Infographic: Malaysians Shopping Online at the End of the Year

Photo: Carlos Torres
December will coming soon! You all sure busy to shopping for Merry Christmas, right? My family and I always looking for the promotion and sales at the shopping malls! When PayPal Malaysia show the infographic about the Malaysians are shopping online, it make me surisped! Many people used to shop online from the websites to save more time! Why? Maybe they think the shopping online can give cheaper and free shiping or make them rest more and enjoyed with their kids so easily.

Normally, I always do research online with my tablet or laptop before I order from the online sites. I also experienced to buy online on many times, so it is no problem for me. I prefer because they are fast and efficient, better at their service. I only buy the gadgets, bags and accessories.  In my opinion, online shopping offers the different new that you won't find shopping in a store. Just Surt, Save and Shop from home.

How about Deaf community? I am not sure. I guess that Deaf people buy mostly from, LivingSocial and deal coupon sites only. Not many Deaf people are shopping online at their laptop, so they prefer to buy and enjoy to meet other Deaf group at the shopping malls. But, all shopping malls also charges fees and taxes, sure expensive than the shopping online?

Many people check the shopping online on every Monday and Friday as Special Days! Sometimes, I check the promotion on every Friday only.

 via PayPal Malaysia

Why the shopping online is popular until now? The shopping online is fast catching up among buyers, thanks to rising internet penetration. Internet has opened up a whole new world of shopping. That is why the consumers may turn to online medium for more affordable alternatives, discounts and convenient purchases compared to the traditional retail store shopping.

Mostly, young younger generation of Malaysian customers still like to see, touch and feel and generally take a long time to trust online stores. It’s easier to compare prices of comparable products online, which make the shoppers save time and make better savings. And another way like payment online can be made directly to the merchant’s account and it only takes about a day or two for the goods to be delivered to home so, it’s easy and fast. That is why many people take this chance to set up new online site to sell their products to the Malaysia buyers!

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