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"Always wonder what is happening about Deaf Community in Malaysia? For this purpose, this page, Connecting Deaf Malaysians has been created to inform everyone in Malaysia about Deaf news. If you have Deaf news/programme/events you can always post it to the events section"

Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook always let all Deaf Malaysians always read the Deaf news when you check your account, Facebook on everytime. We welcome you all join in this page, no matter you are Deaf or not. There are some Hearing friends are getting to join in this page too!

It allow everyone can put the news or activities which is related with Deaf Community Malaysia only. Until now, Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook already get 1,610+ people, mean they love this! But, it is still not enough because the population of Deaf/ Hearing Impaired are around 20,000 people in Malaysia. So, we want more Deaf Malaysian join to support our Deaf Community Malaysia, to target 8,000+!

Some Deaf friends always ask me like this questions about Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook. (-_-)!! Let they answer what you want to know this.

Who are admin of Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook?
They are Nobody/Anonymous. They are not designers or geeks IT or bloggers, just to be normal. No need to worry who are them. It let you can post any news as you like as they promote this to anybody so, they are active and supportive for Deaf Malaysia. According to them, Selina Wing is not an admin of this page because pity Selina. Many people ask her - punya this page? No. She is not related with this page. But, Selina Wing is really supportive and always put news on everyday. Thumb up to her!

Why they choose this simple logo? Deaf Malaysians love Facebook! They always check on their Facebook on every day because they want to know what are happening to Deaf Malaysia news and love to chat with their friends!

Any plan they to do for Deaf Malaysia in future?
Nope. They hope you all should be aware with what you do when you are using the internet. Because Selina Wing mentioned that some Deaf get to be affected so easily so, you all must have antivirus programs at your laptop and computers, and do NOT believe the strangers in email, messenger chat and facebook.

Hope you all always enjoy the Deaf Community Malaysia news and events, We are 1Deaf Malaysia! Join in Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook!

Thank you for supporting the Connecting Deaf Malaysians on Facebook !

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