Top Freelance Apps for the Freelancers Infographic

As freelancer, I always use free tools to work on my projects and blogging. Mostly, I used the Dropbox, Joomla, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Skype, Gmail and Google Analytics on everyday. This inforgraphic make me surprised about most freelancer used the Dropbox as 1st top apps since Bestvendor, a software review and rating site, released an showing some of the most popular Freelancing apps used by Freelancer worldwide; Asia, Europe, North America and other! There are 25 Apps for Freelancers in Infographic below;

1. Dropbox 
I really like Dropbox, Free cloud storage tool because it is very easy for me check the files, photos, and things in my favorite cloud storage, Dropbox on anywhere and anytime! I also downloaded this for my tablet, PC and smartphone, why? It help to connect all in one under my Dropbox! For example, after I take few photos via my camera of smartphone, I no need to transfer the photos from my smartphone to PC via USB plug because my Dropbox help to transter the photos from my smartphone so automatic when it come to connect the internet only! As freelance designer, I go to anywhere, and can open the files to design on anytime. I recommend Dropbox if you are working as freelancer, designer, digital media executive and professional in the marketing, services, and etc. Come to join us! Good for you will get extra 500 MB of bonus space as you invite your friends to join in Dropbox.

I also used Google Analytics, free website software powered by Google, it help to track the traffic for my blogs. It is very helpful for the bloggers. 

Evernote is also great help for you to keep the information catch your eyes and make you get new idea. You can store anything from pictures to audio notes, web clippings to text notes and many. It also support the mobile devices and computer to be online under one account Evernote only, like  Dropbox . But, it also help you can write your notes to save the information and help you remember everything in your account. 
I will explore the Google apps when I am free. I heard the Google Apps is very good for business and education because it also offer the Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs and more apps. I also have many Android apps in my smartphone and tablet or use my laptop to do my work because I am designer, so I planned to buy the data internet because I need the wireless internet as always. 

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