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"Just imagine like you are at coffee shop chatting with your new friends. this is a great get-together event site also for the deafs to come and share with each other"
As I know the Deaf Malaysia forum cannot attract more deaf malaysian, so it not be success..They closed Deaf Malaysia forums because maybe they have lot of reasons.

First time, I created the Deaf Coffee Chat forum purposely to spread the knowledge, love and hope among the deaf community in Malaysia.

It's still newly created not many weeks ago... Though this forum don't have so many posts, I believe it will be going to be famous site some day. In my perspective, this will be a perfect cyber-oasis where the people can smell, taste and feel the coffee. One hand holding a cup of hot coffee while another hand stomping the keyboard to discuss, talk and chat over this forum.

There are almost everything that the deafs can share and discuss with in this forum. Perhaps it may be your own experiences, stories, the worst things you've encounter or the most wonderful thing you've met or whatever you think you should or ought to share with us... Aside from the purpose of making friends, we can teach or learn something useful from this forum. Not only specified education that you never learn in school, it's just about your life!

This forum is always open for all deaf, and hard of hearing people. Hearing people are welcome. Why not joining us to discover something you never acknowledge before? (*winks)

*CLOSED! Sorry!

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Sam the Deaf said…
Are you aware of "Deaf Chat Coffee" in United State? Check it out. We have over 250 locates available for deaf to meet at any coffee store.
Selina Wing said…
Yup, I aware with this..

I want to try attract deaf community in Malaysia :) Thank you very much
Selina Wing said…
sam, deaf chat coffee have untied state and canada only.. :( It don't have another country like Malaysia.. That is why I try to make deaf Malaysian will join in my Deaf Coffee Chat Forum in Malaysia.
Seon said…
You can create your community at Deaf Chat
suarakomputer said…
omg...i forget about this forum...i sad....not many deaf malaysia join this forum....i think, need new forum easy they join....thinking.....................ermmmmmm