Birth of a BOOK

"A short vignette of a book being created using traditional printing methods. 
For the Daily Telegraph. Shot at Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England. The book being printed is Suzanne St Albans’ 'Mango and Mimosa' published as part of the Slightly Foxed series. Shot, Directed & Edited by Glen Milne. "

Birth of a Book from Glen Milner on Vimeo.

I really like Glen Milne's video because it make everyone feel be inspired about how to make a book! Today, still be the million of readers love to read the book when we live in the technology age. This video show that you to get know that how they work on every book with their hard work, and show their expression to make the million of books which they are proud with!

You must not waste your book if you love to read book!

This video is very excellent and inspiration to you!

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