Movie Review: The Maze Runner @ Nuffnang, GSC Berjaya Times Square

Luckily, I was getting a pair of tickets from my good friend, Rainfall who won the @NuffnangMY contest blog titled "Nuffnang Premiere Screening of The Maze Runner"! I never join the Nuffnang as I don't have time, so suddenly she gave it to me so surprisingly! Thank you to Rainfall, Deaf blogger! My dad, sister and I went to the GSC #NNPremiereScreening of #TheMazeRunner which located at #GSCBerjayaTimesSquare. My sister not join my dad and me, as she waited for us at Starbucks near GSC Premiere Hall! My dad and I watched the Maze Runner movie in GSC Berjaya Times Square on our first time. My dad surprised to see many people are queuing to get the tickets from Nuffnang booth! He wondered that how Rainfall and I get FREE tickets...hehe

This summary story about a group of boys living in the Glade in the center of a maze, and have to face with the Alien-like creatures called "Grievers" if they want to run in the maze! Like you were in a prison, controlled by the scientists for their reason of human experiment. Thomas don't have any memories, so he knows his own names only. He proves himself in the maze and support Minho, leader of Maze Runner group to help Alby, leader of community to avoid from the Griever. After Alby disappeared, Newt, vice-leader of community and Minho believes Thomas becomes a role model and a leader to look up to within the community and they slowly start to respect him although he has already made some enemies. Thomas experiences a strange familiarity about his situation and instinctively realizes that he has been sent here for a reason...

I felt it alike The Hunger Games movie - one winner have to be survive by kill everyone only under the control of government, make the citizens enjoyed the popular reality games, but the Maze Runner have different story about you are proving yourself in The Maze is everything, like you learn to respect, give position, role, power and acceptance all to play a part in the balanced eco-system that makes a community be strong-relationship to survive together since they don't have memories. That is why they start from the learn how, where, and why.

Lastly, a girl appeared and joins the group of boys! Thomas still never give up to find why they delivered the group of boys, and a girl? Still grow up more mysteries stories within mysteries curiosity to make us to get the questions so more!

Thomas and Minho know their responsibilities of being a Maze Runner, risk their life to run or lost in the Maze! They have to figure where and how to escape a way from the big Maze. If I am Deaf, cannot hear the door close or open in the Maze, maybe I lost in the Maze but, I keep to be survive and must memory all paths to the maze which I walked through before! It is scary? Need someone be with you in the Maze! That's why you need to form a group to work with you to solve the clues and puzzles!

I also admired with Alby and Minho, who took long 3 years to solve the maze world! They be patient and never give up but, they are not very brave like Thomas. They have different personality and attitude since they have to improve their leadership unlike Thomas are very stubborn so bravely, but he also listen everything from everyone around him, he do it for them than his life. From watching this movie, I got an important lessons from Thomas, who survivor of MAZE Runner;
  1. You forget all bad problems with your friends and weird stuffs are happening to you when you want to solve your way to out from the maze! Forget it all, he won't quit until he solved the puzzle of MAZE until he found a way home! 
  2. Sacrifice yourself to help your friends to find a way out of the maze and get everyone and you back home. Thomas doesn't know whether he will survive or not through his life, but he does it for everyone, for example, he stung himself by Griever.
  3. If you never act, you will never know for sure! Thomas suggest his idea of jumping into the griever hole when they want to break mystery in the maze patterns, he knew its no assurance whether the plan will be a success or a failure, no one knows they will be alive or dead!
  4. You and your friends can form your Friendship bond when you and your friends are working together, they always support each other. For example, Chuck sacrifices himself for Thomas. shows the true meaning of friendship. He is kind to Thomas. That is why everyone believe in Thomas!

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sweetrainfall said…
Luckily U! Got it in unexpected surprise from me. lols! Anyway, you seem so much fun on da day watching it.
Selina Wing said…
Yeah! I enjoyed to watch the Maze Runner, but it still continue to another story again! We will catch next again ya! :D