Deaf TV: Love Language by the Jubilee Project Short Film

This is really good script that made by the Jubilee Project Short Film & Fundraiser. Their aim are raising awareness and support for the Deaf community. I feel that this brings a good message to everyone because, everyone is beautiful in their own way. They always write each other, and laugh together mean getting love than words. we should learn to accept one another no matter you are deaf or hearing and disability person. We are one human who live together...

Finally, this end of story about she is saying sorry that she didn't tell him she was deaf, but he was saying that she is beautiful no matter what... I am sure why people think why she is wearing the headphones...Maybe she really don't want the embarrassing stares from them or don't like the hearing people turn down on the deaf. I think that some deaf won't said sorry if they are deaf. but, maybe she lied to him when she is wearing the headphone. It make he thought she is hearing, don't know she's deaf. That is why she said sorry to him. Nevermind.

For me, it still give the warm feeling and meaningful for everyone who see this video. :)

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Ali ridha said…
just say love story.......hantar sms kata saya suka awak.boleh kan.
Selina Wing said…
swt!! Why you think a Deaf person need sms to tell "I love you"? They prefer to use the sign language, not sms... They like to meet with their friends than the text messaging.