Deaf Nation: We are Deaf

We Are Deaf is a special message from us to you.

Wow! Deaf people around world, different countries, different sign language, different culture! It is very interesting! Using hands - sign language are very unique and creative. Enjoy to express your feeling with hands! Better watch this amazing video!

"The Deaf community is made up of extremely diverse people. From every walk of life, in every corner of the world. Watch this powerful video, a signature statement on just how truly special and global the Deaf community is. With people from 27 different countries participating, We Are Deaf is a special message from us to you.
Thanks to those who took part in this video. Our deepest appreciation goes to: Bali, Brazil, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Guam, Guatemala, Haiti, Iran, Israel, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, Morocco, New Zealand, Panama, Philippines, Russia, Scotland, St. Thomas, Switzerland, Taiwan, Thailand, United Arab Emirates, Vietnam." - Joel Barish, Deaf Nation

In Malaysia, my Deaf friends and I really love to watch Joel Barish's video, mostly about "No Barriers with Joel Barish" because we are very excited to see what about Deaf people live different culture! I enjoyed to get know more about different country which he visited before. Wow, he travelled to many countries like China, Jordan, Indonesia, and many than me! Haha. I travelled to Jordan, Turkey, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macau, China, Cambodia, Indonesia, and Australia only. I admired him so very greatly! :D

Please visit the official website, DeafNation at

Founded by brothers Joel and Jed Barish, DeafNation, Inc. in in 2003. Deaf Nation is the international leader in video content, news coverage, social networking and special events for the greater deaf and hard-of-hearing community.

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Anonymous said…
Joel and Jed didn't found DeafNation. They bought it from Marvin Miller.
Selina Wing said…
Oh I see, ok :) Thank you for this information.
My best friend is a deaf and he's proud of it. I actually learned sign language because of him. He wanted to have an implant but he's not a good candidate. In spite of being deaf, he continues his life with happiness.