken, that will be BEST competitive in the Asia countries! In addition, K-pop singers and Korean drama also promoted the Pelicana Chicken around the world too! I always watch the korean drama on TV or Internet since I was young student in the university!

I surprised that the actress also used Pelicana Chicken to eat the fried chicken in "My Love from The Stars", popular Korean drama!

Now, 2PM are the cool boys of Pelicana Chicken who runs the resturants in South Korea, China, Mongolia, Cambodia..finally it come to Malaysia! Before 2PM boys on 2015, SISTAR also did the promotion of Pelicana Chicken on last 2014 year. See the beautiful and cool K-Pop videos in 2014 and 2015 below;

SISTAR CF (2014)

2PM CF (2015)

My Deaf friends and I rushed to the E-Curve after we finished our event in Kuala Lumpur. We glad that Tommy helped us to reserve a table for my group friends and me! Thank you to Tommy, our hero! We thought we are very late, but luckily they just started to eat the Pelicana Chicken Malaysia! First time, my youngest sister and I fell love with a very special tasty, Pelicana Chicken Malaysia so delicious, especially the Charcoal BBQ Peli and Spring Onion Peli!! I will encourage my family and friends, include the Deaf community better try it out!

You can see the level of spiciness on the 5 different of Pelicana Chicken photos!

According to my sister's sign language interpreting, there are 5 different flavours from mild to spiciest in Pelicana Chicken's Menu; Original Crunchy Peli, Original Yang Nyeon Peli , Spring Onion Peli, Charcoal BBQ Peli and Hot Spice Peli. They also get the level of  spiciness , so you can test if your eyes get tears or you will get a very hot spicy in your mouth when you tried different flavours of Pelicana Chicken!

Peli Original Crunchy

I think that the Peli Original Crunchy is very good taste, I want to bite more crunchy skin with soft meat! I recommended the "Deli Chic" is very special taste alike "Thousand Island" mayo + wasabi, make me want more! It is best match when Peli Crunchy Chicken came together with a special Yellow sauce! You have to buy a special "Deli Chic" known as Yellow Sauce, RM 1 each!

I felt that I eat the Yellow sauce before since I was staying in South Korea during the winter, but I don't remember it. It's best to eat a very spicy fried chicken during the winter only. Never worry it because you never feel hot spicy as "Deli Chic" make you taste more mustard with wasabi so yummy! I put more yellow sauce on any flavour of chicken or burger, can!

Peli Original Yang Nyeon Chicken

I surprised that Peli Original Yang Nyeon Chicken, get Korean special sauces' recipe; sweet and spicy glaze, be honest they're not spicy at all. It is something unique and different from other western style fast food restaurants! If kids like sweet sauce, sure they lick their fingers after they enjoyed the Yang Nyeon Chicken wings or drumsticks!

Peli Spring Onion Chicken

Peli Spring Onion Chicken make me fell love on the soft chicken drizzled with a sweet soy-mustard sauce and sprinkled with sesame seeds. I still like wasabi sauce in my mouth! Not very spicy, but you can eat more chicken with wasabi-mustard sauce if you are wasabi-fan! I already familiar with the wasabi as I used to eat the Japanese food always. No wonder, there are many fried chicken food lovers take more liking to this special taste of Peli Spring Onion Chicken! My youngest sister and Deaf friends also voted it too. Wow!
Peli Charcoal BBQ Chicken

The Peli Charcoal BBQ Chicken is second-level spicy friend chicken which make my tongue feel more spicy! If you not familiar with the spices, you really need more water before you eat it, ya! But, it still make us want to eat more, why? Because the special taste is very attractive!

Peli Hot Spicy Chicken

Peli Hot Spicy Chicken is very most spicy fried chicken can make you felt burning in your mouth, and make you sweat more when you try out it! Who are very strong on the spicy and chili, they can eat on the super hot spicy fried chicken so well! My throat and body so hot, after I eat it! Luckily, the staffs prepared the water cups for me and my friends! But, it is very BEST with korean chili sauce!! You sure NEVER miss it, ya!

Korean Fragrant Rice with Miyeok Muchim (Seaweed Salad)
and Musaengchae (Seasoned Radish)

Normally, you order the fried chicken on the menu, then the Korean fragrant rice come to you first,  you should try! It has a very special rice-cooked with black sesame, with two sides; Miyeok Muchim (Seaweed Salad) and Musaengchae (Seasoned Radish). First time, I get my first-time experience to eat it, so best match with any flavour chicken! You can make choice if you want to add rice or not, up to you, ya!

Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger (RM15.50)

Wow! Pelicana Chicken Malaysia want to give 2 types of burgers to the burger fans! They never forget the people who love the burger so much! The Peli's top favorite are Peli Jumbo Fillet Burger (RM15.50) and Peli Spicy D’ Fish Burger (RM13.90). I love the black sesame on top and fillet burger are really soft!

Peli Spicy D’ Fish Burger (RM13.90)

Hmm, Peli Spicy D’ Fish Burger looks normal, but it is easy-bite so soft, and no spicy only. There are yellow sauce inside the both burgers too! If you want to eat so fast during lunch/ dinner time before you back to work/ home, you can order Peli burgers, then you can bring it back to office or home so easy!

Affogato Solo (RM7.90)

Affogato Solo is a very bitter coffee with vanilla ice cream! It is a nice coffee fragrance when you eat it. The bitterness from the coffee complements well with the sweet vanilla ice cream. I prefer the sweet coffee drink only.

My Deaf bloggers really love the Pelicana Chicken Malaysia on their first time. Next time, we will bring other friends and family come again! You can look for Pelicana Chicken at E-Curve when you can drop for dinner or lunch before watching the movies or shopping, ya!

Break fast with Pelicana Chicken.Starting from tomorrow we will be celebrating Ramadhan Mubarak with our fellow...
Posted by Pelicana Chicken Malaysia on Wednesday, June 17, 2015

In conjunction with the month of Ramadan, Pelicana Chicken is having a Ramadan promotion where you can get save up to 33% off when you purchase the Ramadan Platter! This is a great deal for you to enjoy various flavours of Korean Fried Chicken when you come with your family members during this Ramadan month!

Thank you, Pelicana Chicken's manager and staffs!

Pelicana Chicken Malaysia
E-Curve Mall (Next to IKEA)
Level 1 Lot 1-43
Mutiara Damansara
Petaling Jaya.
Tel: 03-7732 0087

Twitter/IG: @pelicanamy
Hashtag: #pelicanamy

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The best Korean chicken in town!
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