8 FREE Korean Drama and Movie Online that Malaysian love to watch!

Many Deaf Malaysians love to talk about Korean Drama! They love to watch the romance and comedy drama from South Korea! Last time, I love to watch Korean and Japanese movies since I studied in Multimedia University. Now, no more because I always busy. T-T

As I know, Deaf Malaysians always access their favourite site, because it is very old known by everyone. It looks very simple but, everyone still can watch FREE drama when it get updated on everytime. Last time, it used be top at the search engine Google. Today, more people love to watch the TV online in the Internet, especially Malaysians enjoyed Maaduu! That is why they easy to search which is one of the websites can provided FREE TV online!

Today, our local company media, Maaduu is very popular and 1st Malaysia Korean website in Malaysia! Many millions watched this FREE drama, but need to required to be Maaduu's member. It is very great site because all dramas also have the excellent English subtitles and best quality HD! As Deaf, you no need to worry and can register FREE. If you love to watch Korean drama and K-Pop music, go to

Dramafever is very attractive Korean website because it still give away the prizes to the members and allow them can write review or rate their favourite drama. You can get a latest email when they get the latest episodes in Dramafever. It also have English subtitles too. If you want to watch more FREE drama, you can login in with your facebook at

Dramacrazy is one of the best sites for watching Korean, Japanese, Taiwanese and Hong Kong drama and movies. Sometimes it get the reality shows too. Most of good quanlity shows can have English or Chinese subtitles only. You can enjoy to review in their forum too. You not miss to watch the Hong Kong or Taiwanese drama too! Go to

Mysoju is a website where you can watch Korean, Japanese, and Taiwanese dramas and movies. It also keep old and new movies so I enjoyed to watch the Korean or Japanese movie! If you miss what episode or movie you watch , you can check this at! It looks very simple but, it always keep many collection of drama or movie. It also get English or Chinese subtitles.

KimchiDrama let the viewers can check the lists of Korean and Taiwanese Drama only. It also have English subtitles. They can find the epsiodes so easily. The English subtitles also is available at They also offered learning Korean language and let you can download drama as you like.

AZDrama also have alot of Hong Kong, Taiwanese, Chinese Drama and Shows. It also have Korean drama too. You can watch free drama online or download free as you like. If you are boring, you can enjoy to play flash games or free to drop comment in a forum at!


Aveoh also new and will offer alot of popular Korean and Japanese drama only. It also let the viewers can comment at their favourite drama but, sometimes it don't have English subtitles. Visit their website at I think that they keep to improved their feature and need to know what the viewers want...


DramaSub also have many dramas and movies from Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwanese. You can watch free drama with youtube, veoh, and etc in DramaSub website. You can check the lists of drama A-Z or request what drama or movie that you want, then they will let you know if they get it or not. Check out at

There still are many websites also provided FREE online korean and japanese drama in Internet. For me, Korean and Japanese drama are very popular. I hope that the cinema industry in Malaysia can get more Korean movies! I also love to watch Hollywood movies too. :D

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