Malaysia's Online Shopping life 2012

the Group buying sites and retails websites so mostly. For example, my favourite group deals' sites, Groupon, Hulala, LivingSocial and I prefer their service give good response so faster and "free shipping".

Many Deafs hardly believe the retails websites or cannot order online because they are unable to see/touch items, and they don't have the credit cards. Mostly Deafs don't know how to use banking online, due to they scare the companies will trick them.

So, they prefer to shopping because they enjoyed to social with their friends and enjoyed to choose their stuffs together than use the shopping online.

I don't buy so much from the shopping online, but I always looking for the discount codes and credit points only, I only can get save half money after I deducted the points on the full prices. It is very smart way to save money. :) For Deafs, they better to register the newsletter online from the retails website, maybe they can send the promotion codes or cheap discount to you in the future, then can get to order the things so cheap! Normally, my budget limited to RM 20 - 180 only so strictly.

How to make final decision to order online? Normally, we must check the detailed information of products first, before we decided to buy somethings. Then, we compared which is one best of deal good things.

The Deafs prefer to use "cash delivery", but the problem about when they are not at home, and they only use "text-messaging" only, if their goods reach their home, how? It is most challenge for them to face this problem when they are shopping online.

As Deaf smart customer, you must do research on it so careful and compare the prices in the group deals' sites.

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