J.Co Donuts and Coffee @ Sunway Pyramid Mall, Malaysia

First time, my eldest sister brought 12 pieces of donuts from J.Co Donuts and Coffee in Sunway Pyramid..She gave me one so I try to eat a donut..It is very delicious!! I really love this! She told me that there is a long queue until it goes out of the shop and to the escalators!..It is very famous and popular.. I want to buy more donuts from there..^ ^

Before my family and I go back to Penang, I went to Sunway Pyramid and looking for J.Co Donuts and Coffee shop.. Finally, I reached there..WOW! Many people are queueing up so long! You can see some people are having their coffee at the sofa seats and take away by the dozen of donuts..

J.CO is the best. And they have very interesting way of marketing and managing the orders and queues. The Glazzy donuts is still great as always and nice to be enjoyed with a cup of coffee..

I ordered three boxes..Each box have 12 of the donuts, and I gave two of it to my family and relatives from Penang and Taiwan as introduction to J.CO. Let me share with you some of the name and considering these are my top listed donuts in my favor; Cheese Me Up, Oreo, Caviar Mint, Alcapone, Why Nut,Tiramisu and etc..Different of donuts are very creative.. JCo's donuts melts in your mouth. So utterly delicious!

How good is it? It is so good that if you eat one is not enough! :D You can order 6 or 12 pieces of donuts as u like.. I brought 12 of donuts with price RM 19.90 only. :) I really like 'Why nut' because the 'Why nut' is another variation with American peanut butter filling and white chocolate toppings. It could be a staple food because the peanut butter is so rich and satisfying. Another donut, Coco Loco with dark chocolate inside and out. I bite one as the yummylicious bitter sweet dark chocolate filling will spill over~ yummy~

I think I prefer J.Co’s donuts because of the stronger taste and the lower sugar content, and the thicker creamier glaze! You better to eat J.Co Donuts! You can find the J.Co Donuts and Coffee in in The Pavilion and Sunway Pyramid.

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