London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games

Many Deaf friends talked about 2012 Olympic Games in London. They also hope to see the Paralympic 2012 too! London is very amazing city that they want to visit there!

You are lucky to get watch the London Olympic 2012 Live at youtube! Enjoy to watch the London Olympic, Channel News at Or, you can watch ASTRO channel 812, ESPN.

If you want to know more results, please check it at Wow, China still be top of ranking for getting the medals; Gold, Silver and Bronze until now! We hope Malaysia get one in the ranking of medals!

When you at outside and busy to work in office, you can keep in touch with the mobile apps to check what's new in the London 2012 Olympic! The Official London 2012, "Join In" app is available for Android, iOS, Blackberry.

My disabled friend will be completing for the  Paralympic 2012  there! I also want to go to support them in Paralympic 2012, London in United Kindgom too! It is very expenisve to travel a city, London. If I get sponsored to feature a tour story about London 2012 Paralympic, it would be a very great story for the Deaf and disability community! We also wait for the London 2012 Paralympic will be start on 29 Aug - 9 Sept 2012!

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