6 + FREE Sketch & Paper Icons


These are the collection of icons pattern 'sketch paper'. It represents some amazing work by various artists who have made their work..The icons below are free for you to download for use in your personal or professional projects.

Sketchy paper icons
DryIcons proudly presents our new free icon set, second icon set in just one month! We called our new creation "Sketchy Paper Icons". Icons are created with simple, sketchy lines on a unique background - a paper note.

Iphone Sketch Icons
You love Iphone? So, you can use this icons!


Old Paper Icon
It looks like old history paper, so it can let you design what you like on this icon.. You can change the colour and transparent if you want to..


Vintage Mail Icon

You love the mail icons? I think that the icon put on your folder or desktop! Just kidding.. :D


Notebook Paper Icons
It is cool! You can design what you like on this notebook paper icon.


Old paper scrolls
Dezignus provided the free icons 'old paper scrolls' in high resolution.


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