Malaysia got more than 250,000 Bloggers! Wow!

After few months, the bloggers got the invitation and went to the Digi WWWOW Awards Night because their blogs chosen by Digi WWWOW Awards. Sad, my blog, Selina's Wing not be chosen...Nevermind, still many bloggers are better than me. :) I also thought will win the Fave Tech Blog! But, they are not winner of Fave Tech Head. I also like because they always updated the technology news on everytime! So interesting!

According to, the statistics of bloggers make us shocked...It is about more than 250,000 bloggers registered in Malaysia! They also used Blogger, and Wordpress, popular of blogging services to share their personal life, interests, and etc!

Nuffnang also have more than 170,000 members, compared with Advertlets - 60,000 members and GengBlogger - more than 20,000 bloggers. So, the industry blogging are very influenced the generation Gen Y! I am member of Nuffnang too. :P

Maybe the population of bloggers will be increase since we are into technology, media, social networking; Facebook, Google+, Twitter, and surfing internet. We always like to express our feeling and thought to our friends and bloggers by writing, designing, video blogging and many different way...

Next year, I will join in again! I heard about Nuffnang planned for the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blogs Award 2011. I sure that many bloggers want to submit their blogs again after Digi WWWOW Awards! :P

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