Interested to learn the Malaysian Sign Language (Bahasa Isyarat Malaysia - BIM)?

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Many hearing people contacted with me about how or where place that they can study the sign language. I like to introduce the different place of learning sign language by the NGO companies. You can choose which one is easier which is near your home or office. When you free, you can enjoy to talk with your Deaf friends! Why you should learn the sign language? Read more about "Top 10 Reasons you should learn the Sign Language" and "How to make friend with a Deaf friend?".

You can learn the sign language from: 

1. Malaysian Federation of Deaf
MFD is a self-help National Coordinating body of all deaf organizations in Malaysia . Its role is to deal with government and other relevant agencies on the issues affecting deaf Malaysians. Its activities include disseminating information related to deafness, sign language, communication access, education, family support and welfare assisstance. The official website:

They provided the sign language class, and also needed the hearing who interested to become sign language interpreter for Deaf students in schools, colleges & universities, companies, government offices, industries and etc..

If you have any question, please drop a comment at MFD @ Facebook or email them at infomfd[at]

2. RC Deaf Missions Malaysia
RC Deaf Missions Malaysia also guide the Deaf people who interested to do make living skills, such as drawing, crafting, sewing, and etc. They encouraged the Deafs gain more knowledge of skill building and Leadership Training for Deaf. They also provided the sign language classes for the Hearing students too. There are some Deaf tutors will teach you to learn the courses. Email them for more details at rcdeafmissionsmalaysia[at]

The official website:

They also promote to the Deaf youths and adults with the adventure activities & Promotion of Deaf culture and Deaf awareness,Workshops & Seminars on Issues related to the Deaf community and Leadership Training Programmes. They also welcome the members and non-members join the activities & events happened at YMCA Kuala Lumpur only.

The sign language class also conducted by Deaf teachers at YMCA, Jalan Padang near Brickfields near Kuala Lumpur. Check more details at

If you interested to learn sign language for fun and social with Deaf friends! Email Morley at morleyng[at] Please visit the official website:

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Be honest, the sign language is really fun and make you enjoyed to communicate with deaf people. This is very beautiful in the air! You can social with Deaf people via meeting, volunnter for activities, events or workshops. You can check the events and workshops at Deaf Boleh! Malaysia blog

p/s: I am not sign language teacher, but I can share some information when you interested in Deaf Culture Malaysia only. :) If any question to ask, please email me - click link here. From Selina Wing,

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Unknown said…
is it free to learn sign language or need to pay for that class???
Smile said…
Dear Samuel, for the sign language as i know, it need to pay. im currently doing survey to find a place learn sing language too...

thanks for the info Ms Selina..
Jasveer said…
Hi there, is there a class in Penang Island ?
Unknown said…
I would like to know where I can learn sign language with my 4yo girl. She is a hearing impaired .. Using HA

I'm staying in KL
Selina Wing said…
Unknown, you can check with RC Deaf Missions in Kelana Jaya. Check out for the info at You contact them at
Selina Wing said…
Jasveer, please check with YMCA Penang. They get offer the sign language class. The teachers are Deaf that will teach you the sign language :)
Unknown said…
Hi....i needs sign language class for my brother.he is now 35yrs old.he dosent hv any knowledge about sign could you pls help him for his future.
Unknown said…
I needs class for my brother around bukit jelutong shah alam.
Anonymous said…
can a 2 year old start to attend class?
Iyris said…
Hi, may I know any sign language learning Center for 4yo kid in JB?