BMS Organics Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine @ One Utama [Food Review]

My family, friends and I heard about the BMS Organic/ Be Lohas, vegetarian restaurant before. We went to SetiaWalk, Puchong and Avito Plaza Damansara, Bandar Sri Damansara on 3-4 times as I think. First time, my family and I went to the BMS Organics, Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine @ One Utama. I glad that the One Utama parking at outside, are near this restaurant at the ground floor only, so my grandmother can walk in short distance, to reach there! My dad and I guided them to the BMS Organics, Be Lohas Healthy shop.

As you know, LOHAS stands for “Lifestyle Of Health and Sustainability” which means living a lifestyle that is healthy and environmentally friendly. They promoted genuine healthy vegetarian cuisine, and promise the customers only the best, deliciously healthy organic vegetarian dishes. At Be Lohas Healthy Cuisine, we advocate:
  • BMS Organics, Be Lohas Cafe use 70% organic vegetables, organic & natural ingredients, grape seed oil / olive oil, seasalt / rock salt to prepare our foods.
  • 4 “Lows” & 3 “Highs" - Low salt, Low sugar, Low oil, Low calory; High energy, High fiber, High nutrients
  • 5 “NOs” - No MSG added, No GMO (Genetically Modified Organism), No artificial colouring, No chemical preservative, No microwave cooking
  • Purple clay cookware
    Our unique purple clay cookware releases Infrared when heated, breaking down the fats in food thus helping to lower cholesterol absorption by your body. Also, minerals released can raise the alkaline content of food that is being cooked, while iron helps in blood building.

My family and I love to eat the healthy food because we don't like more MSG, oils, and salt inside the food.That is why my family and I always cook our dinner in home on everyday. I like a simple and beautiful decoration of old & used items as "green recycle" by BMS staffs who care the GREEN environment so good!

When we sit inside the cafe Be Lohas, we saw a nice slogan, "Share the Joy of Lohas", mean they wish to share the happiness with the customers who visit to their cafe will enjoy the great healthy food. I like the sunflowers so very much, it are suitable for the HAPPY and SMILE moodBe Lohas offered a complete range of menu from rice, noodles, kid's meal, mini bites, set meals, snacks, desserts and even western meals, all fully vegetarian, no meat.

After we ordered our food, we were given complimentary organic spirulina (the 2 green tablets) and a small cup of lemongrass ginger tea before we are ready to eat our lunch! I tasted a very strong ginger from my cup! First time, my dad eat spirulina but before this, he worried that it is bitter, haha!

First, I ordered my meal, Soya Curry Claypot Rice Set, which have 6 side dishes and a tea because I am curry/spicy lover. There are many different types of vegetables and the soup is soya base, no coconut milk added compared to in most other curries we eat outside. But, it is not very spicy....too many vegetables, no taste already, then I wish that they add more tofu inside the claypot.

My youngest sister love the Rainbow Claypot Rice Set, it is great and colorful dish. It costs RM24.90 a set with 6 side dishes and a teh with corn!! I like the mixed brown rice with the peanuts from the rainbow claypot! My sis enjoyed to finish all already! It is better taste than the Curry Claypot Rice Set.

Wow! The Traditional Herbal Soup with Brown Rice which I loved so best! I felt that this taste of soup is just like "Bak Kut Teh"! No meat inside, everything get inside, alike real "Bak Kut Teh" so great! Total cost RM20.90 includes a bowl of healthy grain brown rice. Next time, I sure grab the Traditional Herbal Soup when I will go to Be Lohas, BMS Organics restaurant again, ya!

Compared to my Curry Claypot Rice Set, my dad's meal; Curry Claypot looks very big! My dad cannot finish it at all, so my dad shares it with my mom, sister and me! For me, it is better for two persons can share it so easier!

My mom want to try the vegetarian spring rolls (mini) but it's hard to bite it as the skin is thick! It is just normal taste for me only...This dish costs RM8.90.The chef need to work on this snack, ya.

The Soy Cheese sticks makes my mom happy. The bread is toasted to the correct crispiness and there is a tint of saltiness of the cheese. A well combined culinary taste. Costs RM9.90.

After lunch, my mom, sister and I explore around the vegetarian products. My mom decided to cook the home cook vegetarian meals so she bought the dried noodle, biscuits, seaweed tofu and soy grain ham from BMS Organics, Be Lohas Healthy shop!

I recommended that you better try the Summer Fruit Tea if you have four people or more, it's good for the hot water can be refill on many times. It is full of various types of fruits, thus extremely healthy. All the taste of the fruits are well blend in together to make it an authentic tea. A jug cost RM17.90, so I like it! It is suitable for a group enjoy to drink and chat-chit together!

Live healthier and enjoy the nutritious products which you buy from the BMS Organics, Be Lohas shop! Like on Be Lohas on Facebook at

BMS Organics (Be Lohas Healthy Vegetarian Cuisine)
(next to Cold Storage)
LG 310, One Utama Shopping Mall (New Wing),
1 Persiaran Bandar Utama, Bandar Utama,
47800 Petaling Jaya, Selangor D.E.
Tel: 03-7725 0828
Business Hours : Mon-Thurs & Sun : 10am-10pm /  Fri-Sat : 10am-10.30pm

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Henry Tan said…
not sure if they have it in Penang that serves food as well! =D

Your Finance Doctor
Selina Wing said…
Dear Henry,

BMS Organics & Be Lohas restaurant located at Gurney Paragon Mall and Queensbay Mall, Penang. Thank you for reading this article!