Website value calculator - how much your website worth?

I was reading something in the Lowyat forum. I found what the blogger always talk some interesting about the website called " " . It is very fun and caught the attention's bloggers! Why? They enjoyed to talk about how much their website worth? $1, $100 , $10000 or can be even more..This website can calculate and give you a rough idea on how much your site worth.. :)

For example; is at the 1st place with the value of $1,466,122,368. That is definitely an interesting figure. is at the 2nd place, followed Yahoo Japan, YouTube,, & so on.

I checked how much my blogs in the website value calculator.. I just give a try only..Finally, I got the results like;

Deaf Boleh! Malaysia - $120
Selina's Wing - $89
AnimeDeafz - $56

It is very cheap? :D Haha..If you want know about how much your site, please visit to the website

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Test said…
$3 - $10.

I tried it for my hosted blogs, but it doesn't work for that.

Goes to show ya- they're right - host your own.
Selina Wing said…
For blogspot, I think that no need hosting web, but if you want your own name domain, you can. For wordpress, they need hosting and domain..
BD Fabregas said…
only get $76 for my website..
not too bad i think..
Selina Wing said…
hi, bd fabregas

Good~ if your blog get high traffic, you will get high $$$ haha..