Vitamins: Out of the box for Samsung

Vitamins, a design studio based in London, envisioned a concept packaging that would make learning the features of a phone so easy, no matter you don't know how or limited at your level of technical aptitude.

They got creative idea to design a practical manual for Samsung, where the box the Samsung phone comes in doubles as the instruction manual book. It enables you to place all the elements of the smartphone in the correct to follow the order such as how to insert a SIM card, and battery into a smartphone, where you focus on the arrows pointing at exact locations which you should press. It is very easy? You can find the easier topic in short time! I like the colorful and simple book! It is very good to keep this book in your shelf!

In this video, you can see how the books are used to streamline the set-up and learning process.

I like it! I wish to get this practical manual book if Samsung take this idea to make new creation of packaging! Not many people want to read so long on the manual book, correct? I find the topic which I focus when I open my technical manual book only. After this, I throw a manual book into my bin! Because I don't also use it because my mobile phone sure always change on each time if its spoil or fell down to get broke. :) I never have a mobile phone, Samsung, but I have a tablet Samsung Tab 7.0 only, nice.

Source: Vitamins 

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