Earth Hour 2008

A global event created to symbolize that each one of us, working together, can make a positive impact on climate change

Earth Hour is a global event created to symbolize that each one of us, working together, can make a positive impact on climate change - no matter who we are or where we live.

Created by WWF in Sydney, Australia in 2007, Earth Hour has grown from a single event into a global movement. In 2008, millions of people, businesses, governments and civic organizations in nearly 200 cities around the globe will turn out for Earth Hour. More than 35 US cities will participate, including the US flagships--Atlanta, Chicago, Phoenix and San Francisco.

Earth Hour brings together communities, local governments, corporate and nongovernmental organizations to heighten awareness about climate change and to inspire our nation to take practical actions to reduce their own carbon footprints.

Earth Hour: March 29, 2008 8 - 9 PM

- Cities around the world will join together in literally turning off the lights for one hour to offer leadership and symbolize thei r commitment to finding climate change solutions.
- Lights will be turned off at iconic buildings and national landmarks from 8 p.m. to 9 p.m.
- Local businesses and restaurants will also be asked to turn off their lights.
- People at home can take advantage of the hour by replacing their standard light bulbs with energy-efficient compact fluorescent bulbs.

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First time, I heard about Earth hour 2008 after my deaf friend told me.. He is studying in RIT , New york. He said US are participating in the Earth Hour 2008, they should turn off the lights at 8pm-9pm on 28 March. This is the first experience for him.. :D Many counteries; US, UK, Bangkok Australia, Canada and others joined in the Earth Hour 2008. Wow, it really be real!

I wish that our country, Malaysia can join in the Earth Hour 2009 ! :D Turning the lights off for Earth Hour is a great first step, it deliver a powerful message about the need for action on global warming ^ ^ We really need to save energy for this global environment world!

Join the global effort to make a positive impact on climate change

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Anonymous said…
I like that idea to save the earth engrgy. Wondering will that be repeat next year March 2009?
Selina Wing said…
yeah, I read the official website 'Earth Hour'.. it said maybe it will happen again in 2009.. so it is 'Earth Hour 2009'! :P hehe