Death Note Online

While I am surfing net, I found the interesting web online from Chee Aun's website! :O It is scary and funny? :D CheeAun created a project, online version of Death Note..He is from Penang, Malaysia

Have you watch “Death Note“, the famous a Japanese manga and anime. I was watching the move 'Death Note' before..I think that this story is good. The story about a Death God drops his book of death aka Death Note down to earth. The Death Note is then pickup by a smart student, KIRA and start off he journey to killings..then fights with a mystery guy, L..If someone’s name is written in the Death Note, he/she will eventually die accordingly.

Check out Death Note (online)! You can write an entry to a person you hate, or you can enjoy clicking through the site. For example, you write the victim’s name, cause of death, and optional details of death. Don't worry, It is only a joke site. ;)

I read what others have are getting famous names; Osama, George Bush and many in the Death Note Online Book! This is very funny about the cause of death.. :D

You wonder if you get a person write your name in Death Note note or not..Then, you check your name in the 'Search Entries' .. Try it! :D

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