Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 @ Festival Belia Putrajaya

Have you ever wonder what will you do if our world is turning into "Walking Dead"? Where zombies can be seen at every corner of the streets and you are trying to find a ways to escape them? Well, look no further, as the Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 is the place where you will experience the fear and the excitement running away from the walking dead!

(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

My sister won a team ticket for Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 from Social Grooves and I was lucky to be able to join the event on Saturday, 23rd May 2015 at Putrajaya! On that Saturday, Putrajaya was packed with people from all over the place. This is because Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 going on throughout the weekend. Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 is separated into 10 waves that starts from 10am to 10pm. The lucky ticket we got were for wave 3 but due to the lack of parking space in Putrajaya, by the time we reach the registration booth it was too late for the wave 3. Hence, we opt for the next wave which is wave 4. The registration lady provided us with a silver vest to put on and a red life tag is attached behind the vest. 

Another team from wave 4 of the Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 is having their group cheers
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

We gathered in front of the starting point 15 minutes prior our wave starts and the marshal briefed us with the rules and regulations of the run. Basically it is an approximate 2 km run and there are a total of 6 zone of obstacles to pass and we also need to collect two tokens during the run. I have participated in the Run For Your Lives Malaysia 2015 a week before this event, hence I thought this event might be similar to it.

Zombie is trying to snatch life tag from the participant
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

OMG I was wrong!! There is no similarity in both of the events at all! This is a full sprinting event where the zombies will constantly be chasing you no matter where you go! The uneven terrain makes it even much harder to run and the zombies will chase you till the obstacle zone. Beware that the zombies will never give up in chasing you and you might fell too as there are ditches and mini potholes in the field. There are two blood pool obstacles that are made from rose water (sirap) and the zombie chased me up till the slope where I need to jump into the pool! My knees gave up on me and I fell right into the pool! Besides that there is also a zone where we need to crawl to get to the other side. My friend's life tag got pulled when he bend down to crawl! Personally, I think that there should be a neutral zone at the obstacle area because it will be dangerous to the participants if the zombies pressured you till the edge of the slope or the ditch. The participant may lose their footing and fell into the ditch and injured themselves.

One of the zone where the participants are required to look for a token
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

The participant trying to crawl to the other side and beware the zombies that might be crawling with you to snatch your life tag 
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

The blood pool that we need to jump into after we ran up the slope
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

I am not sure it is because less teams participate in the afternoon session or it is normal to have so many zombies in the run, because during my run there are zombies everywhere no matter where I go! I can't outrun all of them at all! I lost all my life tag as there are too many zombies and I can't avoid all of them. In the end my team lost as we lost all our life tags to the zombies. The Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 also have night waves and I think it will be so much harder with the lack of light visibility and the condition of the field.

Imagine you need to outrun all the zombies to get out of the tent!
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

Zombies roaming around during the night waves 
(Photo credit: Zombie Run Malaysia's facebook)

Overall, this isn't my best kind of run for a zombie run event. Personally, I think the safety was not up to par as the Run For Your Lives 2015 and I think it was really hard to sprint non stop on an uneven terrain and avoid the zombies for 2 km. I believe that there are so much more improvement can be done for this Zombie Run Malaysia and I hope that the management will review the outcome of event and improve it in the future.

My team members with our finisher medals

The goodies include a Zombie Run Malaysia T-shirt, 4 Backstage Fitness tickets and 2 Escape Room Buy 4 Free 2 tickets

Zombie Run Malaysia 2015 was an event part of the Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 which was held from 22nd to 24th of May 2015 at the Dataran Gemilang, Precinct 4 Putrajaya. During that 3 days, Putrajaya will be filled with people from all over the place to participate in this festival. There are various activities such as youth job fair, youth writer workshop, escape room, expose! photocamp,zombie run, wushu dance workshop, asean skill network, wau & gasing workshop, outdoor cinema, freestyle football, car showcase and many more. Camping ground are also available for campers to set up their tents and stayed to fully enjoy the event throughout the 3 days.

The Festival Belia Putrajaya 2015 is run entirely by Rakan Muda and the theme for 2015 is all about "Showcase of Talent". Malaysia's best talents amongst youths have been selected as Rakan Muda mentors from a variety of interests - physical, cultural and social enterprise. Rakan Muda mentors play an important role to give new opportunities to youths across all borders. By bridging the rural-urban, rich-poor, cross-cultural and inter-racial gaps that exist, Rakan Muda and the careful curation of mentors aims to facilitate talent development for all Malaysian youths. Some of the mentors also used the opportunity to reach out to underprivileged and troubled youths to inspire their future.

For more information on Zombie Run Malaysia , please visit their facebook page .

For more information on Festival Belia Putrajaya , please visit their website and their facebook page .

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